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Jun 27, 2021
Hey gang. Got a weird one this time... a writing project I am looking for critiques on.

So I am a big fan of Godzilla, Gamera, Ultraman ect. There is a 2007 12 episode tv series called Ultraseven X that is a sequel to Ultraseven(1967). I love certain aspects and detest alot of others. It had to me A TON of wasted potential.

So last summer, I started writing outlines for what will eventually(if I can ever get my laptop fixed) be a fancomic reworking of the series. My goal was to try to in some way realize the potential the show had... and fixing the many issues, like the fact that Ultraseven is barely in his own show.

I have 10 plot outlines written, and have been thinking more and more in the last couple months about finishing the outlines and hopefully once I get a new car get the damn lappy fixed so I can do this thing.

So if anyone is interested in checking these outlines out and giving feedback, please let me know and I will post them in this thread.
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So here is part 1 of the first episode. I have to split these up sadly.

Ultraseven X Reimagined Episode 1 Part 1


We open on an asian man and woman in a boat, racing across a lake in daytime. The boat is being chased by three other boats filled with futuristic looking soldiers. They shoot at the couple in the lead boat. A soldier in one of the boats fires a laser rifle at the boat, severely damaging the boat. It lists hard to one side, throwing both man and woman overboard. The man, whose face we never clearly see, is revealed to already be severely wounded. As the boats close in, the man is clearly struggling to swim. The woman starts to panic as the soldiers get close. The one with the laser rifle takes aim. Then there is a bright flash of light overhead and all goes white. The man sinks under the surface of the water. Nothing but water seems to be around him.

An asian man sits up in bed, shocked. He looks around at what appears to be a futuristic hotel room. He looks at his clothes, surprised that they are new clean clothes. Try as he might, he can't remember who he is. He walks over to the window and looks out. The city is very futuristic(Blade Runner). He realizes he doesn't recognize the city. Suddenly from the bathroom the woman from the first scene walks over to him and says she is happy he is awake. She tells him there isn't much time and they need to get moving. He tries to ask her who she is and who he is, but all he gets is her name: Elea. She tells him that his mind is possibly damaged and he needs to take his time getting his questions answered. He is starting to get frustrated, when someone beats on their door shouting "Security!"

She helps the man up, telling him his name is Jin Kasaki. She tells him to run, and she will meet him at a nearby bar. As she shoves a strange pair of glasses, red with squared off orange lenses, into his hand. He goes to climb out the window but stops as he realizes he is five stories up.

Before he can say or do anything the door explodes into splinters, and Elea shoves him out the window, saying "Save our world!" Without realizing he is doing it, he somersaults and lands perfectly in a crouch. He stands, and wonders how in hell he did that. Suddenly the area of the building he fell from explodes, and he sees Elea standing amongst the wreckage, obviously hurt. She shouts at him to run as sirens come closer. He runs as futuristic cars approach the scene.

He is hiding in an alley, trying to figure out where to go, when a device strapped to his wrist beeps. He pushes a button and it unfolds, revealing a cellphone of sorts. There is a text saying, "I am ok. Will meet up with you and K at bar. Coordinates follow." A minimap appears showing his location and the bar's. He worriedly states that he need some answers on what the hell is going on.

Jin arrives at the bar, which in keeping with the city is very Blade Runner. He walks down a flight of steps into the bar. Strange techno music plays. He notices some drunk young adults dancing to one side. An attractive waitress comes up to him and asks if he is the party that a gentleman calling himself K is waiting for. Remembering Elea's text Jin says yes. She leads him to a man slightly younger than he, with bleached blonde hair and wearing a suede trench coat.

The man enthusiastically calls out Jin by name and behaves as if theg are old college friends. Jin orders a drink and sits down at K's table. K asks him where Elea is when certain nobody is nearby. Jin tells him they were attacked but she is to meet them here. He asks K if he knows who he is.

K replies that apart from knowing he was a former DEUS agent called J he knows nothing except that he was informed to meet with him and a former goverment scientist named Elea to discuss DEUS helping them get out of the city.

Jin tells him that he can't remember who he is. K laughs and thinks that he is keeping up his DEUS facade. Jin gets a bit angry and tells him he is serious. And he tells him about safely landing frim a five story fall. K is about to respond when he notices a gorgeous woman talking to a couple businessmen.

He tells Jin that he has standing orders to question a woman who fits that description as DEUS belives she has connections to a rather shady company believed to be a front for illegal extraterrestial activities. Jin balks at that, and K says he really must not remember anything, telling him that there are thousands of aliens living alongside humanity on Earth and that one of DEUS's jobs is to keep tabs on and investigate shady activity or individuals. He MUST see what this woman is up to as it is believed she may be an alien in disguise harvesting human DNA for reasons unknown.

He gets up and tells Jin to wait for him, but Jin gets up and tells him he will help him. He's told him more than Elea has already and it'll keep his mind off his problems. K reluctantly agrees. Neither notice the woman and businessmen have been watching them the whole time.

The woman and business men leave through an alternate exit. K and Jin follow, and Jin quickly tells the waitress that if a woman called Elea shows up to tell her to wait here.

The exit opens onto an alley. K and Jin don't immediately see their quarry. Then they see the woman by herself. She stops and spots them, dashing down another alley. K and Jin give pursuit.

They chase her into a dead end alley where to their surprise she is waiting for them. K pulls out a small laser pistol and points it at her, telling her he needs to bring her in for questioning. She laughs, and states that she is too busy for his questions. But she has friends who would like to talk to them. Suddenly five of the businessmen appear, eyes glowing. Jin starts, saying that they are all aliens. K says of course.

The businessmen attack. K shoots one, killing him while two attack Jin, who demonstrates great skill with martial arts despite never having been trained. He sidekicks one of the attackers into a wall so hard the man's spine breaks. He screams in pain, collapsing into a broken heap.

K beats up another but then gets ganged up on. Jin bails him out, and the woman charges at him, doing a flying kick at his head, which he dodges by leaping and somersaulting over her.. He lands in a fighting stance. The woman smiles and says bingo. Her hunch was right. Jin replies with confusion, when more businessmen appear with pulse rifles. Jin and K are shot and collapse.
And here is part 2.

Ultraseven X Reimagined Episode 1 pt 2

Jin and K awaken, high tech restraints holding them. They are in a conference room with control panels covering the walls. There the woman and an older man are at the table. There are more businessmen around the room. The man states that they can't have DEUS snooping around their operation any longer. They have a mission to accomplish. K states that if they kill them DEUS will just be more adamant to stop whatever they are doing. Jin suddenly cuts in, asking if he is one of them. The man looks at him perplexed. He replies that he is most certainly NOT one of them. The woman starts to say something but the man cuts her off. Jin notices this and says they know something about who he is. K looks at him, confused.

Cut to the exterior of the building. There are guards posted at the door. There is a device that rolls in front of them that starts emitting smoke. The guards look about in confusion, when two laser bolts fire and hit the guards. They drop dead. We see Elea run up to the door and use her own wristband to unlock the door. She looks about and runs in.

In the boardroom an alarm sounds. A virtual screen appears in midair displaying a camera view of Elea sneaking in. The man replies that DEUS are like ants. Oh well, he will at least have fun with her before killing her. At that, Jin gets angry and tries to break his bonds. One of the businessmen turns to the man and whispers in his ear.

The man claps his hands together with glee and stands. He informs Jin and K that the real show is about to begin. The woman explains that the people who have been disappearing around the area were being harvested by them for their DNA. K asks what they want with human DNA. The man explains that they have discovered that a curious mutation of their own species can occur when their DNA is merged with human DNA. And they will see the result. The first of a super weapon that they can use against any planet they choose.

The building starts shaking. Elea is fighting her way to Jin and K, and gets knocked down. Suddenly a roar is heard.

