Glad press"N" seal



I use glad press n seal to mask canopies. It's clear so it's easy to cut your windows out, leaves a residue but it comes off easy.
That's a great idea! What do you use to remove any residue? Would isopropyl work?
That can be harsh on your paintwork if your using acrylics. I just made sure my paint was well cured, it was about a week before I took the stuff off and cleaned the canopy with some tamiya polishing compound. It was all off in a snap! I'm going to try it again on my Lancaster glasswork and post pics ;)
Well, I finally got at this canopy for the Lanc. The lines for this window cage are very shallow so this will be a great example to use as Tamiya tape is much too thick.

First I cleaned the glasswork with a piece of old cotton shirt. A nice clean surface helps the press'n seal adhere better.


Next I take the Press'n seal and not really strecth it over the canopy but, do my best to keep it smooth.

Make sure your hobby knife is BRAND NEW!


Then, making sure the door was closed and my reading glasses were on and I'd been to the bathroom...ahem, I hold the canopy up to the light and GENTLY ,carefully score
along the cage lines.


And there you have it, much easier that having to cut tape for individual windows though I did use it for a couple of touch-ups.

I hope this is useful to some of you especially for bigger masking projects.

Cheers ;)
I used this stuff on a model a couple years ago and when all finished I peeled the stuff off and it left the adhesive behind. Don't recall the difficulty factor in getting that crud off, but I've never used it again and wouldn't. Look around for 'Parafilm'. It is a superior product and leaves no residue.

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