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Mike the Canuck

"And now for something completely different.."
Jun 1, 2009
Hi everyone,

Just signed up to the Herd after lurking for a bit. Like a few of you guys here, I'm also from southeast New Brunswick. I usually build Science Fiction or Real Space but have been starting to get an inkling for pre-45 armor and modern Jet Aircraft. Hope to make some new friends here too. I'm sure that I saw many of you at the CAMS show in Fredericton on Saturday and didn't even know it... ::)
Hi Mike and welcome to the herd! :)
I love the Enterprise that the Maritime Science Fiction Modelers built :eek:
Lookin forward to seeing some of your builds.
Joolz (a fellow Python Fan)
Nice to meet ya eh?
(That's yooper ;))
Could you gimme a better shot of the avatar? I can't get my magnifyer up near the 'puter!
Hey Mike. Great to see you here. Looking forward to seeing your builds.

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