At this moment

What are you guys doing this weekend? I'm gonna get some work done on my 75% completed 1/20 Nissan Hardbody pickup and maybe go for a cold weather hike in the mountains with my doggo.
Just finished my 1/20 '93 Nissan Hardbody (what a POS kit), and will hopefully have my M1131 FSV done this weekend-ish. Going to be too cold here this weekend to do anything else. Sunday's high is going to be -5 LOL.
It's supposed to drop below freezing here thru the weekend and into next week ; 20 degrees on Monday ? No . Not allowed

I'm moving to Honduras

until I can find someplace right on the equator
screw Dallas - no one cares about those people .
It snows up there regularly anyway .

They're forecasting 10 degrees here tomorrow with sleet and freezing rain .
Gonna F-up my citrus trees ,,, and kill a bunch of other chit .
All caused by 5G . and gay wedding cake .
Was only using Dallas as another example of bizarre weather. Sorry if I touched a nerve
Just took the dog out. It is -5. Brrrrrrrr so at this moment I am warming my inner core with coffee then off to work on a P-61

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