Outside a couple are walking down the street when the street in front of them bursts open, revealing a giant humanoid creature looking like a cross between a xenomorph and a man wearing biomechanical armor. It has a multifinned head and a mouth that opens in thirds. It roars and gets to its feet. People panic and run. The monster roars again and trashes some cars. It then smashes its fists into a building, causing an explosion.

Police cars line up near the monster. The cops hop out and start shooting at it. The monster laughs and raises a hand. It shoots a plasma ball at the cops, incinerating them and blowing up up the cars.

Back in the building, the man and woman are delightedly laughing. The man declares that their prototype warrior Galkimes is alive and working perfectly. Jin glares at them and demands to know what they want. The woman states that they will use these warriors to take back their planet and then conquer other worlds. Angry, K also tries to break his bonds. Sounds of a gunfight come from the next room. Jin suddenly summons the strength to break his bonds. The aliens are shocked. Elea kicks the door in at the same moment.

Jin starts beating the crap out of the businessmen while Elea shoots K's bonds apart. More aliens run in with weapons. Elea throws her gun to Jin as he and K shoot at the aliens. The three are outnumbered, and Jin shout to run.

Meanwhile Galkimes is continuing his attack. More police have shown up, but he is decimating them. A flying tv drone is showing a news report on the disaster. Police helicopters are flying around Galkimes shooting at him as a crowd runs in terror.

Jin, Elea and K come to a dead end hallway. K says its not gonna be a good day after all. Elea looks at Jin and says, You can save us. Save our world." Jin looks at them both and replies that he will. He summons his new found strength and punches through the wall, revealing they are at least twenty stories up. Aliens approach, shooting at them. Jin takes out the glasses, grabs Elea and K and leaps out the hole. As they fall he manages to put the glasses on, and a bright flash of orange light surrounds them as K yells out in fear.

The ball of light, now gigantic, comes to earth and fades, revealing a red and silver giant wearing what appears to be cybernetic armor. He sets Elea and K down and stands. K stares in total shock, and Elea smiles and nods.

Galkimes starts shooting plasma balls at the helicopters, then at nearby buildings. He roars triumphantly when suddenly a large curved blade spinning through the air slams into his face, knocking him down. The blade is caught on return by the giant who reattaches it to his head to make a fin. Galkimes stands and faces the red giant, who glares at him.

In the building, the aliens look on in shock at the viewscreen showing Ultraseven assuming a fighting stance. The woman says the information was true. The man glares and orders the ship to detach.

Ultraseven says in a booming version of Jin's voice, "If you stand down, I won't hurt you. I give you this one chance. Leave NOW." Galkimes roars defiantly and charges at Ultraseven, leaping into a flying kick which Seven dodges. The two trade a number of blows. Galkimes goes for a chokeslam but Seven blocks and throws a power punch into Galkimes's chest, knocking him back a few city blocks.

The top of the building is revealed to be a spaceship, which detaches and zooms over to assist Galkimes. Ultraseven leaps at Galkimes but green lasers hit him, knocking him to the ground. He stands as the ship hovers in front of him. It fires the lasers again, but this time Seven is ready. Energy shields form from his forearms to block and deflect the lasers. He then slowly raises his arms, and suddenly throws the fin on his head like a boomerang. The ship rises in the air to dodge the blade, and it embeds itself in Galkimes's head. He screams as blood runs from the wound and he collapses.

The alien leader panics as the viewscreen shows Seven seemingly look directly at him, and he orders retreat.

The ship attempts to flee, but Seven fires a laser from the timer light on his forehead, obliterating the ship. The fin detaches from Galkimes's body and flies back to Seven, who catches it to reattach it to his head. He then fires his wide shot beam from his arms incinerating Galkimes.

Seven looks around at the crowd, nods, then with a shout of " SHEEAH" flies off.

The stunned crowd stares in shock at the battle area. Then tv drones start flying around flashing messages on their screens like: HAPPINESS, CALM, REASON, and others as well as ads for products. Almost immediately the crowd snaps to acting as if nothing just happened and they go on about their business.

Elea is trying to calm down K, who is almost in a panic. He keeps saying Jin was telling the truth, that he is an alien. Elea smiles and says not quite. But he can help to save the world. Jin appears and says that he is willing to save the world, but he also needs answers. He NEEDS to know who he is and what is going on. Elea says that he WILL get them as soon as he is ready.

K asks if they still need a courier, and Elea says yes. He replies that they'd better move then. He walks up to Jin and tells him he does NOT want to get on Jin's bad side, which makes Jin chuckle. They leave the scene as Jin ponders what the heck he is. And he wonders too if the aliens had some connection to whatever it is that he and Elea were involved with. He also wonders if he really can trust her. He decides that whatever happens, and whatever he now is, he will do whatever he can to protect the people of Earth.


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I like the action and I've always hated business men . You have no idea .
What is DEUS ?
I'd like to film these 2 acts in stop motion .
I like the action and I've always hated business men . You have no idea .
What is DEUS ?
I'd like to film these 2 acts in stop motion .

I don't hate businessmen, but they tend to be stereotypical bad guys.

In the show, DEUS is the Science Patrol stand in. Instead of a UN funded quasi military organization like the Science Patrol or the team from Ultraman Z, DEUS is more like MI6, more a covert spy type organization. More comes out as the series goes.

I plan for this to be a fancomic.
But does DEUS have a cool march, like the Science Patrol did?
Sadly no. In the real show the incidental music is a blend of industrial and techno. The main theme, which I love, is a metal song by the defunct japanese metal band Pay Money To My Pain. The rest of the music is VERY forgettable.
Ultraseven X reimagined plot outline

Chapter 2: Agent R

An attractive young woman gets off a futuristic tram and walks a couple blocks to her apartment building. As she walks the sky above her and the other pedestrians is littered with tv drones showing news shows and ads for various products as well as infomercials discussing why men are low in vitamin B ect. When she arrives at her building, she does a palmprint scan to gain entrance, and after walking through an expensive and large lobby enters an elevator. There is a monitor in the lobby with what appears to be an AI person telling her he found a song online she might like. She enters the elevator, ignoring the AI.

In her apartment, she looks around restlessly. She stares at her tv for a few seconds, which between news reports(One of which is about Ultraseven's fight with Galkimes) flashes the word UTOPIA. She moves to her desk and looks at pictures of what must be an ex boyfriend or husband and a photo of her parents with an obituary clipped from a newspaper taped to it. She sits and slumps. She sets her tv to static. She gets up and reaches for a bottle of water which she accidentally knocks over.

She see reflected in the water on the floor a tv drone flying by showing an image of the words UTOPIA and MUSIC. She sits back down and calls up the internet on her computer. She goes to a site called UTOPIA. Closeup on her eyes, images flashing quickly as reflected off her glasses. She also acts as if she hears something from the tv besides the static.

A taxi driver is waiting for business. Suddenly the woman yanks open the rear door and hopping in tells him to take her to the park. He looks at her confusedly starting to say its past 1 am, but she cuts him off and shoves money at him, pleading to go now, that the ship will be leaving soon.

After a harrowing drive through the city the driver parks the car near the park, which is near to a seaside shipping area. The woman leaps out of the car and runs into the park, where at least twenty other people are gathered, staring at the sky.

She asks someone when they are coming, and is told to be quiet. A hum is heard, and they all look up as one. They clearly see something but we are not shown what. The woman smiles, as a yellow beam envelops them all. And they vanish.

The next morning, K, driving Jin and Elea in his car, arrive at a house. The get out, and go up to the house. K states that he had to pull sone strings with the head of DEUS to get use of the safehouse, as its used normally to protect more important people. He hesitates and grins sheepishly at the others. Jin stares at him, saying for all. He knows he could wind up being a president or governer. Elea winces as they walk in. Jin asks if she is ok. She replies that she got hurt in the explosion she set off at the hotel.

