So would anyone be interested in this...



We open on Earth from orbit. Suddenly a UFO zooms towards Earth.

We see people preparing for some celebration. Drones are flying over head. On the screens on their sides a CG newscaster is talking about the end of World War 3 having taken place 5 years ago in 2260(the timeframe for this series is the 23rd century). The screens show the US, European and Japanese leaders shaking hands. The announcer then talks about how tonight is the anniversery of the peace treaty being signed, and how the nations of the world celebrate World Peace Day. The announcer then urges everyone to celebrate peace, and celebrate happiness on Earth(there are subliminal messages saying PEACE and HAPPINESS flashing very quickly during this).

The UFO zooms through the atmosphere. It seems to have lost control. It zooms towards the city of Sendai. It crashes in a forested area about an hours walk from the city. The hatch pops off, and a skinny and frail looking man with three eyes and blue skin crawls out, a big gash across his chest having ripped open his green flight suit. He bleeds green blood. He has a large utility belt on. He weakly stands. He takes a device that looks like an orange egg from his belt and touches it. A small panel opens and lights up. He speaks an alien language. He then looks around, and weakly starts walking away, leaving a partial blood trail.

We are now in Sendai. It is early evening. Jin and Elea are walking about, watching people celebrating World Peace Day. Jin is bemused. He says that he doesn't at all remember this. Elea says that it's not that big a deal. He thinks it is, and asks if she isn't happy for peace.

She replies that she is... But not at the cost of freedom. He looks at her, perplexed, and asks what she means. She turns away, and watches some drunk kids starting to fight each other. She points and says, "Look. Just because the world isn't at war doesn't mean humanity won't find some excuse to fight one another, even at the micro level."

He watches the kids, then turns to her. They stare at each other for a second, then she turns away. She apologizes for being so dark. The stress of their situation is getting to her. Jin notices her hands are slightly shaking. Without thinking, he grabs her hand. Again they stare at each other.

Suddenly, Jin's armband rings. The moment breaks, and Jin answers the call. It is S. She tells him that she just recieved information from DEUS that military space monitoring detected a spacecraft a half hour ago that ignored all hails and ended up appearing to have lost control and crashing about an hour from their current location. She was told to ask Jin and K to investigate.

Jin is somewhat irritated, and asks if she couldn't go instead. S says that she understands that he and Elea were enjoying the evening, but orders are orders. He sighs and says ok. He ends the call. Elea says that soon this will be over. Jin says he hopes. Unbeknownest to them, they are being watched via a drone passing overhead.

Later, K and Jin arrive at the crash site. As they walk to the site k asks if Jin got lucky. Jin rolls his eyes and asks how his evening with his princess went. K snarks, "If by princess, you mean Jack Daniels and Hentai, then I had a blast. S kept to herself and watched anime. Only time she even acknowledged me was to yell at me for leaving the toilet seat up." Jin.laughs and says K is quite the Romeo. K sarcastically chuckles.

Jin notices the crash site. They run to it. The ship is almost totally destroyed. As they inspect the debris, K remarks that the ship is too damaged. There couldn't have been a survivor. Jin notices the blood trail leading from the ship. He replies that something survived. After K uses a small device to collect a sample of the blood they follow the trail.

The trail peters out 100 yards from the ship. Jin asks what they should do. K says that since they have brought the equipment from the last safehouse with them Elea should probably confirm if the blood is actually alien. Jin agrees.

A couple hours later, at the hotel suite they are using, Jin and K are waiting in the dining area. Elea and S walk in. Elea says she has confirmed the blood is alien in origin. And it matches blood from aliens from the star system Alpha Centauri. As Elea speaks, S pulls another box of chocolate from her shirt pocket and pops a piece into her mouth.

K asks how she knows that. S tells him that there are about 20 refugees from the fifth planet of that system living on Earth. Their biology is on file with DEUS and the UN. They obtained full citizenahip two year ago. Jin asks why they are refugees. S says that the full details are top secret, but what she does know is that they escaped from a war with another race. Jin asks if they were conquered by the race they were fighting.

S reiterates that she doesn't have clearance to have that information, but she suspects that to be possible. She says that its possible that the crash survivor is a new refugee, but DEUS is concerned about both the way the ship lost control and crashed and the fact that the pilot ignored all hails.

S says that Jin and K are to attempt to track down any of the known refugees in Sendai and question them to see if they have any information, since it is highly likely one of them at least may have had communication with the pilot. K asks how they will know who to look for. S says they are physically frail, and they are pretty weak compared to humans. Elea says that she decided to sneak a peek at some documents about them, and she found out that they all look alike. Their females look like males, and they all look like the same person.

Jin say, "So they're clones or something?" Elea says she doesn't think so. She thinks that their species somehow naturally makes each sex have the same physical appearance. K scoffs. Jin agrees that it is hard to believe that could happen without some manipulation. Elea says regardless its what is on the records. S says that they are to start the hunt in the morning. K asks what she is going to do. S pops another piece of chocolate into her mouth and replies, "That is my business, Mr Monkey." She smirks as she says that and walks to her room. Jin looks at K and chuckles as K glowers. Elea giggles.

The next morning, after receiving a list of the known refugees in Sendai, Jin and K start their hunt for them. They begin by going to a small convienence store run by one Mr. Takei. His stockboy/janitor is a Mr Sakuia, who is the refugee. Sakuia is not at the store when they arrive. Jin and K realize that Takei has no knowledge of his employee's origins, so they make up a story about having been sent by a lawyer to talk to him about a relative. Takei says Sakuia should be back soon, so they wait.

Not long after, Sakuia arrives, almost wrecking his bicycle. He falls off and almost cracks his head off the pavement. After asking his boss to help him bring in the supplies, and the boss good naturedly teasing Sakuia for his weakness, he is introduced to Jin and K. Once out of earshot of his boss, Jin asks if he is aware of the other refugees. Sakuia stares at them.
Ultraseven X Reimagined Episode 5 pt2

A short distance away, in a public park, Jin and K talk with Sakuia. He tells them briefly about how his race were pacifists for centuries, and kept to themselves. Therefore they were left alone. Feeling lonely, they decided to genetically engineer a new species, which they dubbed the Va-Do, which in their language means New People. He tells them that the Va-Do at first were treated as equals, but that they eventually became slaves to his race. The Va-Do rebelled, and after a brief war won their independence.

They moved to the next furthest out planet in their solar system. For about two hundred years there was no contact, then 150 years ago they suddenly appeared in his planet's sky with warships, declaring his race would be the slaves now. The time, his race despite their weakness chose to fight. They had started work on a stellar manipulator, and its special control mechinism, the Ebolium.

As the war started, and especially as casualties on both sides mounted it was decided to make the manipulator and the Ebolium into weapons. They realized the Ebolium could generate a radiation that was one of the only known thing that could hurt the nigh invincible Va-Do. But the realization came too late, as by that time the Va-Do killed or enslaved more than 1/3 the population. Then the Va-Do stole the Ebolium.

Upon discovering that the device had so many defensive capacities built in that they couldn't safely destroy it without killing many Va-Do in the process, the Va-Do sent it into deep space, hoping to give themselves time to find a way to use it. They'd learned enough to create their own stellar manipulator, and planned to use it to destroy Sakuia's world.

So his race started sending male members to any planets the Ebolium reasonably could have ended up on, including Earth. Earth was unique in that Humans, while far more robust than his race, are physically virtually identical, so the search was much easier as with a few genetic modifications his race can hide their alien features easily.

As he tells them all this, some children playing kickball kick their ball in their direction. Sakuia stops it with his foot, and at the urging of the kids kicks it back at them. He almost falls and cries out as he hurts his ankle slightly. K keeps him from falling over.

"I'm alright." He sheepishly chuckles. "Your gravity is mainly why we end up so accident prone." He tells them that the ten males of his race on Earth never found any evidence the Ebolium was on Earth, and having decided that the Earth was such a beautiful world despite its various problems to stay. Jin tells him about the crash the night before. Sakuia tells them that he suspects it could be one of his race, but the crash has him worried. Jin asks why that might be. Sakuia looks at them very seriously. "Because I think it means the Va-Do may have followed the pilot to Earth. And even ONE Va-Do could cause you humans ALOT of problems." Jin and K look at each other.

Later, Jin and K drop Sakuia off at his job. He vigorusly waves at them as K drives off. After they are down the street aways, his cheery smile changes to a worried frown, and his third eye opens and blinks. His boss shouts at him from inside the shop, and as he turns his third eye quickly closes again and he adopts his usual cheery oersona.

A montage of Jin and K independantly speaking to four other refugees. They are surprised that as Elea stated they are physically identical, though some have grown out their hair and facial hair to look different. One of particualr interest is an assistant cook at a resteraunt, named Fumio, who despite being the biggest klutz of them all, almost burning down the place in his enthusiasm to greet Jin, is also the only one that seems to be lying when saying he didn't have any contact with any new arrivals. Jin can't put his finger on it, but his new heightened awareness due to his merger with Seven has him convinced the manis not telling the truth.

