At this moment

Re: At this moment ........ im wondering how people can take a HOBBY so seriously :-\

Then again, we are likely to do crazy things, we are addicts after all ;D

and on happier note. after talking to a workmate about the similarities between scale modeling and golf, hours of frustration and time away from the world it is all rewarded when everything just goes right, and usually there is nobody around to appreciate the joy of the moment, but we dont care.

3 hours till home time for the week and with awful weather forecast im predicting some quality bench time.
Right now just watching tung oil dry on my new desk top for a work bench I am putting together, hoping to have my work room compliments (desk, cabinet, spray booth) all done up in the next few weeks. So that when the missus and I move into a new place hopefully early this fall, I will be all good to go to finally be able to get to the bench and build something!

Got to give props to my missus though, she has seen how much "crap" I have and fully agrees we need to get a two bedroom place, one for the "crap" one for everything else, those of you with significant others, I am sure can figure out the "crap" goes in the second room where she doesn't have to see it invading "her" house :)
Picking my jaw up off the floor after viewing this.

[youtube]<iframe width="853" height="480" src="//" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>[/youtube]
Talk about some find detail work!

... At this moment, I find myself moving and packing stuff from one place to another. Doing laundry, and going to try and grab a bit of breakfast. Then I will swap the laundry around in the machines, take a load of stuff to the new place, come back here and do it all again. Pretty much living the life of a mule right now ;D
Nice vid!Would love to work there even!Maybe i would pick up some nice PE and modelling skills :) !
Right now I have a few projects on the go

- 1/500 scale Into Darkness Enterprise
- Italeri 1/72 MiG 37B "Ferrett" Stealth Fighter
- Tamiya 1/72 A6M2a Zero

But currently painting and weathering "Boo" - Jayne Cobb's modified "futuristic 1870 LeMatt Revolver from the TV Series Firefly as part of a Costume I'm building for Birmingham Comicon next month.
I always admirered their attention to detail. I often wondered how they were able to make such tiny gears so precisely too.
Huh. My first at this moment. Here's everything I have in the works:

1/4222 ISD Bridge Set 1 MASTER
1/144 Skipray 1 MASTER
1/350 YT-2400 1 MASTER
1/2256 Victory-II class Frigate 1 MASTER
1/2256 Vengence Frigate 1 MASTER
1/1000 Gunship v2 1 MASTER
1/1000 Interceptor Frigate 1 MASTER
1/1000 IPV-1 1 MASTER
1/4222 Victory Star Destroyer 1 MASTER
1/12 HL2 Hunter + Citadel 2 MASTER
1/350 Rebel Transport 1 MASTER
1/1000 Moldy Crow 1 MASTER
1/1000 Skipray 1 MASTER
1/1000 IG-2000 1 MASTER
1/2256 MC-80 1 COMMISSION
1/7200 Allegiance-Class Star Destroyer 1 COMMISSION
1/72 A-Wing 2 COMMISSION
1/2256 Imperial Star Destroyer 1 COMMISSION
1/2256 Acclamator 2 COMMISSION
1/2256 Victory Star Destroyer 2 COMMISSION
1/72 Starbug (lighted) 1 COMMISSION
1/72 TIE Interceptor 1 COMMISSION
1/144 Outrider 1 COMMISSION
1/144 Sandcrawler 1 PERSONAL
1/4222 Dominator ISD 1 PERSONAL
1/48 Mi-24v Hind 1 PERSONAL
1/4222 Super-build ISD 1 PERSONAL
1/144 Su-30MKK 2 PERSONAL
1/48 Su-27UB 1 PERSONAL
1/72 I-7 Howlrunner 2 PERSONAL
1/12 Boba Fett/ Jodo Kast 1 PERSONAL
1/2500 USS Saratoga 1 PERSONAL
1/2500 Galor-class 1 PERSONAL
1/12 FO Stormtrooper 1 PERSONAL
WOW it is a loot.

I have three projects at this moment on my bench

a T-10 M from Trumpeter,
my Scratching Pripjet Tank
and a First Order TIE SSD with Base.

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