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Jul 17, 2020
Back at it finally...

I picked up Monogram's '95 release of the 1994 Indianapolis Pace Car. Essentially a Cobra Convertible.
At the same time I bought an AMT/ERTL of a '95 GT Coupe, released the same year.

I owned a 1994 Cobra Coupe, it was white with saddle interior. Should have never sold it...

I am happy to get into a couple older kits. I haven't build a monogram since I was about 12.
I am not as excited about the AMT kit. They just always take a lot to get the fit and form right it seems.

This may not make everyone happy, but I am excited to recreate something real from kits that don't necessarily exist.
I will enjoy the challenge of making both cars complete and accurate, and swapping all the details over to make them true replicas.

SO, The plan is:

I am going to rebadge the GT as a True 94 Cobra Coupe, just like mine.
The convertible will be made into a lousy GT, a departure from it's elite status box art car...

Follow along and tell me what you think


IMG_4171 Small.jpeg
I started the build by carefully cutting the bumpers from the fully molded Monogram body. I used the reverse no.11 method to slice the front and back Cobra bumpers off the '94.

The AMT Kit body was molded without the bumpers, so simply I chose to follow those lines when deciding where to cut the Vert body.
I believe that these lines are the 1:1 factory seams, so I am happy with my work here.
IMG_4158 Small.jpegIMG_4165 Small.jpegIMG_4164 Small.jpegIMG_4167 Small.jpegIMG_4170 Small.jpeg
There were some very apparent Mold Lines on the Cobra.

I took care of what there was on the bumpers I removed, as the Cobra Coupe will be the first car fully completed.

I intend on building a factory stock competition piece with the building of the '94 Cobra Coupe.

IMG_4160 Small.jpegIMG_4161 Small.jpeg

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