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the Baron

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jetjock said:
Fortunately I talked my wife into using some space upstairs so it is climate controlled. The only problem is that it is easy to be distracted!...

Nice! The movie room is particularly cool!

the Baron

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Here are a couple of shots of mine, taken back at Christmas (when I got my digital camera). Here's the left end of my bench:

and here's the right end:

My brother christened this, "The Forge", because I also have a casting pot, but I moved that out to the garage and do my casting out there.

I'm gradually working through the pile of figures currently on the bench, and at the same time, working through a collection of kits started over the last 3 years, as a New Year's Resolution build. I'm not starting any new kits, nor buying any new kits, till I finish the 12 resolution builds. So far, I finished 2.

I haven't taken pictures of it, but my stash is behind the perspective of the camera in these pics. I'll have to take some pics and post those, too.


the Baron

Ich bin ja, Herr, in Deiner Macht
And while it's not related to modeling, here is another place where I go to unwind, my beer garden:

That was taken the weekend after Easter. Since then, the big old maple that shades the patio has put out its leaves, and I've added some more yews along the berm, behind the porch rockers and bench. I have more tables that I put out, when I have people over.



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Man cave, YES!
Backyard, NO. :'(
At least for me anyway.
I do have beachfront property, but the lake is far away.
(Very sandy soil, no grass. . .Beach Front! My wife doesn't agree either. :()
One of the many summer jobs is to put in under ground sprinklers. Apparently to have wet beachfront property.

the Baron

Ich bin ja, Herr, in Deiner Macht
Backbreaker said:
Hi Baron,
Nice cave, but my that beer looks mighty good :p


Thanks, Joolz, that afternoon, it was a nice Franziskaner, and the Phillies on the radio.

Here's what helped get me throught the winter:

A nice chocolate stout from Brooklyn Brewing Company. I got a case as a Christmas present from some good friends. Good and hearty, for those long, dark, deep winter nights!


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Looks like this thread hasn't been posted in for some time, but I guess I'll give it a bump. I'm sure there are other noobs here that didn't post anything yet...

Anyway, here's some pics of my little home away from home:

Normal, usual state of my workbench:

Some others from a more serene, peaceful time...

These are all pretty old, really... if you click the link in my sig and check my YouTube channel, I have a little video tour of my workshop area in there.


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I'm Working on getting my new studio in order.
A 8x4 meters huge space with 1 long side that is completely windows :)
No problem with daylight there:)

And Scott: as you can see, im done with the sewing machine lathe's.
That little athe is the same as the 7"x12" mini lathe from Harbor Freight , but for the european market.
The micro mill is from the same factory, but a different brand (both made in china btw)
And i have a big lathe downstairs as well, still in the crate.

The workbench those 2 smaller machines are placed on is slocated between the ladder and the wall at the back, against the long wall,
I welded that myself, because i wanted one that was 95 cm high instead of the 75 that is normal, now i can actualy stand upright and work with the lathe, no more bending over and getting hernias :)
Meanwhile that room is filling up nicely, a big worktable, 2 metal office cubboards of 2 meters high and 1.5 meters wide with lots of tools for the mill and lathe, pressurepots , vacuumchamber and an airbrush compressor.
Soon i'll be moving in my paints, styrene/brass stock and kits.
Quite a layout, and there also is a factory hall of 1000 m² if ever i can lay my hands on a cnc mill, a rotocaster, vacuform machine and other usefull stuff. (it's rented out as storage and temporary production space for now, but available as soon as we need it).

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The Bench

Lots of nice work stations I haven't seen at other forums, so I guess I'll share as well.

First, there's the sound stage. My primary purpose for modeling these days is to shoot them for vfx shots. As a kid, this is something I could have only dreamed of doing, now I am doing it. And as a kid, I couldn't wait to build the model and fly it around the house before wrecking it some cosmic collision. Now, I have the sense to film the stuff first. lol.

I'm actually in the midst of reconfiguring this setup into a slightly more expensive version. When it is fully armed and operational, I'll be sure to post a pic.

My workbench looked like this when I started 3 yrs ago. I had various roommates, so common areas were common areas and I had to pack up when finished.

However, removing the roommates from the equation allowed me to expand the hobby and what most folks call a living room is my workshop. (And the second bedroom became the soundstage.)

(New pic: 090922) Added many shelves and the wind tunnel by the fan.

In 3 yrs, everything in the room has shifted around except the workbench which remains locked to the window fan in perpetuity.

In the last few days, the bench evolved into a more refined version of itself.
On the Bench: September 15, 2009


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cool stuff i have realized now tha my paint stash is lacking pretty hard. but anyway awesome work spaces i love seeing other man caves. rock on!


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Man cave of sorts!
I've moved from this (on the kitchen table packing away after every time I do some modeling).

To this bespoke mini man cave in the kitchen with fold away worktop, storage shelves/draws, and display cabinet. ;D



Sorry I don't have a way to post a picture. The first thing I did, after we moved into our house, was to frame in and wire a corner of the basement. I have built a lot of models in here over the years.


my head is falling off my head
Here is where most of the building takes place, my pops is a wood worker and so he built me this awesome bench as well as the tool box i do all my airbrushing and spraying in the garage, didnt feel like a picture of the corner of my garage offered a whole lot

this is where the computing takes place this is also where i go to school and i just realized how dusty my computer desk is ha...


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Here is my mancave which is located in the basement of my house.

This pictures shows my bench, the pc corner and some of my reference stuff. Most of my reference stuff is on the pc.

This picture shows my bench, too and my modelling stuff. On the upper shelf you find my long-run project (USS Nimitz 1/350 from Trumpeter). Below that shelf you see my tool boxes, paints and some additional kits. It is essential to have a good assortment, my wife sees it a bit different. I am always telling her: "You never know for how long they produce this kits, therefore I have to buy these kits as soon as they appear on the market ;-)"

Thanks for watching



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Great rooms guys!

Steve - nice aircraft carrier waiting up there. What spraybooth do you have there? Is is a DIY or a PBB? (pay big bucks)


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I will do a kit review of the carrier very soon. So you will get an impression of the size and the unbelievable amount of parts!

It is a PBB spraybooth. I bought it last year for USD 90. They called it Saturn 88.

I can make some close ups if you like.

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