'64 1/2 Mustang convertible - Monogram

A couple coats of Flat Black.

  • Go with the flat, peel tape and continue clear coat entire body?
  • A coat of Semi-Gloss Black?
  • A coat of Gloss Black?
  • Clear coat stripes then peel tape?
I know it comes down to preference, just wish I knew how the different finishes compare. Any insights welcome.

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Minimal black , just enough to cover and not build thickness of paint film . Light coat .
Let cure a minimum of 24 hours -- longer is better . Like 3 days .
Remove tape .
Clearcoat entire thing .
Stripes, check.

Still don't know what to do about the FORD on the hood. Probably should have sanded completely down. I'm not confident to paint the letters by hand. Still hoping to find some PE lettering. Ideas? Full disclosure, I used the decals for the two runner pieces. I did those before I ripped the hood stripes.
Do I need to worry about the tape residue before clear coat?

And yes, I broke the wing window strut. Should I do panel lines now or after some clear? Decals now or after?
How about these fiddly bits?
Are there any tricks to get them to lay realistically in the seat? What is the best way to fasten the buckles on? I've never tried these.

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