D-Day collective build?

So I'm going with the landing craft as it's new to me, loads of figures which I love doing and I can have a go at a sea/beech diorama. Pantherman

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My kit arrived and I have started on it. Got to say mighty impressed with the kit, good quality and fitting and details are great. Fair amount of flash but alot is hidden. Pantherman
I am still trying to decide on what scale of PT boat to do. 1/72 or 1/48. Either way I will need to get a replacement radar mast and depth charge racks, just can't decide on size.
What scale are you thinking for this group build? Or are we each allowed to choose whatvever scale we want? I would be down. I’ll pickup a German Panther/Tiger and a Stuka.
You can use any scale you wish. The only criteria for this build is it must’ve had some kind of involvement in D Day.
The model is up to you.
Welcome aboard

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