star wars

  1. iandrewmartin

    Second Hand AMT Star Wars STAP with Battle Droid

    A while back (around early March if my memory serves me correctly) I managed to obtain this kit. It has been worked on and there are some issues with it, primarily it had been started, but never finished by the parent's son many years ago. Over the last month, I've been looking at the kit and...
  2. FB0AA7B7-429D-4531-97C5-466A43A7DFF0.jpeg


    Revell U-Wing in splinter camo
  3. 33F95029-4A71-40C0-8857-03A3C5E24AE5.jpeg


    Revell U-Wing in splinter camo. Engine detail.
  4. 23EC3EE7-2322-46C8-B74E-99B851A888E1.jpeg


    Revell U-Wing in splinter camo.
  5. Richard Baker

    Captured Imperial Cargo Shuttle (Original Design)

    This is a quick build from the late nineties- back when there were only three Star Wars films released and lot of dreams about what happens in that universe. One Friday night I was having a few beers with a good friend and we got to talking about things which happned elsewhere during the fight...
  6. Richard Baker

    B-Wing Red 7 is now back in service - FINAL Photos

    It is very rare I decide to share one of my builds online- just making them for my own fun mostly. This one I chose to make an exception on- it is still needing a couple of minor things such as adding the engine lights, a bit more weathering and decals, but when I put it on the stand last night...