Attaching canopies/clear parts


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May 7, 2009
I've generally had trouble attaching clear parts and would like some advice on what adhesives to use. I've seen some CA glue that's suppose to be good but haven't tried it. I'm using white glue Ileen's or something like that. Any suggestions?
Well, there are many things you could do.

1. Use future (which can be VERY strong sometimes)

2. Use Testors Clear Parts Cement, also very good.

3. Pacer Formula '560' entitled "worlds best canopy glue" which is quite strong too, for a white glue.

4. Little tiny dots of CA on a little bare wire, or tooth pick to tack the canopy on strong, and white glue for filling and completion.

5. 5 minute Epoxy works well, but smells and is difficult to control at times. Similar constancy to CA

I'm not sure about it, but I think you can also buy fogless super glue on the market these days as well. Tell me what works for you :)

I have been using no. 4 on the list, as I think it is the stongest and most durable way.

Best Regards, and I hope your canopies go on swell!


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