Jin immediately wants to get her to a hospital, but she and K refute that. Jin demands to know why. K tells him if they put her in a hospital who ever is after them can easily find that out, and take her out or use her to get to Jin. K tells him that he'd made arrangements on the way to the house. There is a DEUS medical system in a bedroom. K starts to explain to her how to use it, but she replies she has used one before. Jin offers to help her. She smiles and says she can do it. She starts to undress, and Jin and K, embarrassed, quickly leave the room.

In the living room, K asks Jin if he was having a nightmare when he was sleeping on the way to the house. He tells him he was writhing around in the back seat. Jin stares at the floor. He says he had a dream of being underwater, and he couldn't swim to the surface. He'd had it right before he woke in the hotel room with Elea. K posits it could have something to do with whatever made him get amnesia. Jin agrees. K asks him if he thinks he can trust Elea. Jin says that he isn't sure, but something in the back of his mind instictively trusts her. K laughs and says maybe they are lovers. Jin starts, saying no way. He isn't sure she's his type.

Before K can respond he gets a call on his armband. Opening it, he answers a call from DEUS. It is the commander of the agency, a man never seen, only heard. He informs K that the courier mission is to be put on hold as he is the only available DEUS agent in the area who can take on a new mission.

K asks what it is. The commander tells him that a third incident of a gathering of people disappearing en masse under strange circumstances has occured. The first was in America, the second in Germany. The new incident was in the very sector of the city they are currently in. The commander tells Jin that he needs to reinstate him as a DEUS agent since K will need assistance. Jin reluctantly agrees. The commander gives them the location of the park. They will be allowed a few hours rest time but need to start investigating by 2 pm. The men agree.

K tells Jin he can take the other bedroom and he will sleep on the couch. Jin agrees. As he heads to the room he peeks into Elea's room. She is asleep. The monitor on the medicunit shows she has a couple broken ribs. "She got injured trying to protect me from those men. If she weren't actually helping me she wouldn't take that sort of risk." He stares at her for a second, gently closes the door and goes to his room.

That afternoon, Jin and K are at the park. K reads off a report from DEUS about the incident, which includes testimony from the taxi driver. Jin tries to understand the motivation of these people to gather together. He concludes it must be some form of mind control. K states that he has done some investigation at a distance on the previous incidents and there has been no evidence of anything like that. Jin then asks where did they even go?

In reply K tells him that military and civilian air control services reported UFO activity in and around all locations. And the taxi driver reported a blinding light behind him as he left the park, along with saying his passenger was complaining that he needed to hurry as the ship was coming. That makes Jin start, and he has a flash of being underwater as there is a bright flash of light above him. K asks if he is alright. Jin responds yes.

K asks if his superpowers are dectecting something. Jin chuckles and says as far as he knows he doesn't have any powers like a sixth sense. And as soon as he says that, something catches his attention. Stuck in a branch of a tree is a small card. He runs over and grabs it. K runs over asking what he found. Jin looks at the card, which says in Japanese and english "Can you accept the loneliness?"

K states that this could be a clue. Something makes Jin look around. K asks for the card, saying he is going back to the house to do some checking on the card. Jin Says ok, and states he will get a bite to eat. K tells him to keep his head down, as he is still being hunted by whomever these people are, and to get back to the house as soon as he can. Jin nods, and they part company.

Jin walks to a nearby resteraunt, pondering the case. He stops, feeling like he is being watched. He looks around but sees just a crowd of pedestrians doing their own thing. He walks on. He thinks about the taxi drivers statement, focusing on the statement the passenger made before getting out.

Once in the resteraunt and having his lunch, Jin notices a man watching him at a table nearby. The man walks over, drink in hand, and sits. He tells him that he should get on the ship. Jin asks what he is talking about, and deftly activates a still camera built into his armband. The man says that he can tell he is a man with a lot of problems on his mind and unhappy. He is a perfect candidate.

The man points to a tv to one wall of the resteraunt which is showing a news report on Ultraseven's battle with Galkimes. It shows clips that news drones got of the fight. "The Red Giant sure seems to be fighting to defend us of his own will" he says, looking sideways at Jin. "But is he? Is he in control of his own actions?"

Jin stares at him, getting suspicious. He asks the man who he is. In response he says that the ship taking people is simply helping them cope with their desire to better their lives. He asks if he doesn't want to better his life and go with them. Jin says that he believes the ship's crew has evil intent. He demands the man identify himself. The man laughs, and as he leaves the table he says that he is just someone who knows more than others do about alot of things. He leaves. Jin runs to the door, but he is gone. Jin pays for his meal and leaves.
Ultraseven X Reimagined Episode 2 part 2

Back at the house, Jin is relaying the conversation to K as K uploads the photos taken with the armband to his high tech laptop. K comments that Jin's memory may be starting to come back if he can remember how to use the spy camera, a feature only DEUS agents know of. Jin agrees, saying he has occasional flashes but nothing major. The photos are ready and K opens them.

Then he starts. Jin asks what is wrong. K says he knows that man. He was an agent of DEUS who went by the codename R. He quit a few years ago and vanished. Jin asks what he could possibly have to do with this situation. K has no clue. He says they were somewhat friends and had worked together a couple times.

He relays a brief story of the two of them tracking down an alien who was involved in the drug trade on Earth and was creating drugs made with substances from his world. The drug was fatal to humans after more than a couple doses. 130 people in Japan alone were known to have died from it. K and R tracked the alien down to where he was making the drugs and a firefight with the alien ensued.

K tried to be tactical about it, but R waded into the fray, taking a couple shots from the alien's gun. He shot the alien in the head at point blank range.

Afterwards K took R to task for endangering his life. R replies that when you don't have much to hope for, and when your life is so meaningless you simply let yourself play the part of a tool for someone else, it gets hard to care about living or dying.

Jin asls why he seemed to have a death wish. K replies that he did some digging and found out that R's wife, a former agent herself, was suffering mental illness. He also found out that after R resigned and vanished that he had not long after that mission been caught cheating on his wife, and she not much later committed suicide. R apparently had a total breakdown, out of guilt for what he did to her and her suicide.

Jin is looking through a folder on the case. He stops. He says that the report states that most of the victims in the disappearances had either mental illness or were at least fed up with this society and wanted to make a clean break and start over. He is convinced that R is working with whomever is doing this. K demands to know how. Even assuming the victims had predispositions to being manipulated into this, how was it done?

Jin looks up from the report. He has a. Somewhat disgusted smile on his face. Snow, he says. K is confused. Jin says that a number of the victims had either their tvs set to no channel, so it would just relay static, or in some cases they had a page on Viewtube open on their computers called Utopia Sleep Channel that does nothing but play static. They stare at each other and both reply, "Carrier signal!"

K activates his armband and contacts DEUS command. The commander asks if they'made progress. K reports their belief that whomever is doing this is using a signal carried by tv or radio static to manipulate their victims. He asks that HQ scan for any static signals and determine if there are any signals buried in them.

The commander states he has people investigating. After a few moments he states that they have found in certain static signals a wave not recognized. The commander has is traced, and sends the the apparent origin of the signal's location to K and Jin's armbands. Jin says they need to move.

K's car pulls up next to a abandoned warehouse. He and Jin jump out and ready their guns. Jin sees an entrance doorand points. They run to either side of it and K kicks the door in as Jin jumps in. The place is empty except for some debris. They discover a desk with a computer setup. There is also a take out cup of coffee sitting at the desk. K notices there is a program active on the computer that is sending the signal.

Jin discovers a torn photo on the desk. He shows it to K, who replies that it's R's wife. Jin says he KNEW R was involved. K doesn't understand his motive. Jin says its simple. "Think about it. Just like the vicitms, he is lonely and in pain. He wants an escape. And I bet the aliens promised to give him that escape." The two hear a door slam. K says for Jin to go after him and he will try to shut down the signal. Jin nods, follows the direction of the sound.