Jin and K meet near the hotel they are staying at to discuss the day's events. Jin tells K about his suspicions regarding the cook, who calls himself Hiyada. K says that he simply can't believe they are all lying. Jin says that is possible, though he doubts it. K asks if he isn't being too suspicious. He says that his powers and the mystery of who or what he may now be could be clouding his judgement. He says, "Is it that hard to believe aliens could see Earth as something other than a world to conquer?" As K speaks, Jin senses they are being watched. He spots a businessman in a dark suit a few yards away who hurriedly turns away and walks away quickly. Jin watches him, worry on his face.

Later that evening, near the crash site, there is a glow in the sky, and a ship zooms in and slows to a hover where the ship crashed. A beam of light emenates from the ship, lights up an area on the ground. A form coaleses in the beam. It is a seven foot tall creature, a hulking thing that has a body built like a human bodybuolder, but with what appears to be an almost insect like exoskeleton. Red mjscle tissue can be seen between the joi ts of its body. It has long claws on its hands and feet, a short neck and an elongated head. It has two thick stalks to each side of the head where its eyes are. There are long curved horns set just below the eye stalks. It is wearing a belt similar to the alien from earlier and has an energy weapon strapped to its left arm. It stalks over to where the wreckage was(having been taken away by authorities), and bends down. It sniffs the dirt. Then gets up, growls menacingly, then heads off in the direction of the blood trail Jin and K attempted to follow the night before.

Sakuia is working at the convience store, and knocks over a potato chip display. The owner helps him reset it, while jokingly chastizing him, saying he needs to stop working his overnight job. Sakuia tells him as long as he can't afford to pay him more, he has to make more money somehow. Affording a decent living can be hard today(he almost says on Earth but catches himself). The owner tells him that he is going home, and not to forget to turn on the security system once he himself leaves. Sakuia eagerly nods, and says he'll be just a few minutes more. The owner leaves.

As Sakuia finishes up his cleaning, he prepares to activate the security system before leaving. Unbeknownest to him, the shop's main door unlocks itself, and slowly opens. The door creaks the slightest bit when opening, catching Sakuia's attention. He looks at the door and sees it is open. He says his boss's name, to no reply. He wonders if maybe the owner simply forgot to lock it.

As he walks over to the door, he notices movement to his side. He stops and a look of terror is on his face as a large clawed hand grabs him by the throat, lifting him up off the ground. The Va-Do pulls him up to its face, and it's vertically opening mouth in the center of its head opens, as it speaks in a deep and gutteral voice, saying in an alien language, "Where... Is... The Ebolium?" Sakuia is terrified, and tries to speak. The creature relaxes his grip slightly. Sakuia gasps out that he doesn't know. The Va-Do says that one of them came to this world with its location, and they all communicate with their homeworld. He KNOWS Sakuia knows where it is. More terrified than ever, Sakuia begs for his life, pleading that he doesn't talk to his brethren. He has adapted to Earth. The Va-Do growls, and starts choking Sakuia. He ends up breaking Sakuia's neck, and tosses the body to the ground, the body knocks over a heavy magazine rack due to the force with which the Va-Do threw it. We hear him stomp off.

Not long after, police have the area cordoned off as a small crowd of onlookers are curiously watching. The owner and his wife are sitting on the sidewalk sobbing over their friend. Jin, K, and S flash their armbands to the police, who let them into the shop.

Inside, the trio look at Sakuia's body. S quietly tells them that due to Sakuia's clumsiness, DEUS asked the police to record this as an accidental death so they can keep the real cause of death out of the media for now. K nods, saying its a wise move. Jin is crouched, looking at the body. K sadly states that Sakuia seemed loke a nice person and didn't deserve what happened. Jin tries to be clinical, but S and K can tell he is upset by Sakuia's murder as he says, "Look at how deep the flesh is compressed around his throat! My God, this thing must be at least as strong as I am..." He hesitatingly looks around as he says this to make sure nobody outside of them hear him. S says if what Sakuia had told them in the morning was true, his other form may be the only chance they have against it. K worries that even the Red Giant may not be enough. Jin turns to K and tells him that he is gonna call his other form by the name he keeps hearing in his dreams... Ultraseven. S thinks for a second and says she likes it. Odd, but has a ring to it. K thinks it sounds like something from an old comic. S's armband rings and she answers the call. It is the DEUS commander telling them that an unknown species of alien was reported near the resteraunt that Fumio works at. S says that must be the same creature that murdered Sakuia. Jin says they need to get there.
Ultraseven X Reimagined Episode 5 pt3

At the resteraunt the Va-Do breaks down the doors easily. The head chef and the manager try to attack it but it punches the chef through a wall, and blasts the manager with its weapon, vaporizing him. Fumio tries to keep the manager's wife out of harm's way, but the Va-Do grabs him, demanding the location of the Ebolium.

All pretense of klutziness gone, Fumio defiantly tells the Va-Do he will gladly take that to his grave. The Va-Do throws him against some tables. He stomps over and picks Fumio up again. The manager's wife rushes at the Va-Do and beats him about the head with a large cooking pot.

The Va-Do laughs and punches her, killing her instantly. Fumio shouts in both anguish and fury but still refuses to tell the Va-Do what he wants. The Va-Do throws him to the ground, and we see him stomp down.

As K's car pulls up, the Va-Do walks out. They jump out, K and S with guns drawn. Jin puts on the Ultra Eye, and turns into Ultraseven. He rushes the Va-Do, and they punch and kick each other. Seven kicks it against the doorway, when it reveals a super speed, zooming behind Seven, kicking his legs out from under him and throwing him 20 or more feet.

Seven shouts in surprise and pain as he hits the ground. S and K rush at the Va-Do. S almost gets her head ripped off, just dodging a giant bearswat from the Va-Do. K fares slightly better, at least getting a sidekick in before being tossed to the ground. Seven suddenly reveals he too has superspeed, zooming at the Va-Do, and double punching it in the spine with full power. The creature cries out in pain but doesn't go down. It back hands Seven and zooms off before they can see where it went.

The three look around, confused. Seven says that the Va-Do has skin like titanium. K asks if S is alright. She gets up and says she is fine. K asks Seven if he is alright, and Seven says his side hurts but he is fine.

He is about to change back when they hear someone say, "So the mysterious Red Giant is helping DEUS? Interesting. Wish you could have gotten here sooner. My fellow refugee might have survived, along with those poor innocents." They turn and see a man in shadow standing next to a car. Seven asks who he is. The man step into the light, revealing he is yet another refugee. "I am the one both you people and our common enemy are looking for. I am the pilot who crashed." He says that he had planned to pick up Fumio so they could leave the city to find somewhere to research the exact location of the Ebolium.

K states that it is on Earth then. The man, who calls himself Touikio, says yes. He is fairly certain based on data recently collected by other refugees that it may even be in this city. He had intended to arrive in secret but his ship was shot down by a Va-Do ship. Seven asks if there are more. Touikio says they usually send just one soldier for missions like this, as one is usually all they need. Seven, K and S look at each other.

S asks if he has any idea how the Ebolium wound up on Earth. He tells them that from what his people had discovered it had apparently been lodged onto a meteor or comet and had survived Earthfall approximately 70 years ago in the area called Peru. The other refugees then tracked it to some research facilites in what they call Europe 40 years ago, but the trail petered out there.

Then not long before he came to Earth it was discovered that the energy signature of the device had been picked up in this region of Japan, but while they think it is in Sendai they aren't positive. They need to obtain the Ebolium as soon as possible. Seven grimly states that the Va-Do must be on the verge of taking over. Touikio says not just conquer, but genocide.

S asks what the device looks like. K asks what she is on about. She says that she remembers something about an astor research facility in Sendai that had been working on analyzing some meteorites, and she thinks one may have been from Peru. Touikio says it is made of a green metal, and has glowing green ports. It would be inactive at this time, but it would be obvious that it was not natural. Seven turns back into Jin as S calls up some files on her armband. She finds a file with a photo of a meteorite chunk that is partially broken away, with a green metal peeking out.

Tuoikio excoted says that just may be it. S says its at the local astro research facility. Jin says he is gonna ask Elea to join them, as she could help them get in to get to it since she is a scientist. S agrees. As they go to K's car, Jin makes the call to a worried Elea, who readily agrees to join them.
Ultraseven X Reimagined Episode 5 pt4

A short time later, K and company are piling out of his car. Elea says she contacted the head of the lab, who was the one who found out the meteorite was of alien construction. Toukio says that he needs to active the device. They rush to the entrance. Off to the side of the building the Va-Do steps out and chuckles.

They meet the head of the lab, who agrees to show them the meteorite. As the begin to head to the storage area, the wall at the opposite end of the main hallway explodes inwards, and the Va-Do steps through. He looks at them for a second, and S shouts for them to run. Jin stays. Elea and K shout at him to follow, but he tells them he has a score to settle. The Va-Do laughs and says, "I have a score to settle with you too, Red Giant. You are the first being to ever hurt me." Jin puts on the Ultra Eye as he says, "The name..." He turns into Ultraseven. "Is Ultraseven."

