Grendels lighting Tutorials


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That it will. And then you don't have to change up your resistors.

LrdSatyer8: I have not tried them, and you are right, it would simplify doing random flashing on control panels.....


doing some research at work on the 555 chip ...

why use the 555 to create pulsing lights ???
could we not use a low value capacitor on the 4060 pin out for the led ?
when the 4060 timing chip cuts the power to the pin out, it would force the capacitor to disperse the power it's built up. thus the fade out of the led light ...
the same should happen when the timing chip sends power the pin out ...

i'll try this later tonight, to see if it works, just after some feedback before I try.


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I don't know if that will work. I know you can slowly fade LED's with the 555, but I am not sure with the 4060. The 4060 is a digitial chip, while the 555 is not. That might be the reason. why most use the 555 to fade LED and not the 4060

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