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Feb 10, 2022
Started putting together the Bandai AT-AT 1/144. Good kit as usual, pieces together nicely. Here's some pics of the progressing build.

First just the basic sub builds. Legs, underbelly, back,


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Primer painting. Basically a few light coats of Vallejo grey primer. I wanted to try the darker underpainting technique to bring some tonal variation to the mass of grey. The idea being you paint in the shadows before the main block colour layer goes on. I used the Vallejo black primer. The spray was a bit splattery and left quite a bit of spotting. I put the issue down to too thin paint. Id thinned ~ 20% trying to get as thin a mix as possible with one eye on a nice an smooth shading. I reckon I over did it though. At this stage I wasn't too worried about this though and let it stand


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Cockpit painting. Two tiny AT-AT drivers. Thankfully only two colours! Helmet details courtesy of decals. Not much else to do here. Small amount of detailing in greens reds and whites common to SW control panels. A bit of wash on the back wall.

But shouldn't there be an AT-AT commander too?


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Main painting. Vallejo model air, Flat white (90%) Neutral Grey (10%) - nominally at least, once I had this it seemed a little light so went with a drop or two more grey. Sprayed on in fine light coats about 5/6 passes per coat. Three coats overall. The underpainting worked reasonably well. Wish I'd been a bit more specific in where I put the black underpaint, but oveall there is a bit of variety added into the grey that looks quite natural. Once I get the wash and some weathering in there I believe it will key things together quite well.

Next step, washes and weathering. This is going to be an Endor AT-AT so looking for rust and tree marks on the legs and rain streaking down the sides.


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Some delay on weathering on this, but got there. Panel line with a grey wash, decided I didn't want to go the usual black I've done on the ships. Nice and subtle and works well in that sea of grey. Streaking was done with a dab of black oil paint and a flick with a brush with touch of thinner. Looks okay till you look very closely and note the streak doesn't quite come from the point of interest on the body. Light chipping, I like to imagine the grey paint covers a bare shiny metal body so use a chrome on a piece of sponge to chip the feet. A little light rust and rust wash on the legs. Then a touch of mud splash over the feet. Stand treated with Vallejo mud and some sticks. Also did a little dry brushing for highlights and lowlights. Pretty happy


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