Where to find 1/350 11m RHIB


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Jan 1, 2013
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I recently decided to take a bit of a break from sand covered armor and give salt encrusted ships a try, so I looked around for what I wanted to build and USS Freedom jumped out and screamed, "build me!" I love the lines of the ship and the Cyber Hobby LCS-1 kit in 1/350th looked good, so I dove in. I'm building her as a waterline model and plan on a base with some flavor of fake water and an RHIB heading towards the stern ramp after a successful mission. However, I just realized there isn't an RHIB in the box, or at least not the right one. There's a smaller RHIB that goes in the bay near the front of the superstructure, but it's about half the size I need. Does anyone know where I might find the right one? Specifically I need an 11m, preferably in resin with PE details for the windscreen and other tiny parts.

Now I'm off to stick parts so small I'm scared I'll inhale them onto the flight deck. I'm amazed at the detail they molded into everything. This kit shows why I've sworn off Testor's, Revell, etc. after working on an Academy Blackhawk and M1A1 (1/35), Hasegawa VF-1J and P-47D (1/72), and Tamiya HMMWV (1/35), the others just feel crude. And if anyone is looking for a 1/350th ship that doesn't take up a ton of room, run directly to the hobby shop and fetch yourself a CH LCS-1! $45 for a well molded kit that includes PE is a steal!


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Mar 23, 2012
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There is one resin set from White Ensign Models and one from Veterans Models.
If you are situated in the US or Canada you should try Freetime Hobbies,
in Europe you should try White Ensign for either item.
Good luck hunting!

PS.: Nice choice of ship!

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