Secret Santa Build Thread


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Nice job so far indeed, well done, Bullet!

Here is some of my latest progress on the Secret Santa build
(have done some weathering and final assemblies, since the last update)

Almost done now, only some touchups with pigments and a finishing coat left.


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Thank You so much, guys!
In fact,the dio is finally finished! :)
I, however, want to try it playing in the All-Open of this year's BSC. Here is a link to the following resulting pics topic in the BSC's 2013 thread:,9108.0.html

And if you are still hesitating hitting the link, he you go with a teaser-pic ;)

Many thanks to my Secret Santa for making this project come true! You da man, Santa!! :)
I certainly have my very strong gueses on his real identity, but now it is time to put all points over the i.
C'mon dude, show yourself ;) ;)


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Man O man did that ever turn out nice! Great idea for a dio to begin with, but the end result seems well worth the time, effort, thought process, skill, materials and everything else you threw at this project. So many small individual builds inside the main project and they all came together in the end. Well done.

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