Revell 50th Anniversary 1/144 Saturn V Rocket (Complete)

I'm away for a little while and everybody gets delucions of grandeur...

No wait... Wrong universe!

But still dude... One can't tell that this is 144 scale. Amazing.
Last bit of details added to the base, the flared panels on the lower section of the three towers and the cables that connects to the side of the rocket, I used copper wire so it would stay in place.

Time for some primer.


On the home run with this build, just had to order in some transparent decal sheet as I only had white backing, plus the usual stages of paint drying times and gloss coats are time consuming.

My inkjet settings were all over the place and I wasted a sheet during a trial print run, oh well, I got my settings sorted for the second print and I like how they turned out.

I printed extras just in case and I also did three versions of the main label in dark metal, gold and clear backing, I'm kind of leaning towards the gold one as I like how it shines. It's hard to see it under the lighting and my photo's don't do it any justice, however, the dark metal looks good too as the colours blend in with the base really well.


I got a bit adventurous with the platform and masked some random grid lines and shaded them in, I used some tamiya smoke for shading although the camera isn't picking it up very well it is there, I'll take some daytime natural light pics as the room light doesn't help with clear photo's of glossy paint work.

Painted and glued the towers in place.


Nearly done with this build.

Thanks for looking.
Calling this complete, stoked how the mods and details turned out, also pleased with the extra effort I put into the platform as it looked kind of bare and boring with just the three tiny figures that come with the kit, I think the addition of the towers help give the rocket a good sense of scale.

I thought I may have overdone the weathering on the platform as it started out a lighter shade of grey but I like the grungy dirty looking result it ended up as.

I chose not to follow the paint scheme in the kit instructions but preferred to follow reference photo's that I had gathered from the web.

It's been an exciting project with it's own set of challenges which were easily fixed, excuse the photo's, they're taken under warm lighting and with my mobile phone.







Thanks for following and commenting during it's progress.

Cheers :cool:
All of the extra detailing and work you've done helps to make the scale seem a lot bigger than it actually is.

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