Revell 1:48 B-24D Liberator. COMPLETED

If you have any 1000+ grit sand paper,it can help. Paper, compound, paper, compound, etc.......
Getting back to this build. This is where am at with it. I received the new rear gun turret from Revell.
I need to finish the paint on fuselage, canopies, and wings. Canopies are already masked.
Attach the wings and clear coat the plane. Then it’s on to decals.


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They’re also known as Flying Coffins. Your kit is originally an old Monogram kit but a re-pop as a Revell kit. I’ve got the Revell B-26 Marauder and it’s horrible. The molds are originally from Monogram. Don't get me wrong… the original molds of Monogram were great back in the 70s when I built mine back then. Now? The molds are so old nothing fits correctly. Everything looks distorted.
I have been trying and failing to get motivated to finish this kit.
I may go ahead and shelve it for now and start a different kit.
After completing the Dauntless, I have made the decision to finish this build. This is so I can start with a clean slate once the Hobby Room/Office is done. I will be putting in some hours on it today and will update a little later. I have to build this in pieces because with the wings attached to the fuselage it won't fit on my bench. :oops:
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Very nice! I need to do some desert theater aircraft, I like those colors.

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