Aircraft Antennas


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May 7, 2009
I see guys getting the antenna wire from the canopy to the tail so nice and tight, HOW?
I have tried the 2 pound test fishing line, no joy. I have tried stretched sprue and then held the glowing tip of a match near it, but it just sags more!
How do you get that wire to be taught?
Ok dude....I've done several ones and I think I'm there really good...

I have 2 options for you:

1) fishing line but the finest one, 0.02 mm...It is an awesome wire an attach greatly...oooor if you have a relative into medicine (surgery) stuff tell him to give ya some suture wires...the finest. of course not the biodegradable'll find it is great to handle and attach!!!
2) believin or not,it is the one I had most success with: your girlfriend/wife's hair!!!!!!
yep, If she has them fine and overall rounded (not oval) ones they are the best thing in world you can find...hard,tough and very resistant. you can attach them with CA glue and color them with a black pen.

Hope this helped!

I have used, and recommend E Z Line from Bobe's Hobby House.
It comes in two sizes 0.003 and 0.006 and at least 4 colours.
It glues well with super glue and being elastic its easy to get tight. Also its very forgiving, and stretches if accidentally touched. I think the .003 works best on 1/48 scale. I sent for some 6 months ago and think its great.
Holy cow!
I was a customer of Bobe's wayyyyyyy back in the late 1980's when stationed in Mobile Alabama!
Glad to hear they are still in business. I will contact them!
LOL honey this is gonna hurt, but I need to rig my battle ship. Come on, don't you love me?
you messed up the tequniques. if u hold a flame up tp tp streched sprue, itl mmelt. if u hold it up ti fishing lin, it will tighten. :)

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