Show us your mancave(s)!


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May 6, 2009
I've always been curious of the surroundings of other modelers. Show us your caves and how you decorated the stone walls!


This is the tiny room in the basement that I am allowed to do my painting and detail work in. I build my models in my room upstairs and once I'm done there, it's off to the basement.
Welllll look at you with TWO places to work :). I'm getting kicked out of my cave as we speak so it can be converted into a nursery. I'll have to share some pics when it gets settled back down in it's new location.
Here's my very, very small area, where I can work. I really need an own room by now.

Those are too neat to be man caves. Here's mine, the spare bedroom on the second floor converted to my needs. Im not completely set up yet, just moved in last September. ::)
The shag carpet has to go as I have alsready lost many small parts to the carpet monster. The room also serves as my practice studio, so I have my stereo, bass and practice amp in there.

Mu current project isnt on the desk right now, its over in my "spray booth" on the left.


And my meager stash. Almost time to start an inventory.

Cool rooms! Welcome Charlie - thanks for registering. Be sure to POST lots of cool stuff.
Yeah I gave upon making this orange. . .
This is the entrance to the fortress of solitude, pretty clever eh?

and behind the little louvered door and flag. . .

It's an old picture but I don't change much on the bench, always lots of junk on it!
The Fortress of Solitude is in the room with the furnace and water heater, and I used to get modeling time by telling the Mrs. I was going to work on the basement. . .so I actually had to do SOMETHING!
My three sons and I love hockey, could ya tell? This was just a natural thing.
The other half is almost normal, couches and tv and paneling. . .but the college student has claimed it for his own so there is massive amounts of computer things and games in there, a 32 inch computer monitor, two sets of computer game drums and four game guitars, and dirty socks.
Here's my hobby hole formally the hot water tank cupboard. Its an old pic and is more of a mess now than in this pic :eek:


Fortunately I talked my wife into using some space upstairs so it is climate controlled. The only problem is that it is easy to be distracted!



Here's the back of my homemade spraybooth :D


Here's the reason for the distractions!




Now if only I could build models worth looking at ::)

I even use my popcorn machine as a drying booth! ;D
jetjock said:
I even use my popcorn machine as a drying booth! ;D

LOL!!! That is a ... (insert strong language here) awesome room! Hey, if my 'mancave' were the same I wouldn't even be modelling anymore.
My mess. I clean it up about every two weeks, after that I get yelled at. Tomorrow is two weeks. I also have a display case and a closet with unbuilt kits in it. Have to clean out he garage and sort some things out.

Warn a guy will ya? I was drooling all over the keyboard!
I just have a stereo in mine. . .with bad FM reception.
Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm White Castle!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

None of that in Hawaii :'(
Panzer: It's for intimidation, for those kits that won't get along with the program. ;D Actually, it's a saw.
K-Dog: You have my sympathies. :'(
First I noticed how clean and tidy then I noticed the WHITE CASTLE!!
mmmmmm Sliders ;D

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