Hey all!


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May 13, 2009
Hey all!

I'm new here (but I guess so is everyone else :) ) and found my way via Scott's youtube Scale Model Addict webisodes, finding them through the Resin Illuminati site. I'm a huge Star Wars fan and have been since I first saw ANH when I was 6 years old in '77. I've been chatting with Scott throughout his terrific Red 6 build, hoping to share whatever limited expertise and reference that I might have with regards to the studio X-Wing and Death Star surface.

I've been in the vfx industry for about 13 years now doing mostly digital stuff, but I started with practical model building and still like to get my hands dirty (and occasionally stuck together :) ).
Welcome aboard dude!!!!
Share and let us see your work with no worries...we are here to share and help each other!!!
vfx?!?!woooow....cool job man,really cool job!!!

Cheers and see you on the board!!!
Hello man! It's always nice to have someone here, who's actually working in the business. I hope you'll post some models soon! :D

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