Corsair F4U-7 French Air Force. 1956, Suez crisis !


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Jun 24, 2009
Hey there....

Just sharing some pictures of my Ongoing project at this time !

As a Club we decided to have a Group build ! and we picked ! the Suez Crisis as a Theme !

it involved the Brits,French,Israel and Egypt for "sure" ! and we left the members pick their Kits !
Scale and AFV's of choice.

I picked the Corsair F4U-7 from Revell ! as it came with the Decals for Operation Musketeer !

The kit is all right ! it's not Tamiya but builds nicely ! my first choice was the Skyraider ! but I
could not justify nor afford the conversion set for the AEW Gumpy ! the Brits were using...

Next time !

Here are some shots of where I stand !

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Here is a quick glimpse ....

I still have a $heet load of decals to apply... tiny tiny stuff... and cockpit and Glazing to finish !
Then... Gloss coat to seal it and some mild weathering !

Should be fun !

Take care !

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1/48th Revell kit ! prob. a Heller Rebox or Vice versa !

Simple, yet effective ! I like it !

and I am no Bird fannatic ! It looks right !

and Had fun !

Just a few more days at it to finish painting the wheels and cockpit and glazing and I'll be done !

See ya
I kicked myself to Finish her.... Lost the Tempo and interest....
maybe the Never Ending decals kinda killed the fun !

overall ! I recommand the kit ... for those Corsair Luvers in ya .
and maybe with a luv for the Suez Canal crisis as well !

By the way the kit contains some decals for the IndoChina conflict as well !

It could use a Resin Cockpit and poseable surfaces... The Flaps are only posable in the
Down position...

This bird gave me the Bug to continue buiding other birds I put back in their boxes.

I have 2 Canadian Chinook in the works.... MTF

Take care all !

The Bird is on display at Leading Edge Hobbies in Kingston, ON.
as part of our Suez crisis Club Build !!!

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