Revell 1/48 F4U-4 Corsair

Making progress. I can say that the molds are very much showing their age. Lots of flash and wonky, misaligned seams...
I like to build Monogram kits, since I grew up on them. But yeah, I buy old or original boxings on the secondary market, to avoid problems with mold wear. And this kit had some loose tolerances even when it was new. I never understood why they designed the canopy the way they did.
Don't know for sure how well this will work, but I would cut a piece of plastic from the side of a plastic soda bottle and use a heat gun and scissors to cut and shape a new one. It's a common way to make canopies for scratch built foamcore rc airplanes. Don't know why it wouldn't work at a smaller scale. You can use the existing one as a template, cut a little oversized, and then just gradually cut and sand down till it fit. Having done a lot of scratch building I'm sure it's possible but might take a few tries, and might try your patients as well.
Making a start on this while also working on the Hawk and waiting for the Sopwith Camel to get here...

I knew this was an older kit but I didn't realize it was 60 year old molds. Overall it has rather minor flash and decent details. It is the old kit that has folding wings and raising landing gear so it should be a nice nostalgic build.

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I really like those old Revell kits. Takes Me back to My youth.

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