Jin runs out onto the street. He looks around, and notices someone glaring at him from a walkway across and above the street. He can sense its R. He races after him.

To his surprise, R is waiting for him. Jin walks up to him. R tells him that he is right. He is helping the aliens. They want to help humans, or any race, that wants more from their lives or believe they just cannot fit into their society. Jin replies that he can't be sure of their motives, that they could be lying to gain his trust.

R stares at him. He says that he wants, NEEDS to believe they are good. He NEEDS to find some way to make amends for driving his wife to suicide. He suddenly starts tearing up, and he blurts out that is sometimes wonders if he even is controlling his own actions. Jin, confused, wonders if R is somehow being mind controlled. Suddenly R snaps to composure, rushes him and shoves Jin to the ground, taking the Ultra eye as he does so. Jin gives chase.

K is desperately trying to shut down the signal. The program is not being run from the computer itself, but remotely operated. He finally smashes the computer, and it explodes. He shouts "SH$%!!" And dives. He gets up and says he didn't expect that.

Jin chases R to a softball field. As they stop, a huge glowing saucer dives down from the clouds. Jin tells R again that he can't be certain the aliens are good. R smiles and says in a strange voice that the cattle is under control again. Jin, desperate, shouts at R to fight. He needs to remember the good times he and his wife shared, and to forgive himself for hurting her. Would SHE want him to be doing this? Would she approve?

R has flashes of memories of he and his wife. He starts crying, and screams that Jin is right, that they are controlling his mind and are using people for food. A dome on the bottom of the ship starts glowing as the weird voice comes from R again stating that the cattle will not win. Suddenly screaming in pain R throws the Ultra Eye to Jin, and it lands at his feet. He shouts at Jin to stop them as a beam hits him, obliterating him.

The voice now emanates from the ship, stating that they must retreat. Jin says "Not today you monsters", grabs the Ultra Eye, and puts them on. A bright flash of light shoots into the air and solidfies into Ultraseven. As the ship climbs it fires energy blasts at him. He uses his energy shield to deflect the bolts, which explode around him.

As the ship climbs, Ultraseven flies after it. It fires more bolts at him, but he dodges the bolts. He fires his wide shot at the ship, but it too has shields. It then fires a blast at him at point blank range. He shouts out in pain and falls.

As he falls, he remembers R's begging him to stop them. Seven regains control before he hits the ground, and with a sonic boom resumes pursuit of the ship.

The ship is approching the edge of the atmosphere. Suddenly Ultraseven zooms towards it, and starts to collect energy in his fist. It starts to glow orange. He gets to the ship and power punches the ship, blowing out its shield and blasting a hole in the hull. The ship starts losing control as there are explosions inside. Seven finishes it off with the Wide Shot. The ship is obliterated. He hovers above Earth, taken with its beauty and awed at being so far above it. He thinks to himself that he hopes R has finally found peace, and flies back to Earth.

K and Jin walk up to the house. Jin is relaying to him his awe at seeing Earth from so high up. And the fact that he didn't need to breathe. K is more somber. He is sad that R was working with the aliens to dupe people into becoming food. Jin reminds him they could control his mind at will. Though he admits they must have made some sort of inital offer. But he turned against them in the end. K suddenly asks how R knew he was the giant, and Jin has no clue.

Suddenly Elea opens the door, looking totally fine. She says the medic finished healing her and she is ready to go again. Jin states that they need some sleep. Suspicious, she asks if anything exciting happened. K says that they helped a man find peace. Elea is confused. K crashes and immidiately falls asleep. Jin says he will tell her more in the morning. He tells her that he is a DEUS agent again, out of need. She shows obvious concern. He asks he why she is acting worried. She replies that its something she will tell him later. He shakes his head and walls to his room. Elea says his name and they face each other. She then turns away, saying nothing. He goes to his room, sensing the tension between them and knowing that there is more between them than she is saying. But he needs sleep.

Late at night, two teenagers, a boy and girl, are messing around online. One of them is stating they should elope and get away from their crappy families. Suddenly a pop up appears on the screen for the UTOPIA site. They click on it and go to the site, and. As they stare at the screen static is heard.images (2).jpeg
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We open on a scene of Ultraseven fighting Miclas, an alien that looks like a wingless blue bat. That morphs into a first person scene of what seems to be Jin talking to a young woman named Anne, confessing his love to her. Suddenly he is ripped from the scene and finds himself in endless water. A bright light appears above him.

Jin sits up in bed. He looks around, remembering his surroundings. He, Elea and K are in a hotel room. He and Elea are in seperate beds and K is asleep on the floor. He calms down.
He thinks to himself that he may be finally getting some of his memories back... But has he always been this red giant? And who was that woman? He also remembers another snippet... A name... Ultraseven. Who is that? His other form's name, like a superhero?

He gets out of bed, quickly dresses and scrawls a note that he decided to take a walk. He creeps out of the room. As he shuts the door, Elea opens her eyes.

After some wandering, including stopping to listen to a news display that makes mention of both a country called Eastland that has been rife with rebels and a mention of an impending new gaming system, Jin finds himself at a nearby playground. He thinks to himself about his situation:

"It's been about a week since this mess started. What am I? What exactly are we on the run for? Am I being studied? Maybe that is it. Maybe I am some sort of new alien or something, and Elea helped me escape. I need some answers."

He sits at a bench and watches a couple kids. The kids are acting each in turn like Ultraseven and playfighting each other. Jin slightly smiles as he watches them.

"At least I am able to protect people from these threats suddenly cropping up. And it makes me a bit of a celebrity. Or at least the other form is one."

Suddenly a strange little man appears, and sits next to Jin. A bit too close for comfort. Jin scootches away az the man speaks. He tells Jin that he looks like he could use some money to help himself out in life. Jin, confused, asks him what he wants. The man leans in close, and says to him, "You look hopeless, friend. You look desperate to survive. I can pay you well if you are willing to do something for me."

He grins disturbingly as he says this. He offers Jin the Japanese equivilent of $30 an hour for helping to beta test the video game system he is developing. Jin asks who he is. The man jumps to his feet and does an odd dance as he says his name: Aichi Tamaru. "I am developing a holographic video game system and I need beta testers for our first game." Jin asks why he doesn't just go put ads in the papers or online.

Tamaru says he prefers a personal approach, and that he also has invested most of his capital into the system. Jin, very suspicious, politely refuses. Upset but still determined, Tamaru hands him his card and says to call the number on the card if he changes his mind. He then walks off towards some high school kids. Jin looks at the card, and tosses it. He leaves the area.

Jin walks into the hotel room to an upset Elea and K. They demand to know where he went. Somewhat surpised at their anger he tells them he had another bad dream and decided to take a walk. Elea states he needs to tell them if he is going to do that, so they can keep tabs on him via his armband.

Now himself getting somewhat angry he asks Elea to start telling him what is going on. She and K look at each other. K says its her call as she has far more information than he does. Elea sighs, and says that they can talk on the way to the next stop.

In K's car, Elea tells Jin that she can't go into detail yet as he suffered brain damage in an accident, and she is worried that too much information will cause him stress and possibly do more damage. She does tell him that they are heading to Miyagi, for a secret meeting. Jin asks if it has to do with what he is. K chimes in that maybe he's some kind of government weapon or something.

Elea says it does and doesn't have to do with him. She tells them that she chose this way both for staying as low profile as possible and to give Jin time to heal. Once his memory is fully back he will be told everything. Jin, still annoyed but satisfied for now nods. K says that they are near his cousin' apartment building and asks if they mind stopping by. He wants to check in on him since they are in the area. Jin and Elea both agree. K thanks them and they head on.