The rest of the gang race towards the storage area. Touikio tells them that unless they activate the Ebolium their friend will likely get killed, even with his powers. Elea states that he will prevail. S and K look at each other, not nearly as confident.

As Seven and the Va-Do face each other, the Va-Do says that he will rip him apart and pick the flesh from him. Seven just glares at him. They charge at each other. He uppercuts the Va-Do, who bearswats Seven in the chest. Seven is knocked back a foot, but grabs the Va-Do by the head after blocking another punch, and knees it repeatedly in the head. The Va-Do kicks him in the stomach, and charges him. Seven grabs him by his horns and jumps up, spinning himself and the Va-Do in midair. The Va-do lands facefirst, as Seven lands in a crouch.

The gang arrive at the storage area, and Kuoikio pulls out the egg like device. He uses it to find the exact cabinet the Ebolium is in. They tale the box out, and unlock it. Touikio stares at it. He says since the controls are still in the meteorite he will try the backup voice activation. He starts chanting a phrase in his own language. The device slowly starts to glow.

Seven jumps to his feet as does the Va-Do. The Va-Do fires his laser at Seven, bit he backflips out of the way. Seven launches the Blade Slugger, but it simply bounces off the creature. The Va-do laughs as Seven catches the Slugger. They then leap at each other, punching and kickin each other. Seven manages to gain the upper hand and spinkicks the Va-do through the main doors. It careens out into the parking lot.

Touikio continues to chant. The device glows brighter and brighter. Finally the meteorite crumbles away, revealing a quasi spherical green device. Alien runes are stamped on certain areas, and there are what appear to be ports to connect it to another device. Touikio picks it up, suddenly deadly serious. He turns to the others, and grimly says, "Let's help your friend."

Seven walks towards the shattered remains of the main doors. Suddenly the Va-Do flies back through, and grabs Seven by the throat with both hands. The creature is trying like hell to snap Seven's neck, but fortunately his armored skin and cyber armor are makong it difficult. Seven repeatedly beats on the Va-Do's forearms, trying to break them, but just as with the Va-Do its armored exoskeleton makes it difficult for him. The creature's head splits down to the neck, and a long tube like tounge with an inner mouth ringed with writhing teeth latches onto Seven's head. The teeth start to slowly bite into the metal of his head and he shouts in agony.

Suddenly there is a green glow from behind. We see Touikio and the others standing there. He is holding the Eboliumand it is pumping energy into his outstretched right arm. A blast of energy shoots into the Va-Do's side, blowing away part of its armored skin. It drops Seven and screams in pain. Seven gets to his feet, punches it two times in the open wound, then kicks it to the ground. He then fires the Wide shot, which incinerates it. He turns to the others, nodding at Toukio. "Thank you. I thought I was finished." Sirens are heard. K says, "Cavalry. Better get outta here, Ultraseven." Even though his armored head shows no emotion they can detect. Seven is pleased. He nods again, and flies off.

That morning, Jin, K, S and Elea are with Touikio and the remaining refugees near the ocean. Touikio thanks them. He tells them they have saved his world. S smiles and tells them they were more than happy to help. Elea asks what they plan to do one the war is over. Touikio says that they will have to leave that up to their leaders, but hopefully the Va-Do will be exterminated. Jin looks at him and asks if he heard him right. Touikio ignores his question and thanks him personally. Jin realizes he won't get an answer and simply tells him he was glad to help. Touikio pushes a button on his belt and a ship rises from the water. It hovers about 50 feet above them. A beam of light encompasses the refugees, and beams them aboard the ship, which then zooms away.

A couple days later, the group have hit the road again. As they get onto the highway, S takes out a tablet like device and puts on a news program. There are various news reports, including mentions of Jin's fights with the Va-Do. K tells him he is doing a LOUSY job of keeping low profile. Jin looks at him annoyed. K says he is just joking.

Then a breaking news report. The CG announcer states that astronomers have detected two huge explosions in the Alpha Centauri star system. It is believed to be either a double supernova or a planetary collision. The group are silent. Elea sadly states the obvious: the Ebolium likely destroyed both planets. Jin says that even if that had not happened, the Va-Do at least would have been eradicated. The refugees and their race had been pushed against the same wall the Va-Do had been pushed against. Both races ultimately had become determined to destroy the other.

Elea quietly says that her statement to him the night this started can now apply to aliens as well as people. K says that that the entire universe seems to be filled with idiots. The others agree and they leave the city.
EPISODE 6 part 1

We open on a fight. Jin and Co. Are being pursued by the unknown soldiers. Elea shoots at some, while K and S beat the crap out of a couple. The bulk of them, however, are dealing with Jin as Ultraseven. They are firing their weapons at him, and he uses his shields to deflect their bullets. One tries to taser him, but it bounces off his body. He glances at the soldier, who bolts. Another, a big muscleman, charges him and they briefly trade blows till Seven knocks him into a wall. The man cracks his head against it and falls. The remaining soldiers bolt. Seven walks around and is scanning the soldiers. K asks if any are dead. Seven says no. Some will be laid up for some time but no casualties. S is glad. K expresses surprise, saying that these guys would not hesitate to kill them. Seven says that she shouldn't sink to their level. Elea says that these men are simply following orders. They are being lied to and manipulated. S looks at her, and replies that she seems very certain about that. Elea looks from her to Seven, and says she is certain that the world is being lied to. She says they need to go. Seven changes back to Jin, and S quietly tells him that she is getting more and more curious about what Elea knows. Jin says nobody is more curious than he is, as she holds the key to everything for him.

A man is working in a futuristic office. It appears to be some kind of game development company. There are fifty other workers in the office. The sounds of near constant typing is almost the only sound. The man is clearly bored. He stretches, leaning back into his chair against the desk behind him. The woman behind him tells him to sit up, and shoves him forward. He apologizes. He types and looks at the clock.

The clock strikes five and a buzzer goes off. As one, the office workers get up and start preparing their desks to end the work day. The man is still sitting. A video phone next to his computer goes off, and a computerized female voice says, "Takao, your efficiency is down 5.4%. Your pay is cut for 3 weeks by 150 yen. You must work hard to regain your pay. Avoid typos and try to get to level B." He groans.

Takao is at a small bar not far from his job. There are only a few people in the bar as its still daytime. An attractive bartender is mixing Takao a drink as they watch a wall monitor showing a news program discussing what Ultraseven is. Theories are given ranging from robot, alien, or even an angel or demon. Takao looks at the bartender, whose name is Alisha, and asks her what she thinks the Red Giant is.

She look up, thinking. She says the most logical idea to her is some kind of giant alien cyborg. Takao grins, and says he thinks he's an alien too. He sighs and watches her finish making his drink. He says that he wishes just once he could see space, to BE in space. Alisha smiles and says he has always had that dream.

He smiles and says ever since he was a child. She responds that while interesting to her, being on Earth and having strong relationships with people is more important. She says that they have a strong relationship, having known each other now for three years, since he burst in one evening talking to anyone who would listen to him about having seen a comet. She says that ever since, he not only has been a reliable customer but a friend.

He scoffs and says that men have bigger dreams than simple friendship, and takes a swig. She smiles, but she is clearly hurt. She moves down the bar to attend another customer. He pays no attention.

Takao sit on the living room floor of his tiny apartment. All around are models of spacecraft old and new, replica moonrocks, and the tiny patio attached to the living room has a telescope set up on it. He sits there, loking at the sky, a look of utter depression on his face. He thinks about how tiny he is compared to the vastness of the universe, comparing his importance to the brightness of a star's light that is on the other side of the galaxy, whose light is barely visible as it reaches his eyes after possibly a million years of travel.

The gang have checked into a motel. K has gone to bed, exhausted. Elea is taking a shower, after S did likewise. Jin is standing at a railing at a viewpoint near the hotel, looking at the stars. He is thinking almost exactly the same thing about himself that Takao was.

Suddenly someone brushes next to him. He turns to see S, dressed quite differently than usual. She has traded in her leather, miniskirt, knee high biker boot, leather duster, white tanktop and her animeish hairstyle for a tshirt, jeans and sneakers. And her hair is loose about her. She looks stunning, and smirks slightly as Jin takes notice. In response to his unasked question she says that this is the true dresstyle of hers. The other is her "business look". She feels comfortable enough around them to let a bit of her real personality show.

He nods, and says its nice to finally meet her. She grins. He looks back up at the stars. She asks him why he is so morose. He says he is frustrated. She says it is his amnesia, to which he nods. She asks if he recalls anything, and he replies. "It's flashes. Nothing I can get a firm grasp of, and just bits and pieces. What is weird is that I keep seeing my other form. Fighting enemies, saving people... And I keep seeing some woman. Anne. And what is really strange... Is I know I know her, yet also I know beyond all doubt I don't know her. And Elea, as always, won't give me more than the most surface level scraps of information."

