Shark's King Tiger build


May 6, 2009
Well I decided to take the first step on my Tiger build. So I washed all the parts.

Then I discovere that my tow cable is broken in two places. Hmmm.... Glue it or replace it with something else? What makes a good tow cable, I wonder?
Thin Wire twisted or picture hanging wire sold in DIY stores looks good.
Sometimes thicker fishing line heated and twisted will hold the twists, or thicker sewing thread or crafting/beading wire or thread.
I bought some clear beading thread I used for fuel lines on the FW7. A quick attempt at tow lines and it looked pretty good, I coated it with Testor's Liquid cement to have it hold it's shape.
That particular part is actually not a tow cable, they are parts 35 & 46. The smaller cable, part #12, is for pulling the track back together after splitting. Tracks would be split when needed to either change out a broken or worn pad, or to put the track back on after throwing one. To replace the tow cables I have cut off the ends, drilled them out, then inserted appropriate sized picture hanging wire. Check out the ones I did for my Panther in "Goal is completion" section, 1st tank in 25 years. Now, these track cables are quite a bit smaller so drilling out the ends might be a chore, but I'm sure you can find some braided wire that size somewhere. Hope this helps.
Cheers, Dennis
My personal moto is, "Do the worst first." Which means whenever I have a list of things to do I always do the thing I like least, or the thing that seems the most difficult first. So I started on the trees. I plan on building two to three of these guys. This one is going to be one of the smaller ones. I read the technique of Amorama. Here is the little fella so far.


Shark said:
I discovered that my tow cable is broken in two places. Hmmm.... Glue it or replace it with something else?

I say Glue it ! or toss it ! often they fell off during battles or just Snapped !!!

Salvage the brackets and have at her !!!

Enjoy !
OK so I went the home improvement store and picked a tub of this goo. It's a patch/adhesive for tiles and cement. I made sure that it was a water clean up, so I can easily thin it.

I thinned it down a little and used and old stiff brush to "paint" it on the wire limbs. I did it in a few layers. A light one to stick to the metal and then a thicker one to give the bulk. The sandy texture of the stuff gives a nice rough look without overdoing it. It didn't dry as stiff as I though it would, I have to be creful that I don't bend it to much or the stuff might crack and fall off. So far it seems to have a pretty good amount of flex though. It looks almost like corral.



Next I'm going to paint it with a base coat of flat black.
I painted the tree in flat black

Then I air brushed a light coat of burnt sienna.

Next I air brushed straight brown.

So far so good. Next up is adding some leaves
I purchased some "moss" at a craft store

I also picked up some spray adhesive and some italian seasonings

I sprayed the glue on the moss and then rolled it around in the spices. I then used rubber cement to attaach the result to the tree branches. I started at the bottom inside and worked my way out and up.




I think it turned out pretty nice. And bonus my hobby area smells delicious! I guess the dio will have be on an Italian front to keep a theme with the spices!
I started to put some pieces together. So far the model is going togther smooth. Great quality.
After sanding out the seam

Lower hull

And with some paint on


I have some shells to put in the racks, but I don't think you would ever be able to see them. So sad...
The shells are Visible if your Rear LOADING HATCH is open... ... or Moveable !!

and it looks good ... with the shells in there...

You can not see much else... past that..
so don't care if there is not much details in the turret interior !
Unless you have the Commandur and Loader's Hatches open as well ?

Take your time...


Between the shells on the rack their seems to be some rubber bumpers. Are those a certain color? Obviously I would think black, but I don't know so much about tanks.
the Shells Dividers were not Rubber !
I'm pretty sure !!!

I think the Porsche Turret used Straps and the Henschel used Hard Wood or some Metal Pivot

Of course the Tamiya Models are Done... in such a way they don't look moveable but ! those wedges Fip forward or backward...
out of the way so you could Slid over the next round !

anyway ! the whole interior was painted a Kind of Light Cream color... some call it white; others panzer Interior Beige !

Don't worry too much ....

I'll check my TIGER II book later and confim this !!!


schweinhund227 said:
The Shells Dividers were not Rubber ! Confirmed : "Tiger Tanks" by Thomas L. Jentz page 112. ISBN 0764302248

The Henschel Turret used Wood Spacers ! which are held UP... and out of the way while the space was empty !

So ! those I have seen in the book had broken Springs... (60) years old or Wear and Tear !!!
and some were UP and others were hanging down ! so.... There you have it!

Of course the Tamiya Models are Done... in such a way they don't look moveable but ! (easier to cast) But those Spacers Fip forward or backward... when EMPTY !!! to enable fast Access.


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