They pull into the parking lot of K's cousin's apartment building. Cut to them going to the cousin's apartment. K knocks on the door. There is no answer. A neighbor tells them that the cousin is at work. K is stunned. "Since when does Akimatsu WORK?!" The nieghbor says that he should be back in a couple hours. She also tells them he has been working 10 hour days and six days a week, having told her he is getting paid very well.

K decides they will wait. They decide to grab some food at a nearby resteraunt, where Jin bumps into a waitress who looks exactly like the waitress at the bar in ep 1. Jin, fearing that the people hunting them are around, tells the others and they leave.

They get back to the apartment building in time to see K's cousin walk up... But something is very wrong. He is staggering, holding his head and he looks unhealthy. K and the others run to him as he collapses. He tries to speak to K. K calls an ambulance on his armband.
ULTRASEVEN X Reimagined Episode 3 Part 2

At the hospital, Jin looks on as K is in a hospital room with his cousin. Elea stands next to Jin, and grabs his hand. Jin looks at her, surprised. Suddenly Elea gasps. K opens the door, yelling for help. His cousin is convulsing. Nurses rush in with medical items. The doctor runs in with them.

After a few minutes the doctor comes out saying he is stabilized. He tells them that the CAT scan showed something absolutely bizarre. K asks what it is. The doctor tells him that the cousin's brain has shrunk by 5%. He also notes that he has discovered that his digestive system has lost 20% of its ability to absorb nutrients. Elea says that its as if something has been leeching his energy and damaging his ability to generate energy.

Having gotten the cousin's key, K decides they will stay at his apartment. They get back. As they get out of the car they see a fight happening between a couple teenaged kids over a backpack. Jin runs over to break it up. They discover the kids are fighting over the bag because it is filled with money. K breaks up the fight by threatening to shoort them and the kids run.

Jin checks out the bag, and finds a card. Its the same card Tamaru gave him that morning. K finds his cousin's cellphone inside, proving it belonga to him. Elea says there must be a connection. Jin thinks that its a coincidence, K then finds a note to his cousin saying that since he worked extra hard this past week he got a 30% raise. The note writer says he feels sorry for someone so hopeless. The use of that word triggers Ji 's memory, and he realizes there IS a connection.

Jin decides that he will go undercover to Tamaru's business and find out what is going on there. Elea wants to join him. K says he will as well. Jin calls the number on the card.

Tamaru almost immediately answers. He is delighted that Jin changed his mind. Jin tells him he has two friends coming with him. Tamaru says the more's the merrier. As long as they are willing to work he is willing to pay. He give Jin the address of his factory and tells him to be there at 11PM.

Jin, Elea and K, having changed clothes to appear like loser college kids(though not fully convincingly) arrive at the location. There is a large group of kids and adults waiting at the gate of the facility where two guards are waiting to let them in. A buzzer sounds, and the gates open.

As the kids show badges to go in, the guards stop Jin and Co. He shows them the card from K's cousin's backpack and says he and his friends are suposed to start tonight. He is asked his name and he say Ryu Takagawa. The guard checks the name on a tablet, nods and says they can go in to the breakroom at the end of the hallway past the gates. Orientation is in 10 minutes and not to leave the breakroom until then. Jin smiles and nods.

Jin and co. Follow the group. Elea notices a door as they walk that appears to be a boardroom. She catches a glimpse of kids wearing headbands. She points it out to Jin and K. They come to an intersection in the hallways and duck into the opossing hallway. They wander around till finding another room like Elea saw. Looking about to make sure nobody sees them they enter the room.

They discover twenty kids and adults, headbands on. The headbands are connected to a strange device in the middle of the table. The device is clearly an alien construct, and is slowly pulsing a greenish blue light. K says its an alien device... But doing what? Elea looks quickly over the device and deduces it must be generating some sort of radiation. Jin uses the scanner on his armband to determine that it is generating radiation but is also sending a signal directly to the brain.

Elea says its some kind of mind control device. K asks how she made that leap, and she just looks between him and Jin. Jin believes her, and starts ripp the headbands off the people. Elea and K follow suit. Jin tries to get the people to come out of their stupor and leave but they fight them, saying they need the pay. Elea and K decide to go shut down the power.

As they leave, Tamaru appears, not happy. He says that he was afraid someone would start snooping, but he didn't think it would happen so fast, Not even a month into the project. Jin demands to know what he is doing. Elea and K try to leave, but Tamaru pulls a laser pistol and shoots at them. Jin dives at Tamaru, giving K and Elea the chance to run.

Tamaru kicks him away, revealing much greater strength than he should have. Jin slams aaginst the wall. Tamaru sighs, and says he had hoped to simply conduct his business on Earth, get paid and leave. His skin starts to split, and it bursts into chunks, falling to the floor.

He is revealed to be an insect like creaturewith four compound eyes on his head and small wings on his bag. He has three claws on each hand, and has weird boots on that seem to be fused to his exoskeleton. Jin stands, and pulls out the Ultra Eye. He transforms to Ultraseven at human size.

Tamaru nods, saying, "I was worried you might decide to stick your nose in to my business Red Giant." Seven demands to know what he is doing to those people. Instead of replying he charges at him. They trade a few blows, and Seven gets him by the throat and throws him through a wall. Tamaru gets to his feet and shoots his guns. Ultraseven flips away from the blasts, and they blow a hole in the wall behind him. Tamaru curses, and flies down the hallway. Seven says, "Oh, no you don't." And flies after him.

K and Elea find a power room. As they are about to shut off the power, workers and guards come at them. K and Elea pull their guns and aim at the group. K tells them Tamaru is killing them, not only working them to death but doing something to the people testing his "game system". The group chatters, and a guard says that they don't care.

They all needed the jobs and money because they were in dire straights. They need to survive. Elea says that they are fools. They are risking their lives and causing truama to their loved ones. The group starts towards them, but Elea shoots one in the leg. He screams and drops, holding his leg. The others grab him. K says to get the hell out, NOW! They both shoot at the flooor just in front of the group, and they run off, carrying the injured man.

Elea then spins and shoots the power panels, cutting off the power. As emergency lights come on, K says that she was a bit harsh. Elea, head lowered says softly that she had no choice. She runs out. K follows her.

Tamaru flies out of the building, into the bacl lot, Seven in hot pursuit. Tamaru lands. Ultraseven lands a short distance from him. Seven again demands to know what he is doing to those people. Tamaru laughs, and says he is developing a mind control device to be used for an invasion. He is still working out the kinks.

"Anyhow," he says as he looks about, "We can settle this here. I don't want the prototypes to get damaged." Seven steps foward, saying "You-" but Tamaru fires his gun. Seven flips to the side, and the blasts hit the base of a eletrical tower behind him, weakening the legs. Seven flies up to a platform on the tower as Tamaru fires again. Tamaru's gun is out of power. He curses, and tosses it. Seven leaps at him from the platform as Tamaru fires lasers from his eyes. Seven ktackles him. The tower creaks.

Seven punches him a couple times, but Tamaru fires his eye beams point blank at Seven's chest. Seven shouts out and flies back. Tamaru jumps to his feet and charges him. They trade a few more blows, until Seven double punches him in the chest, then sidekicks him, knocking him back ten or so feet.

Tamaru leaps up in the air at him, and Seven follows suit, kicking him in the stomach. Tamaru collaspes, exhausted. Seven starts to walk to him, when the tower falls in their direction. Seven leaps away, but Tamaru is still getting to his feet. He is hit by the falling tower. Critically injured, he gasps and tries to get out. Seven realizes he will die.

He prepares to launch the Blade Slugger. Tamaru wheezes, "Wait! The client who... Contacted... Me to make the... Device... Th-they were human! A-and they work for your government!!" Seven quietly says "Thank you." He fires the blade Slugger, and it slams into Tamaru, killing him. Seven turns away, then flies off.