S looks at the stars, pondering this. She pops a chocolate into her mouth. Suddenly she says, "Honestly, I think you are an alien. You somehow have wounf up on Earth, and have lost your memories. Maybe some of these flashes you're getting were planted." Jin replies that he suspects something not unlike that himself. And he suspects Elea had something to do with it. S shakes her head, and says she was trained to read people. Elea, depsite her mysteriousness has his best interest at heart. Jin says he's still not entirely sure he can trust her, even though he keeps instinctively doing so.

S says she can tell Elea cares alot for him. And she believes soon enough he, she and K will get from Elea want she is keeping from them. He says he hopes so. She chuckles and says he is too mopey. She leans against him as they stare at the sky. Neither see Elea walk up towards them, staring, with a mix of sadness, anger and fear. She turns and walks back into the room she and S share and quietly shuts the door.
Ultraseven X Reimagined

As we see this, we hear the DEUS comannder saying, "A unauthorized UFO intrusion was detected about an hour ago."

We cut to K and Elea at the car. K is listening intently to the commander speaking over his armband. "We lost track of the UFO, but we belive the area it may have landed in is sector LDB-31. I want you and the others to investigate and if needed bring the vistor in for questioning." K responds in the affirmative and ends the call.

He is clearly nervous. He turns to Elea, who is acting distant. K says Jin and S have been gone for over three hours. He starts pacing. Elea doesn't respond. K asks her what is wrong, and she quietly says she isn't feeling well.

Suddenly S, towing Jin along, cheerily says, "Heey! What's the party about?" K says that they have orders, and then asks where they were. S playfully taps K on the nose and says she and Jin had a date. K has a look of horror on his face, but Jin is more interested in Elea. She looks as if she was punched. She quickly hides it, and sharply says they have an investigation to do. She gets quickly into K's car. S grabs Jin by the arm and almost drags him over to the car, while L gets in, looking stricken.

The gang have arrived at sector LBD-31, which happens to be a park about half an hour's drive from the motel. The sun is just starting to crest the horizon. S flips open her armband and actives a sensor unit. She says she is detecting ionized plasma and starts follwing the trail. The others follow. Elea make sure to keep her distance from Jin as they walk. Jin for his part, decides to let her, as he is beginning to suspect why she is acting this way but fears he will make things worse.

S finds what appears to be a small hole. Elea says it looks like an animal burrow. S says the plasma is strongest at this hole. K says that maybe the pilot of the UFO is a small creature and dug this burrow. He pulls a small camera/scanner from one of his coat pockets and jams it into the dirt. This way they will know if it comes back out of this hole. He flips his armband open and activates his own scanner. He says he is detecting small traces leading in multiple directions. Jin surmises that maybe the creature has been using this hole as a base of sorts. Elea says it's possible. S nods and states the best option would be to split up and search. They nod agreement.

S is following a trail to a softball field in the park. It is a dead end. K has a similar experience near a public pool. Jin, meanwhile, is following a trail to an underpass just outside the main park area. As he enters it, he hears footsteps. He turns to see Elea. She says, "Jin, we need to-" she gasps. A bright light suddenly zooms at them. Jin barely manages to dodge it, but the ball of light strikes Elea on the left side of her head, knocking her to the ground as it zooms past. Jin runs to her. He cradles her, shouting, "Elea! Are you alright? ELEA!" As he starts to pick her up, a cd in a paper sleeve falls out of a pocket of her coat. Jin picks it up. It has a label that reads AQUA PROJECT.

Elea opens her eyes slowly. She suddenly realizes she is in a bed. She sits up to see she is in Jin's room at the motel. He is sitting in a chair near her bed, watching tv on the wall monitor. He suddenly looks at her. "Elea!" He says as he jumps up and rushes to the bed. "Are you ok?" She looks around. "Am I in your room?" She asks. He replies yes. He says the others are still at the park. She asks if the energy ball was a weapon. He tells her that he isn't sure, but S thinks it may have been the creature itself, and attacked from fear.

Elea hardens at the mention of S. Jin hands her the cd and asks her what it is. Her eyes widen, and she grabs it from him. He asks if it has to do with his amenesia. She looks as if slapped. Jin says that he and S think there is a connection. He tells her that the night before he was looking at the stars and he felt something. He thinks it was memories almost coming to him. He asks her once again to tell him the full story of what is going on. She looks at him, and replies he and S think this. Its always about he and S. Jin looks at her perplexedly. He says he suspected she was jealous but she is acting far more so than he expected.

She angrily gets up. She says that for the millionth time, when SHE deems him ready she will give him the information he needs. He is NOT ready yet. And it doesn't matter what S thinks. She goes to the door. Jin tries to calm her down, but she storms out. He hears her begin to cry as she goes to her room. "Well, that DEFINITELY could have went better." He glumly says to himself.

K and S walk into the room as Jin is about to leave. K asks if Elea is ok. He says yes... S asks what he means. He tells her to talk to her herself. Not that it'll likely do much good. He sits back down, dropping into a chair. S and K do likewise. Jin asks if they found anything. K says negative. S says they did encounter numerous people who claimed to see the energy ball. She says it was always near or around houses and buildings. K rubs his chin, and says he can't quite figure out what it would be doing. Jin sits up, realization in his eyes. "It's looking for something. Maybe it needs to repair its ship. Or looking for a food source." Both K and S turn to him, confused. S says that he has nothing to base that on and shouldn't make any blind assumptions. K agrees, and says that one way or another he intends to find out what this creature's intentions are by tomorrow. Jin says he thinks he is right, but regardless, he needs to take a walk. K asks what is going on. Jin replies that he'd like to know himself. He feels like he is going nuts right now. He leaves K and S, totally confused. K looks at S and says that Jin is getting as cryptic as Elea. S nods.

Takao is sitting at his desk, trying ro concentrate on data entry. He is having more and more trouble concentrating as all he can focus on is the nonstop typing from everyone else. He pauses, and his monitor suddenly starts beeping as the word ATTENTION starts flashing in big red letters. Frustrated, Takao jumps to his feet and storms out.

Takao is sitting on the floor of his living room, looking out his window. A tv drone slowly floats past, and is finishing a news report on the alien, saying it is being seen by numerous people, and since despite being apparently an energy force seems to behave as a living being has been called the Spirit Ball. There is then a bizarre ad for a new energy drink made by the newly taken over Nano Cybertech.(No it doesn't mean Peginerea is coming back either) Takao sighs, and leans his head against his telescope.

Takao is sitting at his usual place in the bar. He is talking to Alisha. There are seven others in the bar. Jin walks in, looking around. Alisha smiles and asks him if he wants a drink. He says yes, he needs a drink right now. As he sits down at the bar Takao glances at him, and a big grin spreads on his face.

"HEY! It's been about 8 months! How are you doing? Uhm... Yeah, Jin! Jin's your name!" Jin looks at Takao confusedly and asks how he knows him. Now Takao looks confused. He asks what is on about, and says that he and Jin met here at this very bar about 8 months or so ago, and for three or four weekends they met up and hung out here. Jin is nonplussed, and Takao says, "Come on! You must remember me! We talked about space all the time." Alisha nods agreement and says she remembers. Jin stares for a second. Then...

A flashback to one of the evenings spent at the bar. Jin, Takao and Alisha along with another man, all sitting together at the bar. They are talking about space and space travel, and how the US is finally launching the hypership Odyssey. They are also watching a sci fi film on the wall monitor. Takao says its his favorite sci fi film. Jin admits he likes it too. Takao starts to quote a line from the film, and Jin excitedly stands up and triumphantly finishes the line, and they high five each other. Jin and Takao are just a bit drunk, and Jin lets slip that he works for the Japanese government as an agent.

Alisha and Takao both prod him for information, but Jin is sober enough to realize what he is doing, and simply says he is an agent. Takao stares at him, then says he works with them on space affairs. Jin turns red and says in a way. Takao tries to get more out of him but Jin changes the subject. Takao is drunk enough to roll with it. Ultimately we cut to Alisha having to call a cab for them as they are both on the verge of passing out.

In the present, Jin holds his head for a second. Takao asks if he is ok. Jin looks up, and grins, saying he DOES remember! He is elated that something, anything has finally broken through his amnesia. Alisha sets down a drink and says she is glad that he is back in town, as Takao has needed a friend around.

Jin smiles and says he could use a friend too right now. Takao asks if he still does his space work, and Jin says that he is... But its complicated. And he can't really talk about it. Takao laughs and says, "Still the mystery man I see. Ah, who cares! I'm just glad to see you again Jin!" Takao sighs. He says at least Jin must be happy. Jin asks if he is unhappy, and Takao says that ever since he was 3 he has been fascinated with space, and has wanted to be an astronaut. But when he discovered that he'd never pass the physical requirements he realized he would never achieve his dream of being an astronaut.

