AH-60L DAP Blackhawk


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A while back, there was some discussion about the Stealth Black Hawk that crashed during the Bin Laden compound raid. This Month's issue of Air Forces Monthly has a little write up on it, and so I thought I would share some bullet points of the article.

-Two heavily modified versions of the UH-60 Black Hawk
-Five helicopters involved in the raid comprising three Chinooks, and the two Stealth Black Hawks all of which initially departed from Jalalabad, Afghanistan.
-1/2 way to the target the party stopped so the Chinooks could refuel the Blackhawks
-Two Black Hawks carried 23 Navy Seals, and interpreter and a tracking dog named Cairo. 24 more seals were carried in the Chinooks as backup
-Black Hawks were modified to muffle their tail rotors and engine noise.
-Bin Laden was killed 15 mins after they "landed", and the next 23 mins were spent rounding up nine women and 18 children so the Black Hawk could be destroyed with explosives.
-Chinooks came in after and picked up the body, various weapons, documents, and other materials at the site, then flew back to Afghanistan.
-The tail that was found outside the compound revealed a five bladed tail rotor, swept horizontal stabilizers, and a silver loaded, infra-red suppression paint similar to what is used on the F-16s and V-22 Osprey

Can't wait to see this in a 1/35 scale kit. ;D


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One thing for sure they are fast... lets wait who will build this stealth, or maybe a Modeler with Wicked Skills can Scratch build this one up!! ;D


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late to the party again

well done on your finish ! she's a big girl, few would have made it all the way through! let alone to that level of detail. Bravo!


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Congratulations man I did a fantastic kit and you totally rocked with it.

P.S. You had my vote :)

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Thread dredge.

I just picked up this Blackhawk on sale 40% off! I'll be using this thread as a reference source for my build.

Awesome build, Myke!

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