Do you find cooking and scale modeling are similar?

there was a vid here on it --- Must be one of the vids that says it's no longer available .

Disgusting .
That's what happens when you live too far north :D
I cook mostly during the week, since till my GF moves in this fall she is usually here on weekends only. Don't think I am a bad cook(though my girl should be a chef she is that good), but other than something like my meatloaf dinners, which for some reason I've gotten obsessed with perfecting(especially as its one of the few things my GF thinks I am actually pretty good at cooking:p ), I have the get er done and et approach.

Meanwhile, when she makes say, pasta or her amazing chili recipes, its an all day affair. And she NEVER uses jarred pasta sauce. She always makes it from scratch. The look she gives me when I reach for my Ragu jars is priceless.:D
I do, and I promise I'll post my wife's breakfast favorite that I make for her. A fried tortilla with three over easy eggs and lots of sautéed greens with garlic and spices.

I just wish I had bought a house in Arizona that had my dream kitchen back when my wife and I had a chance to. It would make cooking so much easier.

A friend of mine was cracking up one day because I scratch made one of my favorite Hungarian batches of Chicken Paprikash and brought some to work. He tasted it and said "This taste exactly like what my Grandma used to make!"
So I pulled up one of my Jean pant legs and showed him the compression socks I have to wear now becuse I have Edema. And I said "At first I got mad when I had to wear them. But if I wear them with basketball shorts and slides and put on the Oldies radio station in my kitchen. I get the mystical cooking powers of every Hungarian or Italian Grandmother, Mother or Aunt in Perth Amboy, New Jersey or the Bay towns here and from across the bay over in Brooklyn!"

I'm making everything from stuffed cabbage to pasta and sauce with meatballs from scratch. And I keep hearing " I haven't had *whatever* like this since my Grandmother, Mom or Aunt used to make it." And I don't even measure half the time it's all a little of or that and it always comes out right.

The funniest thing is I actually threw away a box of my wife's and my old pots and worn out non stick pans, and bought two sets of pots and pans that equals the cost of my build tools!
Does anyone like to cook and take time to plate their meals?

I find that the more I'm getting into this hobby, I like to make my meals look pleasing....or maybe it's because I want to model more daily?

Pics to follow.
I love to cook and take pride in the presentation but, have an easier time comparing fly tying to model building. It too takes fine motor skills and patience
  • Brown sugar
  • Smoked Paprika
  • Salt
  • Pepper
  • Garlic powder
  • Onion Powder
  • pinch of spicy cayenne powder

Beat the chicken breasts down a until they are nice and even thickness. I used this french rolling pin.

Oven at 400 degrees, roughly 20 minutes. then put in the broiler for 5 minutes.

I got this Scalloped Potatoes from sam's club for $5-$6, along with fresh green beans which were cooked in 1tbsp of butter garlic/onion powder.

Meal prepped off two chicken breasts, this is what we are eating for the next 2 nights.
*Note, I've moved away from paper plates.

anything with you and meatloaf makes me immediately think of that soupy mixture you cooked to oblivion :D
That was a BAD day. :p the WORST cooking I ever did.

This one however, this one got a glowing review from Zoe. First time she ever thought I really knocked it outnof the park.
Ha ha -- I was going to ask if she monitored the cook time since it looks perfect from here .

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