Jin and Elea are sitting in K's car. He is standing in front of a house, hugging what are apparently family members. He walks to the car. He gets in and tells them that its all arranged. They have gotten the therapy and nurses to help care for his cousin. Jin asks if he will be back to normal.

Elea sadly states that while he will be far from a vegatable, he will still have mental problems for the rest of his life. K agrees, and says that he wants to come back here as soon as their business is finished to soend time with him. He clearly is upset. Jin and Elea put their hands on his shoulders. He chokes out a thanks. Calming down, he says they'd better go.

As they drive off they don't notice a tv drone hovering nearby, and we suddenly cut to the distorted view of someone watching a live feed from the drone as it watches K's car drive off.DaringCreamyFruitbat-max-1mb.gif
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What is the Blade Slugger ?
The blade on his head ?
Yes. Its proper name makes even less sense... the Eye Slugger.

The laser beam he fires from his forehead timer light is called the Emerium Beam or Lamp Beam, and the beam he fires from his arms is called the Wide Shot.
EP. 4 OUTLINE part 1


We open on an airliner. After a couple quick shots to establish that its carrying tourists to Japan, the pilot detects an object approaching fast. The object is a meteor. It slams into the starboard wing, obliterating it. The plane loses control and plummets to the Earth. Suddenly there is a boom and the plane shudders hard. The co pilot looks out his side window to see Ultraseven's face.

Ultraseven guides the plane down to the ground. He lands at a airport landing strip. He sets it down gently as rescue vehicles approach. He steps away from the plane and takes off into the sky.

He then flies towards a large parking lot as he turns into a glowing orange light and shrinks, landing near to K's car as Jin. Elea is NOT happy. She chastizes Jin, both for making a big scene and for delaying them. She had wanted to be at Fukishima the next day and Jin's playing superhero is costing them. Jin is confused, saying she is the one who told him when she handed him the damn glasses that he need to save this world.

She says she knows that, but right now isn't the time. He starts to get angry, saying that he wonders if she can even be trusted. She reacts as if hit. He asks her where Anne is. She looks at him as if she is crazy and says, "What in the hell are you talking about? Who is Anne?"

Jin says he is starting to remember things. He says he distinctly remembers his girlfriend Anne. He also remembers having fought other monsters in his other form. He tells them he must be an alien, or something that she created. Jin demands to know where Anne is. Elea starts to get very upset, and K steps between them as sirens are heard. He tells them they can talk about this later. They must move. They hop into his car and leave.

In the car Elea is very quiet. Jin is watching her in the rearview mirror. He asks her if he is an alien or something she created. She is on the verge of tears but determined to keep control. She tells him she can't tell him yet, and she has reasons. Jin starts to get angry again, but K tells him to cool off. Now is not the time for them to be fighting.

As if on cue, Jin's armband device chimes. He opens it and answers the call. It is the DEUS commander. He tells them that since they are in the area that DEUS needs them to assist an ongoing investigation. They are to meet agent S at at nearby cafe the next day. The commander sends them all the co ordinates to the cafe and the next safehouse to spend the night.

K asks what the investigation is, and the commander tells him that S will debrief them fully, but it regards the discovery of over ten bodies that have been mummified. Elea asks if there would be any way she could see the medical reports. The commander says he can provide those to her armband computer. The commander states they must be at the cafe at noon. They agree.

As they come to the safehouse K expresses worry. Jin asks why. He says that he has heard stories about Agent S. Very few agents have met S face to face, and he knows none of those who have. But the rumors are that S is the cream of the crop, not unlike that british spy from those movies. Jin says that he or she must be really good at their job. K says that S is rumored to be a master fight, as well as a master of disguise. And is VERY smart. Jin keeps looking at Elea through the mirror. He finally turns and apologizes to her for snapping at her. He knows that she is under as much stress as he is. She simply nods. Jin stares at her for a minute, then turns back to the front.

Later that night, a young man is running through the streets, clearly terrified. He keeps looking around. He runs past people boarding a futuristic bus, and ducks into a patch of trees nearby.

He hears noises following him. He holds his stomach, a look of severe pain. He keeps running. Suddenly he gets knocked to the ground by an unseen attacker. He sees glowing red eyes around him. A man in silouette walks up to him, his eyes glowing as well.

"Takeshi, you shouldn't have run. The process is almost complete. We NEED you." Takeshi says that they are killing him, and tries again to runs. He again doubles over in pain. More people appear, eyes glowing but otherwise mostly in shadow, and grab him up. The first man reveals a large syringe like device, and jams it into Takeshi's stomach. Takeshi starts to scream but a hand covers his mouth.

Takeshi tries to fight, but he is easily controlled. The syringe is removed, and Takeshi collapses. The man says that they need to hurry the project up as they are in danger of being discovered. They are about to take the body away when they hear a drone flying nearby and they flee.

The next morning a jogger finds Takeshi's body, now mummified and she screams and runs for help.

Later that day, Jin and K are at the cafe. A waitress serves them two drinks and a K is served a giant chocolate pudding. Jin asks if Elea told K why she didn't come with them. K says she told him she wanted to go over the reports in depth. Jin says he knows she is avoiding him because of how he acted the night before.

K says that he agreed with sone of Jin's points but that clearly Elea has real reasons for not telling him more than she has. And her reaction at Jin's anger and especially when he mentioned this Anne woman... He looks Jin in the eye and tells him she is in love with Jin. Jin turns red, and scoffs. He says that he highly doubts that. K also says that he noticed how Jin kept staring at her through the mirror.

K says "I have no clue what is going on with you, or her or this big situation we are dealing with, but I know this... You guys have a history, and you two clearly mean something to each other. What that means, love ect, dunno. But I see the looks you two give each other. I haven't had great luck with women myself, but I've had enough to know those kinds of looks mean alot."

Jin looks away. K changes subjects as he looks at the watch built into his armband. It is just past noon. K states that S is late. Suddenly a woman screams, and they see a robber having taken the woman's purse and running. Before anyone can react a tray flies into his face, knocking him back.

He faces a waitress, the one who served Jin and K. He goes to shove her away but she catches his arm and uses his momentum throw him to the ground. She moves in but he kicks her back as he jumps to his feet. He tries to punch her again but she stuns him with a straight punch to his face then she sidekicks him, finishing with a spinkick that sends him to the ground, knocked out. As police arrive the waitress hands the woman back her purse. She then quite deliberately walks over to Jin and K as the robber is taken away.

Jin realizes its the same girl who he'd seen twice before. He stands, as does K. The girl stares calmly at them. "Agent K, and you're Jin, correct? Sorry I'm late. I had to finish my shift. I am agent S. Let's go. We have alot to discuss."
Ultraseven X Reimagined Ep. 4 pt 2

At the safehouse, the kitchen has been set up as a makeshift office. Jin, K, and Elea are at the table. S has a box of chocolate candy with her that she eats from and has a futuristic laptop set up at the table. She reveals that as of this morning there are now twelve bodies that have been discovered. All have been mummified.

Once DNA profiling had been used to discover the identities of the victims it was discovered that all had been consuming a new health drink called Shiner 05. Five of the victims were simple consumers while the rest were discovered to have been. Taste testers. Jin asks what the drink is. Elea says she'd heard of it. It was a health drink series of products.

S replys correct, and states that the new brand also had medical properties, specifically is supposed to have certain non addictive additives that improve mental faculties and cognition. K asks if there is any evidence that the additives may be responsible for the deaths. Elea pipes up, saying that while the autopsies haven't definitvely uncovered anything to confirm or deny that, there is something buried in the reports that interested her.

Jin asks what that is. Elea tells them that each body has been found to weigh only about 2 pounds or so. K says that would fit with having been mummified. S says that the mummifications seem to have been incredibly fast as the tissues in the bodies aren't fully mummified. Elea says that proves that there is more going on than simple mummifcation. Jin realizes the implication and asks if that means that tissues could somehow been removed from the bodies, and the mummification could be a means to throw off investigation.

