Do you find cooking and scale modeling are similar?


Glue sniffer
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May 10, 2019
Does anyone like to cook and take time to plate their meals?

I find that the more I'm getting into this hobby, I like to make my meals look pleasing....or maybe it's because I want to model more daily?

Pics to follow.
I cook most of the meals in my family - I rather enjoy it. I find that I'm wanting to make the food like professional looking. Like make it look so beautiful.
I use like little squirt bottles to get sauce on the plates instead of just using a spoon or knife to be more precise.

I's weird.
There are similarities-you have specialized tools and materials in both; you follow instructions, whether to follow a recipe or instruction sheet, or intuitively, based on your experience; and presentation is definitely a part of both.

I like to do both, and if I think about it, I probably approach both tasks or processes the same way.

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