79 Daytona

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May 6, 2009
Hello everybody,

Well here's another kit i did not to long ago , its a 1/24 TOS VIPER kit which is also not being made anymore but i was lucky enough to pickup another one before he stopped making them.

Thanks for looking.

Great work! I really love the TOS Viper and you did a magnificent work on that kit. Great paintjob as well!
Good job. I have that same kit. Its in dire need of a rebuild though. Spent a couple years on display at the LHS.
Thanks Shark and thanks Blitzspear, the base is just a wooden display board i got at Hobby Lobby which i stan and sealed the gold bird icon came with the kit which i painted gold and the clear rod also came with the kit.
Even though this is an old thread, I love seeing these! Very nice paint job - now put it back in the Apogee archives you stole it from! :p I wish I could see one of these painted like this in the three foot version Mike Salzo made.

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