Welcome one and all



Since this is the new forum for the rest of us modeling nuts I just wana say thanx to Scott for setting this up and Remember everyone lets keep this clean,legal, and friendly.
hey chaps....here I am too!!!
c'mon...let's make this thing movin!!!!!!aaaand growing too...
well, we have to mod the spam HERE but that doesn't mean that we cannot spam on other places ihihihhihihi ;D

Cheers "mod group" LOL LOL
Jack (who is a happy mod)....LOL....can't stop enjoying my mod grade LOL LOL!!!

well since were all mods lets start taggin other sites and promoting sma and get people flowing in.
igor57 said:
Hey Guys, thanks for the site, and a quick hello from New Zealand. Cheers

Hey Igor,

welcome aboard!!!!!
wow, from New zealand?!?great place mate
C'mon show us what you can do with models dude

Cheers from Switzerlans
Have fun and play safe! ;D Do so all the time and that's why I'm always in trouble with someone!! ::)

Yeah, NZ is a kind of nice place to live and bring up kids. Great place in fact. We have a 20 acre block at the top end of the Esk Valley about 25 km of Napier. Settled climate etc, suppose the best way I can put it is that I can paint pretty much year around. It's cool.

I'm a scratch builder and basher and rarely build OOTB. Will fire up some goodies. Thanks for the Welcome Guys.
Greetings from ze germans, as well! ;D Commenting on YouTube was kinda ok, but with the popularity of SMA a forum was inevitable. Thanks to scott for realizing that and of course for doing such a cool show.
Welcome elend! Great to see you here. Be sure to keep posting and pass the word around about this forum!
Hey everybody, let me just second Elend's greetings from Doitshland. My name is Sebastian, I am 19 years old and have been building military models for many years but didn't really turn it into a major hobby until about 2 years ago. I mostly build tanks and armor in general but am basically interested in all modeling subjects.

I've been watching the show since the first episode and think it's about time that a forum was created, this'll be fun!

elend said:
@Panzer-Plastic: Hey, cool looking avatar. Selfmade?

Danke, Danke! Yes, I made it myself using MX Flash '04. It's a logo that I designed recently for my (hopefully) upcoming build-log website but for now I'm just gonna take a look around here, I love the show. ;)

P.s.: Your website is very cool. The design is really good as well as your photos!
Well I'm happy to see the plan growing at an amazing rate, Please enjoy yourselves here. Im not really a modeler, per say, but I admire you guys for doing some amazing stuff with anything.
Hi everyone, from the weird chick from the netherlands.
Scott in particular: thanks for setting this up.
Piece of cake. Thanks for registering and welcome aboard. I'm thinking we're gonna have some fun and witness lots of great builds from many cool genres!

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