star wars

  1. banistersmind

    MPC Star Wars Imperial Shuttle ST-321

    Hello! First post here! In recent weeks, I managed to track down a 1992 issue of the MPC Imperial Shuttle. This kit has been on my bucket list for a long time. I built one around 25 years ago but I was never happy with it and eventually it was junked. I promised myself that if I found another...
  2. Kiwi

    Star Wars AT-AT 1/144 from Bandaï

    Hi. I am building a Bandaï kit and I am stuck right at the beginning. The text is in japanese and english but there is a small sign that I am not sure if it means GLUE THERE. Here is a screencapture.
  3. Kiwi

    Searching for a Jawa sandcrawler

    Do you know where I could find a Jawa sandcrawler scale model?
  4. O


    I just started a B-Wing, Bandai 1/72. Trying pre-shading for the first time. My accuracy is not what I would like it to be, but I don't hate it. We will see how it is once I add some more weathering.
  5. G

    Bandai AT-AT

    Started putting together the Bandai AT-AT 1/144. Good kit as usual, pieces together nicely. Here's some pics of the progressing build. First just the basic sub builds. Legs, underbelly, back,
  6. B

    Very new to all this

    Hi all I’m looking to slowly get into the world of model making. I have no experience with model making or painting but it’s something that has always interested me. After watching the book of boba fett I was looking at getting the Revell RV05678 Slave I 40th Anniversary kit. Would this be a bit...
  7. TheRaceforTerra

    Star Wars Dwarf Spider Droid

    Hi guys! A couple of weeks ago I built this with my 7 year old son - fun, easy mini to put together. Here it is primed - with the eyes separate for ease of painting. More updates coming soon! r
  8. TheRaceforTerra

    Star Wars AAT Tank (1/47)

    Hey guys! Today my son and I built this awesome (ca. 1/47 scale) Star Wars Legion kit: an AAT tank which will fight for the glory of the Separatist Alliance! Just primed it, let's see how it goes.
  9. TheRaceforTerra

    B2 Super Battle Droids - Finished!

    Hey guys, I hope you like these! If you're interested, I'll be publishing a step by step painting and weathering tutorial soon.
  10. TheRaceforTerra

    B2 Super Battle Droids - Pin Washing!

    Hey guys! I'm trying to get two units for B2 Super Battle Droids from Star Wars Legion finished. Here is me having some fun with pin washing today!
  11. Bandai 1/72 Y-Wings

    Bandai 1/72 Y-Wings

    Bandai 1/72 Y-Wings Gold Leader, Gold 2, and Gold 3
  12. andrewdick68

    MPC Star Wars Kits

    These are my latest acquisitions. Open boxes, all parts still in their bags.
  13. TheRaceforTerra

    AT-ST: How to Paint and Weather

    Hi guys, My full painting and weathering tutorial on this Star Wars Legion AT-ST (1/47 scale) premieres tomorrow. I hope some of you give it a watch! Thank you, Enrique @ TRFT
  14. cobraleader

    Fantasy Flight Games Star Wars Legion AT-RT

    G'Day All, Completed this little thing in 2020. Painted with Vallejo Paints and used Woodlands Scenics diorama material for the base. Weathered using AK weathering mediums.
  15. cobraleader

    Fantasy Flight Games Star Wars Legion 1.4FD Laser Canon

    G'Day All, 2020 was a hoot ... pity I didn't spend enough time modelling through it... but I finally fell like I'm back in the swing of things after a series of health issues. Anyway, built and painted the Fantasy Flight Games Star Wars Legion 1.4FD Laser Canon. Added AK snow to the base and...
  16. TheRaceforTerra

    AT-ST 1/47 Complete!

    Hi guys, I built, painted and weathered this over the Winter Break. It is around 1/47 scale, from the wargame Star Wars Legion. I hope you like it! If you dig the weathering, I am publishing a tutorial on my YT channel on Jan 8 with all the steps.
  17. iandrewmartin

    Second Hand AMT Star Wars STAP with Battle Droid

    A while back (around early March if my memory serves me correctly) I managed to obtain this kit. It has been worked on and there are some issues with it, primarily it had been started, but never finished by the parent's son many years ago. Over the last month, I've been looking at the kit and...
  18. FB0AA7B7-429D-4531-97C5-466A43A7DFF0.jpeg


    Revell U-Wing in splinter camo
  19. 33F95029-4A71-40C0-8857-03A3C5E24AE5.jpeg


    Revell U-Wing in splinter camo. Engine detail.
  20. 23EC3EE7-2322-46C8-B74E-99B851A888E1.jpeg


    Revell U-Wing in splinter camo.