Elea says that she thinks its more than that. She thinks that through some process the drink is causing the mummifications dye to metabolizing or otherwise dissolving the tissues of each victim. S asks exactly what she means. Elea says she thinks someone may be dissolving these tissues and maybe using the dissolved tissues for sonething, possibly to use in producing more of this drink. K stares at the ground, saying "Soylent Green is the people?"

Jin says they need to find out who is doing this. He asks if there are any leads. S says that the only lead is the previously mentioned fact of some of the victims being testers for the producers of the product, Nano Cybertech. She says they need to start tgere. Jin says that he and K should investigate undercover. Elea says she wants a sample of the drink. S, smiling, hands her a small freeze dried chunk in a small plastic contaiber. She says she had a sample prepared when she was informed by DEUS command that they would be assisting her.

K asks what they will do to get in the place. S simply smiles and says she has that covered.

The next day, K and Jin arrive at Nano Cybertech. Jin is wearing a black business suit, and K is dressed as a nerdy cameraman. Both complain about their disguises. Jin is very uncorttable, and hates having to wear his hair in a small ponytail. K hates that S's disguise for him makes him so nerdy looking. He should be the one dressed like Jin is. Jin smiles and says that maybe S made up their disguises as she sees them. K glowers at him. Jin looks at his watch he is now wearing and says they better get in there.

Jin and K are in a comfy looking but futuristic office. The secretary comes in with the president of the company right behind him. The secretary introduces the president, a Dr. Shinkami. The secretary leaves as Shinkami is greeting Jin and K, using the names Akira Honda and Ken Fukuda respectively. They sit at a small sitting area to the side of the office. They discuss Shiner 05, which has just gone on the market. Shinkami states that its the fifth Shiner health drink and he thinks the best. He tells them that they use a special blend of medical compounds as additives to boost brain function and help overall well being.

Shinkami says that people using Shiner 05 have become important and productive. Jin says that he was also windering about the rumors of a connection between Shiner 05 and the rash of mummified bodies. Shinkami laughs and says there is no connection at all, and that he has an interest in finding out what is happening for those poor people himself. There is a knock at the side door next to the sitting area. A woman comes in holding a tray with tea cups. Shinkami tells them to have tea. Jin takes a tea cup, as does K. Jin realizes the woman is S, in disguose, who smiles demurely at him. K glances up as he takes a sip from his cup and chokes. S smirks as she leaves. Shinkami asks if he is ok. Jin claps him on the back and says he has trouble with hot drinks. K glares at him.

Later, S, still in disguise, is talking with other office workers. They have some brief small talk. S asks if they think she'd be more productive if she started taking Shiner 05. One of the other women laughs, saying that only the higher ups get to use it. If you work for Nano Cybertech and are below the level of lower executive, you are SOL.

Jin and K are back in their normal clothes. They are about to head to the safehouse when Jin gets a call from Elea. She asks if they are with S. She has some information. Jin says she is undercover at Nano Cybertech. Elea says they will need her for this. Jin says that they will wait for her to leave. Elea says ok, and after a second says, "Jin... Apology accepted." Jin smiles and says he is glad. Jin ends the call as K, grinning, teases him, saying the makeup sex ought to be great. Jin laughs and punches K, who grabs his arm as if its broke.

Nano Cybertech is closed for the night. The building is empty... So it seems. S, now wearing a dark bodysuit, is sneaking around the building. She puts a small earpiece in her left ear, and takes a small pen like device out of a pouch on her belt. She ducks out of sight as a guard almost catches sight of her. She runs down a flight of steps marked TO LABORATORY. Her boots make no sound.

She reaches what appears to be the basement and lab area. She sneaks along a wall, holding out the penlike device. She hears voices, one of which is Shinkami's, though it sounds distorted. He says that they need to hurry as the body needs more material. Not enough subjects are being harvested. S then realizes the voices are coming from a large vault type door that looks like it could withstand a tank. She curses and leaves the area.

Not long afterwards, wearing the outfit she'd been wearing when posing as a secretary, S leaves the building. She has a troubled look on her face, she is walking towards a bus waiting shack when someone grabs her. She lets out a cry of surprise, then immediately punches her attacker, who cries out.

It's K, who shouts "WHOA LADY! First Jin and now you! Really??!" He holds his face. Jin appears, saying sorry to have scared her but Elea has information for them. She nods and says she has some for them too. K whimpers as he feels the bruise on his face that is already forming and swelling.

They are at a bar. Elea is with them. K is holding a bag of ice to his face. They are lined up along they bar, all with drinks. S has another box of choclate with her and eats as Elea speaks. She has discovered that the biological component she detected turns out to be similar to a virus, but unlike viruses seems to be alive even when not in a host body.

She believes that the "virus" is being used to consueme the victims and then collected to prevent its exsistence being known. And Nano Cybertech is using it as some kind of weapon. Jin asks what the purpose would be. Testing? K says it doesn't make any sense. Why would they be testing a bioweapon in such a matter? They would be found out.

S simply states that the reason is because they don't care. They are not human. They are aliens disguised as humans. Elea says that if true, they must not have followed the proper procedures to obtain citizenship. S agrees. She tells them about the door. Jin says whatever is behind that door is their objective. K notices S obsessively eating the chocolate and comments on why she eats so much chocolate. She glares at him, leans towards him so close she could kiss him, and says "Mr. Giant choclate pudding."

He turns red and says there is nothing wrong with that, he just likes chocolate pudding. Elea holds up the sample and says that they need to stop these people now. S takes the sample and looks at it. She says they might need to prove to the government first hand that there is something wrong with Shiner 05... Maybe by one of them takng it. K snatches it from her and says that will be a last resort. Jin says they need a plan. And they need in that lab. Soon.

Shinkami and another are sitting at a table in a large room. The wall behind them has portholes in them. We can see flashes of what looks like something moving through the portholes. Shinkami is looking at a job application that has S's picture on it. He says that they nesd to hurry finding the other specimens. The body is almost ready, and they can't afford being stopped. The other man asks what to do about the woman. Shinkami says that she will come to them. Curiousity killed the cat.

The next day, S, in disguise is back in the office. She is having small talk with the other workers, and proudly shows off what we see is the sample of Shiner 05, saying a friend got some for her. She can't wait to try it. She doesn't notice that Shinkami is standing in a doorway behind her, smiling.
Ultraseven X Reimagined Ep 4 pt 3

Later, she is back in her black bodysuit, sneaking around. She heads back down to the basement. She pulls her gun when at the vault door, looking for something to shoot at to unlock it. She hears a noise behind her, and spins. Shinkami is standing behind her, holding the syringe device. He tells her that little flies need to avoid the webs of spiders. She doesn't hesitate, and shoots the man in the hand, making him drop the device. He laughs. He tells her that this body is not an alien. She gasps. He says that they are creatures that inhabit the brain of other creatures. She aims the gun at his head. Shinkami asks if she is prepared to kill an innocent to kill an enemy. She hesitates. He laughs, and his voice distorts as his eyes glow red. Bursts fire from his eyes at her. She dodges and runs.

Jin, K and Elea are outside waiting. Jin looks at the clock built into his armband. He states that she should have checked in by now. Elea worries that maybe something went wrong. K wants to call her but Jin tells him they have to keep silence until hearing from her. He remembers that being proper procedure. K then realizes the sample of Shiner 05 is not on him. S stole it. Elea suggests they maybe ought to contact DEUS. Jin again says they have to keep radio silence till S contacts them. K is very worried about S.

S runs into one of the other secretaries. The woman is beyond confused at seeing S at this time of night and in this getup. Before S can respond Shinkami appears and fires his beams at them. The desk near them explodes. S grabs the woman and they run.

