BSG Original Series Viper

It's been a few years ago, but we had a great conversation on the Starship Modeler forum exploring the pros and cons between the Moebius and Revell's anniversary Viper kits. (Unfortunately, that conversation disappeared along with every other great conversation on that forum. Kilobytes don't grow on trees, you know?) As great as the Moebius kit is, it overlooks some details. One of which is the leg computer on the pilot. I have both kits and while I haven't really touched either one, I plan to recreate the leg computer with using clear pastic putty (Oyumaru) and UV resin. I'll lightblock it, then scrape away the buttons I wish to have lit up. I've channeled out the Revell pilot's right leg with a hole popping up where the leg computer will go. From there I shall insert an SMD and have it attached to the underside of the leg computer, then secure it into place.

Crap... maybe I should just start on my project this summer?
Can't wait to see it. Pantherman


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