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    Model Mania 2015 Houston, TX

    Here are some photos I took from Model Mania Houston this year. The turnout gets bigger and bigger every year. Unfortunately I had to leave early this year so I didn't get a photo of every model there, but I got the majority. If you have any criticism for my photos, please let me know. I find...
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    issue 5?

    Sooo we should have received this by now correct? Still waiting on mine :-\
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    issue 5?

    Any update?
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    New Issue?

    The forum works. The home page says "We are working on the site however the forum is still available. Click here to go to the forum." Thanks yngve, I sent them an email earlier today.
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    New Issue?

    Still haven't received my copy of issue #3. Pretty bummed about it too seeing as everyone else got theirs almost 2 months ago. The website is down and I don't even know who to talk to about this. Help?
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    1/24 Rusty Aoshima MGB

    Great work! That sure is one good looking model.
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    Aoshima Honda Gorilla Mini-bike 1/12

    Hey guys! Been a while since I updated, but I'm still alive, and I haven't given up on this little Gorilla quite yet. Things have moved pretty slow so I don't really have much to say in this post. The bike just finished getting all of its colors applied to it. The end is in sight! ;D You can...
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    Tamiya Yamaha YZF R1 trio build 1/12

    Awesome job!! I especially like the red/white version. Great stuff.
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    Coming in from Texas

    Hey Keith, you can get to my Model Mania photo directly by clicking this link below.
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    Hello from Texas! New Member! :D

    More Texans! Welcome
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    Aoshima Honda Gorilla Mini-bike 1/12

    Forgot to include this picture of the exhaust shield.
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    Aoshima Honda Gorilla Mini-bike 1/12

    Time for another update. Things are a bit slow this week as I'm juggling around 4 birthdays and a 4 year anniversary with my girlfriend all within the same week so I don't have a lot of time on my hands. But I have managed to do some work on the Gorilla, so let me share what little progress I've...
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    Aoshima Honda Gorilla Mini-bike 1/12

    New member here. I haven't built a model of any sort in a long while, and recently have had the urge to build a mini bike of some sort. I am a Honda guy by heart (to a certain extent) and had to build a bike of their kind so the Gorilla immediately caught my attention. So, even though it wasn't...
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    Houston Model Mania 2013

    Hey guys. A little new here, but I thought y'all might enjoy some photos I took at Houston's Model Mania show this past month. I finally got around to editing them and uploading them so check them out if you've got the time! Direct Link to my Flickr Slideshow
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    Wrecking a '41 Chevy Pickup

    Amazing work. Love the detail!