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Apr 24, 2009
This is meant to be an area to post 'status' updates. Ie: what you are working on at any given moment.
Back to cave renos. Adding shelving to the closet so I can move the remainder of the stuff in the loft. Mostly plastic bins with forgotten projects...
At this moment I am:
With oscilioscope and general electronics stuff on the desk creating a dimmer circuit for some LEDs which I am fitting to my field sound mixer.. It normally takes tiny light bulbs but thats just too oldschool!

Also watching this!!

Flight of the Navigator full movie
Dusting the cobwebs off the Blackhawk.....laying down decals and hopefully finishing the hull tonight. Lets do this!
Is currently racking my brain on how I can finish my sink and spray booth by the end of this weekend. The sink is problem after problem and the spray booth became a bit of a disaster problem as my dog was left in the man cave last evening while we ran downtown so she decided to have a field day knocking the cabinet I'm using for my spray booth putting a hole in the back wall. So I need to get a piece of plywood to re back the back of the cabinet. Working on finishing up the Power Supply. Will get the sink finished tomorrow hopefully and then go to town on the spray booth. SHOULD be completed by the end of this week. I will then start preping the M113 tank to start building. In the meantime I'm hoping to get the little ones Nascar kit shes building finished by tomorrow evening so should have photos to post of her first completed build ever. Hope ya all are finding your evening going very good and fun for ya all.

Slowly trying to make progress on my post apocalyptic build :( slow and steady wins the race they say ................ um yeah ok. At least it is progress, I may not make it for the end of the group build deadline, but I will definitely not quit until I have seen this beast to the end.
sitting at Pc Playing EvE and looking around the Forums Mogeling later and hop to get my 1/48 Tiger done today
I'm working on a 1/48 Revell F117 which I've used for the first time ever to play with lighting (thanks to watching all of Grendels youtube videos). I've painted it white and sanded it to make it curvier, it's supposed to have been a what-if for another forum.
I actually put the plastic away for a bit and cracked open the watercolors. Working on a new winter landscape, enjoying a fresh cup of tea, and thinking about making a sandwich...

digging out kits from the shelf of doom and getting them finished. currently ME-110 ... next is the Mech's i've started over the last 2 years ....
not right now but later today heading to see the coke christmas truck :)
getting all the electronics figured out so I can star constructing a working 1977 R2D2 model.
Trying to finish the T62 that I started for the cold war group build, a long time ago.
just back from looking at this oh so awesome coke Truck..... Not what a waste of time its noting like we see in the adverts. man i was raging i felt like getting some coke cans and battering the staff around it.
Spud what are you looking for in regards to the Coke truck ? Coca Cola Enterprises in Lemoyne, Pennsylvania was my most recent employer before I got hurt, required the surgery and things went haywire from there. I can pretty much get you anything Coca Cola related that you are looking to get memorabilia wise. Let me know if I can be of assistance in helping you obtain Coca Cola stuff.

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