S goes into the room she shares with Elea after knocking. Elea lays in bed. S asks her if she is awake. After a pause she softly says, "what do you want?" S asks what happened with Jin. Elea says not to worry, she can have him. S is confused and says she doesn't understand. Elea turns over and angrily says she can have him. Jin is hers. S says she doesn't want Jin. She tells her that she was simply trying to be friends because she has developed trust with him, with all of them.

Elea says she saw them watching the stars together, and she told K her and Jin were on a date. S says that is simply because she likes to pick on him, in part because he is attracted to her. She again tells Elea that she has no interest in Jin. She was telling him that she knew that Elea herself has feelings for him. K has told him the same thing. And she knows that he has feeling for her. She says that if she designs on Jin she certainly wouldn't be pursuing him when someone she knows is in love with him is right there all the time.

Elea starts. S says she knew Elea was watching. She had assumed that she had heard their entire conversation. But she knows now that was incorrect. She sits on Elea's bed, and puts her hand to her heart. She tells Elea tjat she would never try to take Jin from her.

Elea turns beet red and stammers that she is not romantically interested in Jin. S says bullshit. And she needs to let him know, regardless of the needs she has to keep information from him, K and herself. She tells Elea that Jin is under a TON of stress, and she fears he may start cracking.

Elea looks at her, tears forming, and says, "Dear Lord... All I was thinking of was my own feelings. I've been so wrapped up in making sure I protect him from what is really going on... S..." S tells her her real name is Sueko, but not to tell anyone else that. Yet. She, as Elea, has secrets she wants protected until she is ready. Elea nods. She asks where Jin is. S says he has been gone most of the afternoon.

Elea says she needs to calm down and straighten up. And she thanks S for helping her, and for not pushing for the information she has to keep from Jin. She tells her that it literally could mean life or death for him if he finds out before he is ready. S looks at her thoughtfully, clearly having some ideas about the implications of her statement. She says that this conversation is between them. And she is very welcome. She pats her on her shoulder as she gets up.

S opens the door, to find K jumping away from it. He tries to act like he wasn't listening, but S grabs him by the collar. She whispers to him that he needs to keep his mouth shut about ANYTHING he heard. K says that she doesn't need to threaten him. He has come to think of Jin as a friend. If Elea needs to protect Jin for now by keeping him and them in the dark for now, so be it.

S stares at him. She lets go of him, and pats his cheek, sayin that display of honor impresses her. He grins, and impulsively says maybe they could catch a movie. She glares at him. He immediately backs down.

Takao and Jin talk well into the evening. Jin finally decides he needs to go. Takao writes his address down and tells him they need to hang out. Jin says sure. Alisha asks if he wants a taxi, but Jin declines, saying he can walk it off.

S, Elea and K are sitting at a small table in K's room. K is working on his laptop. Jin walks in, but they all can tell he's off. Elea asks where he was, and he somewhat haltingly says he had a drink or two. S gets in his face and says he should've let them know where he was. They were worried. He apologizes.

She backs up as she smells his breath, and says from the smell it's a wonder he can walk. He nods and says that regardless he feels good right now. K jumps up and says they don't have time to argue. He found something. He offers his seat to Jin, who somewhat unsteadily plops into the chair and asks what he is looking at.

K points to a report from DEUS scientists regarding investigations at the site where the energy ball was observed. Jin looks at the report, and he starts getting more attentive. He looks at them in turn, and says, "Am I reading this right? It not just energy?" K says correct. It has biological aspects. Elea says that it apparently is shedding material. It seems to be changing itself. K agrees, and says that they have isolated a component of the DNA that can be carbon dated. Whatever this thing is, it is OLD. Jin asks how old, and K says current estimates place it as at least 20,000 years. Jin sits back.

Elea says the big issue facing them is finding out what the creature wants. It hasn't behaved in a hostile manner. S points out attacking Elea and Jin, but Jin says that was most likely out of fear. They had surprised it. K says regardless, they need to be prepared. To kill it, just in case. He looks pointedly at Jin.

Jin tells him he will only go after it as Ultraseven if he has proof it is a threat. He isn't willing to just become a tool or weapon. He looks at Elea as he says, "Especially as I am convinced I am an alien myself. I from now on will act as Ultraseven when I decide its appropiate."
Episode 6 pt4

Takao is sitting in his apartment, once again looking out his window. He notices a star that appears to be growing. Confused, he looks closer and realizes its not a star at all. It is the alien creature, and it flying straight for his open window. He starts to get to his feet, but the creature makes contact with his head and he passes out.

The next morning, he awakes. He looks around, and touches his forehead. He whispers, "What the hell happened?" He hears a woman's voice say, "Don't worry Takao." He looks arlund and asks who is there. "There is nothing to fear. Takao, I have found you. Found my companion." The creature phases out from his chest, and we see a close up on his face as there is a golden glow. He smiles.

Not long after, the gang meet in the parking lot of the motel. S says that she had gotten a report from command that the creature was sighted the night before at Beta Sector 413, near an apartment complex. Jin starts at that. K says that they need to investigate. Elea says she will stay behind and see what she can glean from the reports. S nods and says they should move out. She and K walk off. Elea walks over to Jin and says that they need to talk. Jin says they absolutely will, as soon as they get back. They stare at each other, she nods and walks back to the room. Jin pulls out the slip of paper Takao had given him. The address reads BETA SECTOR, HIGLAND APARTMENTS APARTMENT #323.

Jin arrives at the building. He looks around, worried K or S may show up. He walks to the main door and walks in.

He is on the 3rd floor, walking down the hallway. He stops at door 323. He tries knocking. No answer. He looks about, and using his superstrength he is able to break the handle so he can open the door. He slides it open, and closes it once in.

He looks around at Takao's space collection. A phone on a desk starts ringing. After a few seconds Jin decides to answer it. It is Takao's supervisor. After telling the supervisor he is a friend who dropped in to find him not at home the supervisor says he needs to know why Takao was a no call no show to work. Jin says he doesn't know but will find out. He ends the call, clearly worried.

It is now afternoon at the bar Takao frequents. Jin comes in. Alisha is just relieving the bartender for the morning. Jin asks her if Takao came in. She says she just started. The ither bartender, a man, says that Takao usually shows up just before Alisha starts her shift. But not today. Jin smacks the back of a chair.

His armband goes off, and he answers the call. S tells him that command detected a UFO coming out of a river near the park they had encountered the creature. Jin asks why it was picked up before. S assumes the ship had some sort of jamming capability. She sayss she and K are heading there. Jin nods and ends the call. Alish asks if Takao is ok. Jin quickly writes down his armband's phone number and tells her if he shows up to let him know. He then runs out of the bar, leaving Alisha and the other bartender confused.

Jin runs down the street, and suddenly discovers he has superspeed, which he desperately uses to get to the park before S and K.

Jin arrives at the park. The UFO, which is about 50 feet long and twenty feet tall. It is built from bare gleaming metal, with a front end shaped like a birds head and neck(which is where the cockpit is as the two "eyes" are clearly windows), a center area that houses retractable landing gear, along with a couple windows, and the rear area which houses the green glowing engine spheres and a large metal peacock like tail which rises up another 20 feet above the ship.

As Jin stops, he sees Takao. And someone is with him. A golden skinned and glowing woman. She appears dress in a golden bodysuit, but Jin notices that it is either covering her hands and boots as a full body suit or she is actually naked, but he isn't certain. Takao sees him, and grins brightly. The woman, a worried look on her face, steps behind Takao. Takao tells Jin that he will finally see space. Jin says that he can't be certain the alien is on the up and up. Takao looks lovingly at her and says she chose him.

Jin steps forward and asks her what she wants with Takao. The woman steps forward as well, and says she has been searching for a companion. She looks at Takao, and smiles, saying, "And someone to love." Jin takes out the Ultra Eye. She notices this, and thinking it a weapon says that she is not a threat. She is the last of her race, and lonely. Takao walks up, and says to Jin its the truth. Jin still distrusts the woman. She then plants her memories into Jin's mind.

He sees her world, and her people. She says that her race worked to evolve themselves beyond flesh and blood and become one with spacetime. She then shows him that as they came close to their goal an asteroid hit their world, causing catastrophic environment calamities.

She says that as a result of everything they went through, most of her race died. The survivors left their world and continued to work on the evolution of their species. She said that the project continued for hundreds, then thousands of years. She finally was the only one left. But she had attained the highest evolved form she was capable of. She became effectively immortal. But for what purpose?

Her entire species was dead. She had then traveled the universe, looking for a companion so she wouldn't be so unbearably alone. She was feared and attacked on most planets she visited, and on the ones where she wasn't feared the inhabitants wanted to capture and study her, to learn the secret of her immortality.

She continued her journey. She wound up on Earth, and met Takao. Like her, he feels alone and lonely. And he is desperate to leave Earth. The vision ends. Takao says he finally will get to go to space, to travel the universe with her. She grabs his hand, and says that she found not only a traveleing companion but a soulmate. Takao looks at her lovingly, and she returns the look.

