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Jul 21, 2023

New to the forum but iv been lurking around a little lately.

Iv just started building the RFM Tiger 1 with full interior and was wanting some help identafying something. searched a few places but been unable to come up with an answer.


The pink boxes. The best iv been able to come up with is there was clips on hull wall for mess tins. but this seems like a hell of alot of mess tins, figured they are not any form of battery as they are under the floor, Maybe something to do with electrics?

Any info would be greatly appreciated so i know what color to paint them.



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This are bags for the used and then very hot machinegun shells. they hang them under the machineguns to catch the bullets. If you think MG42 has firingrate of more than 3500 per minute so you need a lot of bags. The boxes below are MG42-belt-Ammocrates with 500 shots in one or 2 belts. The long boxes next to them are for the extra barrels. MG42 goes really hot after 700-800 shots fired then you have to cool them with water or you piss on the barrel or you change. But better change inside a tank. Friends tell me about their armytime, on the MG42 sometimes the barrel deforemd about the heat.
Its to fast.The new MG5 firing more than 4500per minute. We call this in germany ''KNOCHENSÄGE''. this means bonesaw. Cause it works like a saw, you cut through things. A beast since 80years, thats great engineering. The first german MG from 1908 the MG08/15 is still used in german language . we say thats 08/15 (null acht fünfzehn) if something is just standard or usual like rain in november. we say 08/15 Weather. nice build lokks realistic. not to much and to less
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This kind of info is very nice to have. Thank you very much for that, Moe.
3500 rounds per minute for MG42 ?
Typo ?
4500 rounds per minute for MG5 ?
Typo ?
Please, Moe, note that Tiger I did not use MG42!

The Tiger I had three Machine guns on board:
  • A MG34 coaxially mounted with the main gun
  • A MG34 (aka MG34 mi Panzermantel) ball-mounted at the frontal plate
  • A MG 34 anti-aircraft (Flieger-MG) to be mounted on the turret
The soft fabric pouches were designed to carry the 7,92mm ammo belts. Initially, 4500 rounds of MG ammo was carried. After 1944 the MG ammo count was raised to 5700 rounds, as the vehicles were facing more infantry targets. That's why you see the metal crates.

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I remember'd something like 1450 max on the original weapon and when I looked it up , depending on the source it varies from 800 -1500 .
I think they slowed the fire rate after the first batch of guns , didn't they ?
Down to around 11 -1200 ?

Those other fire rates are minigun numbers
German weapon development under Wehmacht requirements were very well cataloged. The engineers were info hungry, I think.

The original fire rate was 1200 rounds per minute, but the engineers developed cartridges with less gunpowder that would slow down the gun a bit giving it more control under sustained fire and keeping the barrel cooler.

Wermacht units had graduaded ammo pouches for it. The lighter cartridges were used for offensive maneuvers and the heavy ones to fixed positions.
After the war has ended, it continued in service in many armies around the world. New cartridges were designed for faster fire rates.

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