Hasegawa AH-64D Apache Longbow


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Loved the review of the kit Scott, I'm getting addicted to your videos mate. Great stuff!

I even went and bought one of the Bandai AT-ST after seeing the video on it..... and I don't do Sci fi! lol



Supplies! My kingdom for supplies!!
Looks great Scott. Love the video as always. One of these kits is on my wish list.


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Thanks guys. It's a great kit. I'd buy another for sure. Selling AT-STs to non-sci-fi guys! Excellent. ;)

Here's a look at the bench as of 20 minutes ago with parts cleaned up and some assembly started:

Pylons and stuff - touching up my rough assembly skills with some filler.

Photo etch will go on the front of the rocket pods.

Oil drums in primer.

I opened the little hatch where the headphones (comlink?) hookup. I"ll scratch a little door later.

Molded belts removed and Mr. Surfacer texture applied. I added that more to hid the tool marks than any other reason. I might still remove the lumbar support and scratch those in epoxy putty. Undecided.

Some after market goodies arrived. I'll talk about them more in a video and as I build it. First impressions are good.

Thanks for watching.


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Thanks guys. Got a bit more time on it just now. I decided to remove the molded in lumbar/back support and used Aves Epoxy Putty to sculpt new ones. I also added strips of Tamiya tape to represent the velcro behind it. I'll paint these slightly different shades/sheen of black. In these extreme closeup pics I notice my 'fold' marks are a bit much and I'm off to cave to smooth them out a bit with a damp brush.



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Nice looking seat bow ties Scott!! ;D Things are shaping up nicely!! Keep things heated on the bench up there!! ;)


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Thanks for the comments guys. I'm really enjoying this project - bench time is tough but when I get there it's great.

Cracked into the cockpit last night with some photo etch. I'm pretty much a rookie with PE and the going is slow but it's moving.


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