Hasegawa AH-64D Apache Longbow


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Just checked out the last video you put up. Loved it mate! You looked like you were having way too much fun! That apache kit looks lovely. Keep up the great work mate.



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Thanks Chris - that was a fun evening for sure. Great kit - but I have to admit this 1:48 tiny fragile stuff is a learning curve.

I just spent 3.5 hours at the bench. Awesome. Didn't get nearly enough finished...I'm sooo fussy and so is the tiny photo etch.

Flat black with bit of semi gloss on the sticks.

There was PE in the set for the actual 'magazine' but I couldn't pull it off. Too fragile for me. I did drill out the barrel though, not that we'll ever get a photo in focus.

Toothpick and colored PE with some paper prints too. My bird will be parked and I know having the screens 'active' isn't proper but it looks cool so...


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Heck yeh it looks cool!! LOL! Great looking dash my friend!! Love the looks of the black office too!! Next to weathering, primer is my next favorite thing about building!! :)


Anything in scale I'm into it...
Looks great!! the instrument panel looks great.. PS: the cool factor is more important !!! LOL...


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Thanks for the comments guys. I appreciate you dropping in. Another short update.

The other night I grabbed a toothpick and some Vallejo Sky Grey and detailed the cockpit a bit. Had a happy accident when trying to 'clean' an error. I made a wash with the Sky Grey and Perfect Airbrush Cleaner and as it flowed around and dried I found it looked alot like a light dust, so I just went with it. I've been and will continue to cut this back a bit with blacks until I hit the sweet spot. Most of the pits I've seen on Middle East Apaches are pretty dusty.

Last night I detailed the gunners instrument panel; some of the Eduard PE set on here and the printed stuff too. Held my breathe through most of this.

Then I ended the night by adding some PE to the rotor hub.

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