CAMS 2009 Spring Classic Model Show Pictures

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May 7, 2009
Hey there everyone,

OK...I know you have been waiting with baited breath for these, so here you are!

If anyone would like the scores of their kits, please e-mail me directly, and I will give you your scores.

Final Numbers for 2009, 87 entrants, and 190 judged kits.

On behalf of myself, and the rest of the CAMS club, we would like to thank all the entrants, spectators, volunteers and vendors for coming out to CAMS 2009. Without you, well we would have an empty Kinsman Center! LOL

And on that note, you may as well mark on your calenders, May 29, 2010. This will be the date for CAMS 2010 Spring Classic Model Show, and will be at the same location.

Themes for next year's show will be:

Canadiana will be back as usual as a permanent theme.

Auto Theme #1

21st Century Pony Cars - Any Mustang, Camero, or Challenger, from the year 2000 to present. As long as it starts out as a 2000 or newer body from one of these, it is good to go.

Auto Theme #2

German Autos - Pretty self explanatory. If it was built in Germany, it is good to go. Audi, Porsche, BMW, Mercedes, VW, etc.

Military theme

70th Anniversary of the German Invasion of the West.

Any battle that took place between the Axis and Allied Powers, from Jan. 1, 1940 to Dec. 31, 1940 would qualify. Everything from the end of the Norway campaign, to the invasion of France, Battle of Britain, etc, etc.

Hey thanks for the gallery! There was some great stuff at CAMS. Especially that sunken Titanic. :D

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