Jin is moved. He says that Takao is a good man. He claps Takao on the shoulder. The woman thanks Jin for understanding. Jin nods, then thanks Takao for helping him. Takao looks confused. Jin tells them he has been dealing with amnesia for some time, and meeting Takao again enabled him to recall memories. Takao smiles and says he is happy he was able to help. The woman says they'd better leave. Jin nods. Takao says that he hopes Jin fulfills his destiny. The two step back as a light beam envelops them. They kiss as they are beamed aboard the ship.

Jin shouts to wait, and puts on the Ultra Eye, turning into Ultraseven.

S and K, having seen the light, run over to a walkway nearby. They see the ship rising into the air, followed by Seven. They both zoom into the sky. S grabs K and says that the creature wasn't a threat. K looks at her confused, and asks how the hell she knows that. Tears form in her eyes and she says that Jin just projected it to her mind.

Seven follows the ship into Earth orbit. The ship slowly turns to face him, and he sees Takao sitting in a seat. The woman has returned to her natural form and is floating next to him. Takao grins and waves. Seven salutes them as the ship turns back around and warps away.

An hour or two later, Jin walks back into Alisha's bar. Alisha offers him a drink. He takes it. He tells her he found Takao. She immediately asks if he is ok. He smiles and says yes. He just had to take a trip. She looks sad. Jin can tell she is in love with Takao. He tells her that Takao said to tell her he cares alot for her and will miss her. He sayas Takao hopes to come back soon. She lowers her head and nods. Jin can tell she knows he is lying. Je feels guilty. She suddenly says that he should go see his girlfriend. Jin looks at her confused. He says he doesn't have a girlfriend. She smiles and says that she can tell. He can't hide it. He finishes his drink and pays her. He says she is right. And he plans to talk to her.

Jin arrives back at the motel. K's car is loaded and ready to go in the morning K and S are both in bed. Jin is about to go to bed himself, but he notices Elea at the lookout point he was at, looking at the stars. He goes across the street.

He walks up alongside her. She turns and they look at each other. She starts tearing up. She apologizes to him. He smiles and says he already forgave her. They hug, and they look at the stars.
Its different, I admit. But I liked both the original and my version. Really all I wanted to do in this one was give Seven more than 3 seconds (literally) of screentime, and clarify stuff that didn't really come across too well.

We open on a public area in a city. A caption says "TWO YEARS AGO". A young woman is sitting on a sculpture in the middle of the area, playing a guitar and singing an old 20th century song. We gradually hear footsteps from behind her. We see two black armored boots. They stop, and one starts tapping. The girl gradually hears the tapping and looks behind her.

She sees a 5'5" being wearing black shiny battle armor with red trim. The being's helmet is vaguely like a samurai helmet in the back, with an almost organic looking white faceplate. It has small eyepieces with a mouthpiece that looks to be some kind of valve. The being is carrying some kind of alien looking blaster rifle. The being slowly walks towards the girl, head tilted. The girl screams and bolts, dropping her guitar. The being picks up the guitar, looking curiously at it.

Suddenly a man runs in front of the being, bringing a DEUS laser pistol to bear on it. The being backs up, still holding the guitar. It shakes its head and holds out the guitar. The man stares at it, perplexed.

We jump to "present day"(2265). Earth is seen. A biomechanical looking saucer shaped spacecraft zooms toward Earth.

The ship cloaks as it enters the atmosphere.

Many shots showing the city of Ishinmaki, as we see the now familiar wall monitors on buildings, giant displays built into the sides of buildings, and tv drones floating around. Ads and news shows are displayed with the occasional flash of PERFECT WORLD seen.

We see K and S walking around at a public park. S pops a chocolate in her mouth as K is excitedly talking to her. He is happy that Elea decided they should take a couple days off from the journey. He is as stressed as Elea and Jin are. He is also glad that he gets to spend the down time with S.

She rolls her eyes when he says that. She says the ONLY reason she came with him is because she wanted to visit Ishinmaki park, as she had been there with her family as a child and had a good time. K, undaunted, says he still is happy to get to spend time . with her. S sighs and says whatever. They come to a small pond with some benches. She plops down on the bench and digs out a book from her pocket. K asks her what the book is. She replies that it's a horror novel.

K notices a food truck a ways down the roadway to their left. He asks her if she wants anything to eat or drink. She looks at the truck and says if they have any hot dogs and soda, she will have two hot dogs and a small soda. She starts to get her money card but K says he will buy. She shrugs and says fine. K confidently strides to the truck which is about a 2 minute walk.

K walks up to the truck and stands in line. He looks about. He looks up, and his trained eyes notice an odd distortion near a building a block away. His DEUS agent mentality kicks in, and he walks a short distance towards the disturbance. He looks around, amd takes out a pair of blackand silver sunglasses that have a small control panel built on. After putting them on, he adjusts the contols.

The glasses have a headsup display. As he adjusts the controls he can see the distortion appears to have an object in it. He walks further away while keeping his focus on the distortion.

He stops near an elevated walkway. He adjusts his glasses some more, and finally he finds out that it is the ship. He whispers that it has a cloaking system. Suddenly he hears footsteps. He looks behind him to see two beings wearing armor like the being we saw in the opening. He hears more footsteps in the other direction. Two more beings dressed the same way are to his right. The all are armed with the same rifle. One of them says something in an alien language.

They charge at him. One slams him against the wall of the building he is against. It speaks to him in the alien language. He chokingly says he doesn't understand. Another raises its rifle to his head. He looks worried, and says he will try to answer them. The one who has a hold of him uses a small scanner to scan his head. It acts angry, and lets him go. It says something in their language, they turn and stalk off, a cloaking device activating as they walk away. A small crowd has gathered as they see what has happened.

K suddenly realizes that S is alone. He activates his armband.

S is still sitting at the bench, engrossed in her book. The armband goes off, but she mutes it. Suddenly she hears some cries of fear, and looks up. She sees a family running from the other side of the pond. She runs to them and asks what is wrong. They say some guy with a weird weapon is fighting some guy in an armored costume. She nods, and as she runs towards the commotion she takes out her pistol.

She arrives to find a heavily breathing man, hunched over a pile of ashes. She points her gun at him. A helmet just like the helmet the beings wear is on the ground, with part of it melted away. The man is holding a strange weapon that is a cross between a lightsaber and a long baton. He looks up. It is the man from the opening scene. S gasps and steps back. "D?" He realizes who it is. "Sueko?" "You're DEAD!" He doesn't answer, but drops his head.

We see K run up, weapon raised. "DON'T MOVE!!" He shouts. The man stares at him. K asks if S is ok. She just stares at the man. K looks at the helmet on the ground, and says, "S, this guy might be an alien in disguise." She doesn't answer, still in shock.

We flash back to some point in time just after the opening scene. S is running around a warehouse district, weapon raised. She turns a corner and sees D killing an alien. It has ears that flow into the back of its bald head, almost white skin and lizardlike eyes. It wears similar armor to the ones we have seen. White blood flows from its mouth as D uses his sword baton to slice its throat open. The creature drops. S shouts his name. He spins and shout to get back. She starts towards him, when a gold glow appears above them. A beam hits the ground where D is standing. S screams "NO! D!!" There is an explosion. S drops to her knees, sobbing.

In the present, S has tears in her eyes. K looks at her. She shouts at D, demanding to know if its really him or an alien disguise. D stands and says it is him. He faked his death. K walks forward and grabs him as he puts his pistol to D's head. He says they need to interrogate him. She stares at D, a mixture of fear, anger and shock on her face. K takes D's weapon from him and pushes him forward. S blindly follows.

We are in a different area of the park. A young woman is playing a guitar and singing a 20th century song, the same one sung by the girl in the opening. But this is not the same girl. This girl is a bit older, and has her shoulder length black hair styled tightly about her head. She also has what appears to be makeup on any part of her body that is exposed. A small crowd has gathered, listening.

We see in the distance Jin and Elea, sipping from disposable coffee cups. Jin says that he is glad for the break. They have been constantly on the go. Elea says she is glad too. But scared. She tells him that the time is drawing closer to the UN meeting, and more importantly, his ultimate destiny as savior of the world. He stops and looks at her, saying, "Uhm, haven't I already been doing that as Ultraseven?"

She looks at him, very serious. "Jin, the stuff you've done so far is small potatoes compared to what you will be doing if things go south with the UN." Jin asks her why she can't tell him what exactly is going on. She has been dropping bits but keeps saying he could be in danger. Elea thinks for a second.

She finally tells him that since he has gotten bits of his memory back she might be able to get away with this much: due to the nature of injuries that caused the amnesia, forcing his memories back prematurely could cause him to have a fatal shock. She can't take the risk of him dying. She leans in and grabs his hand, saying, "You mean too much to me, Jin." He smiles. They finally hear the girl's singing and join the crowd. They hold hands.

The girl finishes her song. The crowd breaks up. As the girl prepares to pack up her guitar, Jin and Elea walk over, and both toss money into the case. The girl grins and thanks them. She asks how she did. Jin smiles and says she is pretty good. Elea says that she should persue a career, she is that good. The girl smiles again and thanks them. She starts to walk away. Jin looks at a nearby water fountain. Suddenly he has a flash of memory.