S and the woman come to anintersection. S tries to get her to follow, but she starts laughing. As S stares in confusion someone comes up behind S and whacks her in the legs with a pole, and she drops. Shinkami and a couple others appear. Shinkami says that this is pointless. All she needs to do is drink Shiner 05 and she'll be one of them. She stands. The other woman teases her, saying she is too trusting. S quickly pulls a small device from the pouch on her belt, and throws it to the ground. It explodes in a bright flash, and smoke fills the room as the people charge at her. There is confusion. When the smoke clear, S is long gone. Shinkami is pissed. "FIND HER!!"

S is running up to the fourth floor of the building. She passes a closet and hears a noise. She aims her gun and whispers "who's there?!" A janitor peeks around the doorway, begging to not get shot. He was about to leave for the day when he heard all the excitement and hid here in the closet. S tells him its dangerous, and to follow her. He happily agrees, and they run.

The two find a conference room. S shuts the door behind them, and quickly tells the man that she will write a note to be given to three people waiting outside for her. She gets a cup of water from a water cooler in the room, sets it on the table, and quickly scrawls a note out with a paper and pen from her pouch. She tells the man to wait for three minutes after they leave the make a run for it. He nods.

The door opens. A man looks in. His eyes glow red, and he smiles. He says that it was pretty pointless to hide in here of all places. He walks in, followed by other men, Shinkami and the woman. S and the man cower behind the table. S puts her finger to her lips, then stands, saying, "Ok, so you got me. Let's talk."

Shinkami walks forward, and grins. He says that there is really only one option: become one of them, of HIM. She nods, and says that considering her options that IS her only choice. She pulls out the sample of Shiner 05. She breaks it open and then mixes it into the cup of water. She downs it in obe gulp. She says that now she will become one of them and they have nothing to worry about. Shinkami grins and says that she made the right choice, but she isn't one of them just yet. He orders the men to grab her, and they all exit the room. The janitor peeks over the top of the table.

Jin, K and Elea are now getting worried. K wants to go in, but Elea and Jin want to wait. The janitor comes bursting out of the main doors, looks around, and seeing them, runs over to them. He hands them the note, saying, "I dunno who you people are but there is some crazy shit going on in there!" He says he is ok when asked, and then runs off. K reads out the not.

"Situation critical. Every employee infected by sentient virus. They somehow knew about investigation and trapped me. Infected are NOT in cobtrol so no kill order in effect unless situation unsolvable.

If unsolvable initiate Code CBD4."

Elea asks what that code is. K says it means if all else fails, to kill everyone, including the undercover agent." Jin looks up. He says it WON'T come to that. He says to go, and the three run in.

They trio run to a stairway, where Shinkami's men are walking by. They see each other. Their leader nods, and the others charge at them. Elea hangs back while Jin and K take them on, Jin using his super strength to take a couple out easily. K has only a slight bit of trouble. After they knock the men out, Elea smiles, noting he seems to be able to control his strength more now. Jin smiles and say he's been practicing. K says they are near the basement, and they head out.

They reach the vault door. Jin uses his strength to break the lock and open it. They find Shinkami and thebremaining people, holding S hostage. Shinkami smiles, saying he had suspicions about the two of them. And he also notes Jin's strength, saying he sensed he was different. Is he an alien?

Jin tells him to let S go. He laughs and says that would be futile. She is one of them now. K looks at her, and she looks away. Elea asks what is behind the wall. Shinkami says that when they arrived on earth millenia ago they had created a body for themmselves to live in, but Earth's environment made it impossible. They have slowly been working on evolving to be able to create a new body.

Jin realizes what he means, saying they will infect everything, and use the material gained to build the body. Suddenly there is a boom against tue wall. Shinkami says it has already BEEN made. He holds a laser rifle to S's head. He tells them they will join them or die. Either way he will win. S glances at Jin. Jin reads her expression and gives the slightest nod.

S flips the man holding her, and spin kciks the others back, knocking the rifle out of Shinkami's hands. She tosses it to K, who shoots at the windows, trying to kill whatever os inside. Suddenly the ground shakes. Shinkami says that he WILL win. A green goo runs from his head as he collapses. The same goo runs from eveyone else's heads, and they drop. Elea says they need to go, now. As they run, a pillar lands on Jin. They try to get him out from under it but he shouts at tyem to go, he will handle it. S, confused, tries to ask what he means but K and Elea rush her out.

The roof of the building explodes as a giant creature pulls itself out. It looks like a giant snail. It's head has a flowerlike cluster of ten red eyes on top. It has a large "mouth" made from two long arms with dagger like teeth that fit against similar teeth on the underside of its head. Its real mouth is an extendable probocis. It has a large snailike foot, and its shell is bony, segmented, and runs from its head to where the foot starts. It also has to pieces of shell with daggerlike claws on them that can twist around to function as weapons. It roars, then in Shinkami's distorted voice it shouts, "Finally, Peginera is REBORN!"
Ultraseven X Reimagined Ep 4 pt 4

The trio run out of the building as this hapoens.

Inside, Jin takes out the Ultra Eye, and puts it on.

S demands to know why they left Jin. Suddenly, a bright flash of orange light shoots up from the building, and coaleses into Ultraseven, who lands in front of Peginera, landing Iron Man style on one knee. The three are knocked to the ground from the impact.

Peginera cackles, saying he KNEW there was something to him. Ultraseven stands, and assumes a fighting stance. Gliding forward on his foot incredibly fast, Peginera attacks, trying to impale Seven on his spike Shell parts. Seven dodges, and lands a couple blows. He kicks Peginera in the head, and tries to grab his head to flip him over. Peginera plants his foot and Seven can't flip him. Peginera knocks him to the ground. He extends his probocis, and a large fleshy tentacle comes out of it at Seven.

Seven flip to his feet and removes his Blade slugger from his head, using it as a knife to chop off the tentacle. Peginera screams in pain. He vomits green blood at Seven, and it burns him. He too shouts in pain. Peginera laughs, and charges at him again, knocking him to the ground. He wuickly backs up, and leaps into the air, intending to crush him. Seven quickly recovers, and leaps into the air also, intending to flying kick him.

Peginera spins in midair, using his foot to basically bodyslam Seven. Sevn shouts and flys backward to the ground. Peginera lands, and starts shooting red beams at Seven. The beams hit Seven, the ground around him, and nearby buildings. There is a huge cloud. Peginera laughs again, when the Blade Slugger flies out of the cloud. Peginera catches it with his "jaws", when suddenly Seven flies out of the dissipating cloud at Peginera, flying kicking the Blade Slugger into Peginera's chest. Blood spurts and it screams. Seven then grabs its head again, and succeeds infliping him into the air, quickly finishing him off with the lamp beam. Peginera explodes. The Blade slugger flies out of the explosion and attaches itself to Seven's head. He looks down at Elea, K and a stunned S, nods, and flies off.

A short time later, Jin rejoins them. Elea hugs him. Jin, confused, returns the hug. S suddenly holds her stomach. K goes to her side. She says that she drank the sample of Shiner 05. She is the sole remaining part of Leginera now. They have to kill her. Jin laughs, and says that won't be needed. Elea says that she switched out the sample with a sugar replica. Jin says they suspected she would steal it back. S stares at them and asks why she is in pain. Elea says likely stress. Jin smiles and says, "Or maybe all that chocolate you are eating all the time. You oughta cut back on that."

S stands, glaring at him. K chuckles and says that he will enjoy the show. S strides to Jin as Jin says it was just a joke. She grabs his shirt collar, and says, "Ok, Red Giant." She then storms towards K's car. Jin asks if Elea or K told her. They say no, but K points out that he was obvious about it. Elea is laughing despite herself. S spins around, still mad and tells them that she has been assigned to go with them. She wants to get a move on, NOW. K sighs, and says he might be in love. Elea says he better be careful, he may not survive S. They laugh and head to his car.

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