[WIP] Monogram 1/48 - Ju 87 Stuka


cut. glue. paint. repeat.
(Dazed and distracted) With this kind of encouragement...
DreamKnight said:
Speedster Speedster, he's our man! If he can't do it...

Join the NAVY!
I should have worked slower. ;D

Come on Speedster.


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Das Stuka est wundebar!

The Stuka is one of those stand out planes from WWII. While technically it did not have a real impact it is nonetheless legendary. It looked fierce and had that awful siren. Cool plane.

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This is an absolutely first class job on this kit!! You sure make it look easy. Dano1945 has it right, this plane IMHO has some of the nicest lines of all time. Speed: your paint/decal work is just gorgeous! I've got this one in the stash and done a pile of research for the future build. This will be my go to WIP thread. Thanks for sharing.

Static. :)


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Wow, that is a fantastic build. Great paint job!

How did you make / apply the bottom weathering?


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i have my own stuka... but it looks not too good at all! its all sorts of different funky colors!


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Nice Work, indeed. Are the Decals original? They for III./Stukageschwader 51 or II./Stukageschwader 1 ?

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