He is drowning underwater. Suddenly the water above him is disrupted as something comes towards him.

"Jin?" He blinks and looks at a worried Elea. He tells her he had a memory.

The girl has already left the area. She walks down a street. She suddenly hears a shout and looks up. Three of the alien beings face her. The center one points at her, says something in their language, and they rush her. They grab her, and she shouts to leave her alone. Suddenly, Jin and Elea appear, Jin beating the crap out of them as Elea stands in front of the girl with a pistol raised. The aliens try to group attack Jin, but he backflips over them. He lands behind them, sidekicks one in the head, throws one into the side of a parked van, and the third fires its rifle at him. The gun's beam is a sonic weapon, and he shouts in pain and holds his ears. Elea shoots the alien, killing it. As the other two start to get to their feet, Elea and the girl help Jin up and they run.

They run about a block or two from the park. People are milling about. Suddenly, in front of Jin and Co. Three more aliens decloak, guns raised. The people around them freak out. Jin and Co. Use the opportunity to bolt.

They get cornered in a parking lot. The surviving two aliens from the first group join the other three. The girl drops her guitar case. As she scrambles to grab it the aliens fire their weapons.

Jin leaps in front of her, and crosses his arms. Elea screams , "JIN!!". His arms slightly glow as the sonic blasts hit him, knocking him back ten or so feet. Elea shoots two. Their armor is damaged. The girl says to aim for gaps in the armor, and Elea does so, taking another down and injuring two others as Jin groggily gets to his feet. The two women run to him and they take off. Neither Jin or Elea notice the Ultra Eye has fallen out of his coat pocket, but the girl notices and picks it up.

The two injured aliens are writhing on the ground in pain. One of the uninjured aliens walks over and says via translation, "You know if you are inujred you are insufficient as warriors. You KNOW what that means." The two injured aliens begin panicking, and beg for mercy in their language.

The "leader" orders one shot, and its body is literally blown to atoms by the sonic disruption. The other, bleeding white blood, tries to speak, and the leader stands over it and brings its foot down onto it offscreen. We hear a crunch and a bit of white blood shoots into the air. The leader then says in translation "You were weak." It turns to the survivors and shouts something in their language, pointing in the direction Jin and Co. Ran. They run after them, knocking people out of the way as disgusted and terrified people crowd around the bodies.

Jin and the women are running. They arrive near a seaside warehouse area. They are all breathing hard. Elea starts to say something to Jin. He slows, looks at her, and collapses. She rushes to his side, shouting his name. The girl runs to help.

Jin awakes to find that the two women have moved him inside one of the warehouses. He jumps to his feet. Elea asks if he is ok. He says his arms are very sore, and he is still a bit groggy but he'll live. The girl says that they should be safe at the warehouse for now. She introduces herself as Lasunda. She walks up to Jin and says, " Your strength, and ability to take a hit from a sonic disrupter...and these."

She takes the Ultra Eye from her pants pocket. Jin and Elea are startled. She puts it to her face. "Could you be the Red Giant?" He looks at Elea, who returns his look. He hesitatingly says, "Well, I call myself Ultraseven when I am in my other form." He tries to take the Ultra Eye but she moves away, smiling. Elea asks if she is an alien. Lasunda nods. She hands Jin back the Ultra eye.

She tells them she was part of a expedition to Earth two years ago. They were to determine if Earth was a suitable staging planet to be taken over. She had been turning against her races' desire for conquest and their cruelty to enemies for some time at that point, but Earth and its beauty got to her. And she was entranced by the life. All of Earth's life.

And then she heard music. Her race had nothing remotely comparable to human music. And then there was someone... She looks at them both and asks if it is wrong for an alien and a human to fall in love. Jin and Elea look at each other. Jin says he doesn't believe so. Elea says love is love.

We go to the gang's latest DEUS safehouse. K and S are sitting on a couch. Facing them and handcuffed to a chair is D. K has his gun pointed at D. K asks in a clipped tone why they want to invade. D rolls his eyes and says he is not an alien in disguise. S says she saw him die. He says he is sorry he had to do that to her, especially after they had broke up. K glances at S, and starts to ask her about that.

She cuts him off and tells D she has been over the end of their relationship for some time. She does however have anger at him for not respecting her enough to at least explain why he faked his death. K again demands him to tell them why they are invading.

D looks at him and says with a smirk, "Who ate Pierre Buevin's meat pie? Isn't that our codephrase for an emergency situation?" K looks surprised. S says that it IS a code only DUES agents know. K scoffs and says some aliens can read minds. D says that is true, but not in this case.

He is fiddling with the electronic handcuffs restraining his arms behind his chair. He calmly asks what it will take to convince them. K says alot. D says, "Maybe... This?" He leaps up, freed from his handcuffs, and manages to grab K's gun before he can react. He knocks K down and puts the gun to his head. D, angry, tells K that he could kill him right now if he wanted.

S puts the barrel of her gun against D's head and tells him if he kills K he WILL die for real, regardless of their history together. D nods and relents. He hands back K's gun. He begs them to listen to him. It is literally a matter of life or death. K, pissed, says, "Do what the hell you want." S tells D to tell them what he wants to tell them. He smiles briefly, nods and tells them that two years ago DEUS got reports of an alien group appearing at random. They'd sometimes attack people and had killed a couple people and made off with their bodies. He says that he'd seen what at the time he thought was an attempt by one of these aliens, who call themselves the Vairo, attacking a young woman.

Flashback to the opening scene. Lasunda and D are facing each other. He has his gun trained on her. She still holds out the guitar. She tries to speak to him in her language. D looks at her, confused.

She starts to strum the strings of the guitar, and tries to sing the song the guitar's owner had been singing. D gradually lowers his gun. Lasunda sets the guitar down on the ground, stands and removes her helmet. We see she naturally has pale skin, her eartips merge into her head, and her eyes are lizardlike. She smiles, and raises her hands to show she has no weapons. D stands and looks at her, entranced. In a voiceover, D says that her voice, demeanor and beauty despite her nonhuman nature captivated him.

Back in the safehouse, D looks at them. He tells them that her race's.culture is basically like the Spartans, they spend their lives training to be warriors. Any weakness, physical or otherwise is despised and dealt with harshly.

He tells them Lasunda's removal of her helmet is considered treason by her race. Once they enter the Vairo military they must never take their helmet off in front of anyone other than family. And to show their face to an enemy is an automatic death sentence. K looks over his shoulder at D. "A...Death sentence..."

Another flashback of D and Lasunda at a wahrf. He is playing a guitar, then shows her how to play it. Another shot of them at his home, where he is teaching her to speak Japanese.

Back in the present, D looks at the floor. He say she came as part of a group to investigate the worth of invading Earth. But she was never the bloodthirsty warrior the bulk of her race was, and after falling in love with Earth, she rebelled. S asks why he faked his death. He says to protect Lasunda. They had fallen in love. He asks if its crazy for a human and alien to fall in love. K runs his chin, nonplussed. D says that he couldn't leave Lasunda alone. She had turned on her people, and was alone here now. And she is being hunted. K starts and replies that that must be what the Vairo who attacked him wanted. D says yes. Then he says he's willing to die to protect her. S says he won't be dying a second time. He looks at her and she smiles. K says they can't be sure he is being truthful. S looks at him with annoyance, and says, "K..." K rolls his eyes, and finally says, "Aw, what the hell... I like peace and love too. Where have you guys been hiding from the Vairo?" D smiles and thanks them. K says they better alert Jin and Elea. They may just need Jin. S agrees and activates her armband.

Jin's armband goes off and he answers. S tells him about their situation and he tells them about what is going on on their end. S says they will be meeting up with them soon. After he ends the call Lasunda smiles at him, saying, "Well Mr. Red Giant, er, Ultraseven, I hope you and your friends can help." Jin glances at Elea and she smiles.

S, K and D arrive at the warehouse area, and are faced by seven Vairo soldiers. S smirks and says its been a while since she beat up bad guys. She pulls out two pistols, K points his gun and D activates his sword baton. The Vairo assume fighting stances while holding daggers. The two groups charges each other.

S shoves one, dodges the slash of a second and sidekicks the second away. K punches one attacker in the chest, who spins, grabs K and slams hom to the ground. D slashes at another, and while cutting one in the side misses his actual target, who punches him in the face then kicks his legs out from him.

In the building, Lasunda suddenly looks up, fear on her face. Elea asks he what is wrong. She replies that the Vairo followed D and the others. Suddenly a wall on the far right side of the room explodes inwards. Five Vairo Soldiers stride in. Lasunda grabs her guitar case, and pulls two laser pistols from a secret compartment. She tells them she is going to help D.

