Old clear coat

Rob S

New Member
Nov 20, 2023
Hello all. Does anyone know of any youtube links showing how to paint an old, weathered, sun faded, flaky clear coat? I have an idea for an upcoming project and whenever I search I come up with repairing 1:1 paint jobs.
You want to create a weathered looking clearcoat , or you need to overtop a damaged clear coat ?
I would say paint the subject conventionally . then sand it with like maybe 400 grit and finer ? sanding sponge .
you'd need to experiment with the grit size until you get it looking the way you want .

There are also " crackle mediums " available , but I don't know if they will be scale appropriate for what you're trying to do .
I'd have to experiment on some sheet stock to figure it out , but I'd do that in layers with hairspray in between .
Those colors you see there .
Then carefully , with a small , stiff , slightly damp stippler , remove the layers as needed for effect .
It would require added airbrush and detail brushwork after that to tie it together .

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