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Hey guys, I figured that some of us play this game whenever you are not modeling. I have a big variety of characters on 9 servers ... I believe... Some horde some alliance....

My main character is on Gorefiend and its a night elf hunter which later on became my draeni death knight. Im trying a new kind of server on the rp servers with a horde warrior.

Whats your avatar?
Nope Pafruu,
Do not play it, sorry.
I have a hard enough time with Solitare!!
i play WoW. have a 78 orc hunter named ent.


I played from Dec 2005 to July 2008. I was what most call a "hard core raider." I also spent most my time as either a guild leader or officer. My first and best love in the game was my Tauren Warrior raid tank. I did not get to see Naxx before the first expension came out and vowed to myself I would see everything in Burning Crusade. So, in the space of about a year I burned through 8 guilds and lots of time but managed to have a fully MH/BT geared out warrior. After killing Illidian enough times and seeing how cheesy Sunwell was he game lost it's shine for me and I ended up stopping playing and did not buy the new expansion. I logged on with a free 14 day trial a few months ago and talked to a bunch of my old friends and they said that the game has changed alot and the old class balance (which was one of my faverite parts) was totally different. Also I was not credited with all the instance and raiding acheevments I had done throughout my time in WoW and would have had to go back and do them again. There was nothing new or hard about it now there was just MORE of it.

So I have not worried about it sence. I miss my friends made in all those hours playing but do not miss the game.

God Bless,

This is getting a bit nasty and I'll have to wrap it up now.

Chas ;)
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