She dives through a window near her. The leader of the soldiers, much bigger than the others, strides forward and tells Jin that he will surrender. If he refuses he and his comapnion will die. Elea pulls her gun as Jin smiles and puts on the Eye, turning into Ultraseven. The soldiers back up in shock. Seven tells the leader that he is the one who needs to surrender. The soldiers attack. Seven is beating the snot out of them. Elea sholts one who attempts to fire his sonic rifle, killing him. Seven puches another through a wall. He spins and faces the remaining three.

Outside, S spinkicks one to the ground, and blasts it in the head. D practically slices one in half. K gets over powered by two, but manages to take one down. He and S together take the remaining one down.

Suddenly there is a sonic blast that knocks them to the ground, and two more show up, one clearly another leader. They start firing their sonic rifles. The remaining two survivors of the initial attack regroup with them. The commander pulls out the same electrified sword baton D has, and charges him. S and K try to back him up, but the other soldiers gang up on them, mand manage to disarm them.

They start beating both up, when suddenly laser blasts plow into the heads and chests of the soldiers. The commander spins, and shouts that he will kill Lasunda. D takes the opportunity to try to run the commander through, but he blocks the attack and with a backpunch almost breaks D's neck.

He fires a blast from his weapon at D, but Lasunda suddenly displays superspeed and strength to rush to D and pull him to safety as the energy bolt blows a chunk out of the pavement. K and S charge the commander. D, wounded, looks up at Lasunda. She smiles and says its time she protected him now, and kisses him. She then rushes to aid S and K.

Seven is fighting the soldiers, and Elea takes out all but the commander as they are overpowering him. The commander freaks out and starts trading blows with Seven, who uses the Blade Slugger as a hand knife while fighting the commander. The comamnder shoots his weapon at Seven and knocks him down. Elea tries to shoot the Vairo but he dodges and knocks her to the ground. Enraged, Seven leaps at the Vairo, and after a couple blows get traded, stuns the commander long enough to decapitate him.(implied offscreen) he reattaches the Slugger and rushes to Elea's side. She is groggy.

S has leapt onto the back of the other Vairo leader, forcing his helmet off and pounding his face into hamburger. He manages to throw her to the ground and realizes his helmet was removed. He goes beserk, amd charges S, roaring. Suddenly Lasunda flips over top of S, and as she lands shoots him in the face. He drops. He lasts long enough to push a button on an armband communicator and croak, "Vadoryudo!!" He then dies. Lasunda gasps. The mothership decloaks, large and shaped like a biomechanical saucer but with a larger fin extending below it. S asks her what Vadoryudo is. Lasunda replies its their ultimate weapon, an almost invincible biomechanical mecha.

At the same time, Seven has managed to get Elea to her feet. He asks her if she can walk, and she says she is better. He nods. Suddenly they hear a noise and look out the window Lasunda leapt from.

The ship fires a beam to the ground, and a shape materializes. It is a 200 foot tall robot. It has a long face with no neck and a single HAL9000 like eye. Wide shoulders with powerful arms ending in three fingered hands. Weapons are attached to the forearms. A long narrow waist, and a pelvis with armored panels covering the joint of the hips. Powerful legs ending in wide feet with claw like toes, one on each end and one on each side of each foot. It is lighr grey overall, with joints a darker color. The light grey armored parts have black lines in abstract patterns as well as various markings in the Vairo language. Lasunda says they need to run.

Seven tells Elea to get down to the rest of the gang. She runs over to a ladder amd quickly climbs down.

As the robot begins to power up, S and Co. Are looking for cover. K sees Elea as she joins them. She says Ultraseven is coming. The robot prepares to fire its weapons, when suddenly the warehouse collapses in on itself as Ultraseven at full size rises from the building. He assumes a fighting stance. The robot fires its weapons at Seven, and he uses his shield.

The robot charges at Seven. They trade a couple blows, and the robot manages to flip Seven over and slam him onto the ground. It tries to stomp his head but he rolls and kicks at the robots waist, knocking it backwards. As it tries to not fall, Seven jumps to his feet and fires the Wide Shot.

The robot has shields. Seven curses. The robot fires its weapons again. Seven puts his shield up, but a blast still hits him. He is knocked down again. The robot leaps at him. Lasunda screams at Seven that the eye is not well protected. The robot lands on top of Seven, amd starts beating him about the head and chest. Seven manages to blast it with the Emerium Beam, stunning it long enough to kick it off him.

As it tries to get up(its design makes it hard to get up as it was really meant to be a walking tank, not a brawler), Seven relentlessly punches and kicks it with charged blows. He then grabs its head, and despite being blasted by the robot's shields manages to rip its eye out. There is a big explosion that blasts from the area the eye was. The robot shuts down. The mothership tries to flee, firing its weapons as it flies off. Seven fires the Lamp Beam, and manages to overpower the ships shields, destroying it. He then fires the Wide Shot at the robot's body, obliterating it. He turns to the gang and thumbs up them.

A day or so later, Lasunda is at the park again, singing to a big crowd a song she wrote which is about humanity and aliens putting aside their fueds, both on their own worlds and with each other, and living to better all through love and understanding. Jin, Elea, K, S and D are not far away. K says that DEUS has alerted the nations of the world of the Vairo, in case they should decide to return. D says that the Red Giant can handle them. Jin and Elea share a knowing smile. S tells D that DEUS is also offering them protection, and has gotten the Japanese government to offer Lasunda full citizenship. D grins and says he can't wait to tell her. He thanks them for their help. He and S share a moment, and she says that she is happy he finally found real love. They hug as Lasunda finishes her song. D walks over to her as the gang walk off. Elea says that its hard to believe that D and Lasunfa are literally star crossed lovers. K says, "Hmm... Had you asked me even as this whole thing with you and Jin started, I'dve said humans and aliens could never truly co exist peacfully unless they were forced to. But now... I really think it's possible." Jin looks at him, smiling, and says, "Oh, it'll happen. I know it." They walk off as Lasunda shouts with happiness and kisses D.

Shots of a town at night during a thunderstorm. Drones float about, showing on their monitors news reports about a serial killer who attacks during rain or storms. The newscaster advises people to stay indoors whenever possible or be in groups during storms. As the newscaster speaks flashes of "STAY AT HOME OR BE IN A GROUP DURING. RAIN OR THUNDERSTORMS" appear on the screens. Suddenly we hear a shout in the distance.

A young man is running for his life from someone. He screams in terror. He runs into an underground parking lot. Suddenly something grabs him and throws him against a support beam. He shouts in pain from the impact and collapses to the ground. As he tries to get up he shouts at his attacker, "What the hell are you?! WHAT ARE Y--"

his throat is cut by some unseen weapon, and blood splatters against the beam. We seen what appears to be a tall woman with long black hair standing over him, wearing a long bright red trenchcoat. The woman leans over and puts a finger into the pool of blood on the ground, swirling her finger around. She then goes to the beam and starts to write something.

A few minutes later. The woman walks away, and we see that on the beam, written in the man's blood, are the words "NO MAN".

The next afternoon K's car, being driven by S, pulls up to another safehouse. She and Elea get out and look in the back at Jin and K, both asleep. K is leaned against his door. S smirks and walks to the passenger side where K is. She looks at Elea and puts her finger to her lips. Elea stifles a giggle as S carefully grabs the door handle and jerks it open. K shouts as he falls to the ground. Elea gasps, not expecting S to have done what she did. Jin jerks awake, and asks whats happening. S is laughing at K, who is NOT happy. He gets up and tells S that she can really be an ass.

S stares at him, turning red. K says that he has tried and tried to be cool with her, and he knows that he has laid it on thick with pursuing her and is sorry about that, but she doesn't have to act like such an ass. He throws his arms up and says he finally gets it, she doesn't like him. Ok. He's sorry he bothered her. He grabs his bag from the back of the car and storms into the safehouse. Jin gets out, and asks what the hell that was about. Elea looks at S, who looks uncharacteristically ashamed.

A short time later, after the gang have settled in, S calls them together. K avoids S, who clearly still feels bad. S tells them that DEUS has been asked to investigate the local serial killer dubbed by the media "The Red Coat Killer". She plays a recording of a news broadcast that goes over the detailss: five murders so far, only attacks during rain or thunderstorms, and someone wearing a bright red coat near all the murder scenes.

Their orders are to assist in the search for the killer. Elea tells them that she won't be able to help this time, as the reason they stopped at Kamaishi is that she needs to meet with a former DEUS data analyst who has information she needs for the meeting. She will go alone. Both Jin and K object, but she is adamant that she go alone to attract as little attention as possible.

Jin offers to go with her but Elea refuses. Jin tells her to at least regularly make contact and to keep her armband's tracer active. Elea agrees to that. She prepares to leave. Jin walks over to her and tells her to be careful. They have a moment, and she says she will. K offers his car but Elea wants to take a cab to keep under the radar. She says she will be back by morning and leaves.

S says that she is to go to the police station to find out if there is any connection between the victims. Jin says ok, and picks up on S's look at him that she wants to talk to K, so Jin excuses himself and goes to his room. S tries to apologize to K but he says that they have work to do and starts researching the killer on his laptop. S stoically nods and leaves.

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