King Tiger group build?


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May 7, 2009
I just returned from my LHS, my King Tiger is now safely at home!
I propose we make this a Group Build, NH's First?
We would all see Scott's video and our builds as we follow along sharing tips and encouragement.
I think it would be a fun, and make it even funner if we all participate.

Just a stray thought. . .I get them sometimes, like a migrane but goes away faster.
I could go for it. I have a dragon Henschel turret King Tiger with Zimmerit thats about 30% done.
Just to check if I got this one down right, Scott, you're gonna build this kit right?:


Tamiya 32536?

A very promising kit, heard really positive things.
How much aftermarket stuff is gonna be added. I am not an armour guy, although over the last week I built a ZSU-23 for CAMS just to try armour and I snagged an old Tamiya T-34 for giggles. Looked like fun but holy smokes it's tiny.

Can't locate a King Tiger at out LHS's let alone a specific Tamiya one.

Given the recent developments with the King Tiger kit scene. It would be simpler to get the dragon "zimmerit" kit and just build that. Scott was given this kit IIRC. With some elbow grease and sheet styrene it can be built to look very nice OOTB.
But you can either ignore the zim, dis-countinued after Nov-Dec-44 in production. (? I may be wrong on that.), or DIY, which is funner!
As far as I know it was no longer applied after September 1944 because it was too time consuming and there were rumors of Zimmerit's flammability going around (not true). It's also interesting to note that Zimmerit was used to prevent magnetic mines from adhering to the surface of a tank, however, the Germans were the only ones who used magnetic mines throughout the war. ;D
As for the Tiger II, about 377 were produced in 1944 and ca 107 in 145. That means that the Zimmerit-less Tiger II was probably not uncommon.
All Porsche turret King tigers had zimmerit. The one at bovington doesnt count as it was built after the war with extra captured parts. As for a Henschel turret King tiger with or without zimmerit. Its all up to the builder really. I think Scott would like to do it just as a learning experience and to add something to the kit.
Hi guys, I just joined the nerdherd :)

I will be joining the group build - when does the build start? Is there a start and finish date?
One more!
We start when Scott says GO! And finish when he does.
I figure this will be a watch Scott do some build, and then we do some and post here, then watch Scott build some more and so on.
Any tips, tricks, or problems we encounter, we figure out here together. A type of Group Build together but far apart, thing, or something. . .
Thanks Mac. Can't wait to start! It will be very interesting to see everyone's interpretation of the King Tiger kit - I think we'll learn alot from each other during the build.
I'm thinking of building an Ardennes King Tiger with "autumn falling leaves" camouflage but i'm not sure if Tamiya's kit lends itself to this version...
I know what you mean.
As Scott loves to stretch the boundaries of his knowledge and learn new skills, I am sure we will be tested and attempt the same. That is one reason I am glad the kit has no Zim, I may have to attempt it!
Right now I am looking for a tank to model. . .and will have to accept what it has and has not and just go for it.
I am finishing up my Panther and just starting a USS Buchanan, so I have enough to do for now, but there is always room on the bench for more!
So the wife and I were at the LHS (I go to the craft store with her, so she goes to the hobby shop with me). I'm looking at the tank kits and find a King Tiger with the Porsche turret. I explain to her it's close to what I want, but I want the production turret. In the blink of an eye, three shelves over she pulls out a box and says, "Like this?"

And it was marked down six dollars! How do ladies do that?
So now I can join the build!
I believe they first learn those skills in the womb.
Seems they all have those abilities far beyond mortal men.

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