1/12 Monogram Shelby GT 350


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May 4, 2009
I picked this somewhat rare kit at a show a couple years back. Overall it seems to be very nice. It was partially started when i got it. Mostly motor work. Upon test fitting there is some warping. The body is OK in overall proportion but has some issues. This is leading me to want to do a total custom job to it. Nothing recer based but along the lines of just nice beefy body mods and meaner lines.

Throw some ideas at me guys. If any of you have any talent in custom car looks do up some sketches and help me with ideas. Any color any shapes. Let em all out.
Elenore was a GT-500. Much different styling. It was made from a later mustang as well. The GT-350 is much more stock looking in its external appearance.
Yes you are right. . . :-\
But the 350 is a cool car. 289 which is my favorite.Wimbleton White?

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