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    Any hockey fans?

    Well, true it wasn't much of a fight as far as goalies go. . .we have had and do have a few on the Wings who have gained fame for fisticuffs. But crossing the blue line by a goalie is a no-no! Both got the minor for leaving the crease and the major for fighting, but it is actually up to the Refs...
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    Any hockey fans?

    The quote was aimed more at those who pretend to like/know hockey, usually these people are found doing commentary on Versus. (Or around here in what is touted as "Hockey Town North" when the prospects are here for camp. But just try to find any, any, story about hockey any other time. . .) No...
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    Any hockey fans?

    Two words for all you *Quote HOCKEY FANS Unquote*. . .Original Six. You know the ORIGINAL teams in the NHL, the ones Gary Bettman hates? Since Mr Hockey stopped to talk to me on his way to the ice in Olympia I have been a Red Wings Fan. Yep, even before it was cool, when they were the Dead...
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    Any cool facts you'd like to share that you discovered building cars?

    You say Down force like it is a bad thing :D Love the WRC too. SPEED did a major dis-service to fans in the USA by dropping coverage of the races. I have heard the theory of driving upside down, but do not hold it in much light. The Mach 5 could do it as well and no one watches Speed Racer...
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    One Word for you: Malifaux

    Don't all rush in at once! Malifaux. . . . Chicks with big. . . guns, and the ability to do magic, zombies, stem powered machines, cyborgs, monsters, what else do you need to know?
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    Any cool facts you'd like to share that you discovered building cars?

    Formula one cars can go from 0 to 100MPH and back to O in less than 5 seconds. . .without a parachute. They turn left and right and can do it in the rain.
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    USS Indianapolis

    You do not talk to a vet, you listen. If they want to talk to you you will know. Uncle Hank never mentioned his service until I introduced him to my dad, another WWII vet. They just sat and talked for hours, then Uncle Hank got out his reunion books, his wife told me he NEVER did that before...
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    How much of a NERD are you?

    NO! The enemies are NOT imaginary! My P47 only goes dakka dakka dakka anyway,. . . and shoots at a FW190. (I moved my modeling table to face the door to my modeling room so I can see if my wife or kids are coming, so as NOT to be caught making gun/bomb/engine noises, AGAIN.)
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    Actually Rocket, the guy spilled it on the floor as he was cleaning his A/B, he got down on his hands and knees to clean it up and got caught by the wife. Modeler figured it was good to file that deed away in case she found out he got overspray on her car. . .
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    1 week limit????

    I was off for more than 6 months and never got that! Found my way back and being welcomed as I was the first time.
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    What other crafting skills or hobbies do you have?

    Musically, I can't play a radio. Some say I cannot build a model very well either. . . .LOL (I think!) But with some Help I can make some pretty good hockey players. . . Mine are the second, fourth and fifth from the left. Hockeytown North Pond Hockey Tournament.
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    How much of a NERD are you?

    I have: ACTION FIGURES. T-Shirts that read; "Choose your weapon" with several sided die depicted. "Head Nerd" (Gift from my wife when I ran the game store) " Schrodinger's cat is dead" (front) Schrodinger's cat is NOT dead (back) I play...
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    One Word for you: Malifaux

    Wyrdminiatures. What a game! I love it! Got hooked on it and in turn got several others into it. It is Steampunk/Fantasy/Warmachine mayhem! Sadly all the players I had, are gone now. . .Saturday I am off to a game fest and will try to get some local interest back into it.
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    Your ultimate wargaming project...

    Cheater Army! Cheater Army! Cheater Army!! I hate those guys. . .
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    Your foray into miniature wargaming...

    My Foray? ;D Which One?!? Started with Avalon Hill board games in the late 1970's and then found miniature's, WWI ship mini's got me started!, From there managed to gather more games and armies than there were opponents. . . Then in late 2009 I found a Game Store for sale. . . .and being pretty...
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    Canadian F-1

    Tamiya reissued the Wolf in 1/20 a few months ago and just released the 1/12th model.
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    I'm Back

    OH NO! Scott you didn't! (Albert is modest, but he is a MASTER modeler. I think I have some nice shots of his work from past club meetings if he is too shy to post) No snow for you Albert? We got hit, I believe worse than they are letting out. Blew 38 inches from the end of the drive this...
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    I'm Back

    Hide the beer. Something. Scott said to drop in and write something so I did.
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    Think Anne Rice, Edgar Allen Poe and Tim Burton. Victorian Steampunks, Zombies, Gun slingers, Vodoo, and magic. All set on Malifaux, an alternate Earth. The game has really taken off and put Wyrd games on the map so to speak. Introduced at Game Con last October, distributors are constantly...
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    [WIP] Tamiya 1/48 - Messerschimtt bf109-E3

    Re: Battle of Britain - Air Superiority: Nerd Herd Group Build :-\ Airbrush is down. I think I need a new needle. Not as fine as it was before. . .or I am way out of practice ;)