1/350 Trumpeter USS The Sullivans donor for USS Johnston


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Feb 25, 2023
Once I get another plane done I will start on this build. The Trumpeter 1/350 USS The Sullivans, a square bridge Fletcher class destroyer. I have Tom's Modelworks PE set for it. I am doing it as the USS Johnston that was sunk in October 1944 at the battle off Samar. They found the wreck a few years ago at roughly 20,000 feet, roughly 4 miles down. A most interesting ship and a very interesting story as to it's fighting to the very last moment some big Japanese battleships and cruisers much bigger and more heavily outgunned. It scored a lot of hits and I think shocked the Japanese as it did a lot of damage for a destroyer.Sullivans 1.JPGSullivans 2.JPGUSS Johnston in action 1944.jpgWreck-Gun_turret_No._51_on_the_bow_of_the_wreck_of_the_USS_Johnston_DD-557.jpg
Yup it is, I had some free time from the wing things so I decided to see if I had a rattle can color that was close to deck blue 20B. Looks pretty close to me, a dark bluish gray color. Also here is the photo etch set.
Johnston 9.JPG
Great project, Spruecutter!
To anyone interested in the story, I recommend James Hornfischer's "Last Stand of the Tin Can Sailors". The bravery of those sailors, and their brothers on the Jeep carriers and in the Wildcats and Avengers was incredible. They put up such a fierce defense that Admiral Kurita believed he had come across not small escort carriers and destroyers and destroyer escorts, but one of Halsey's task forces with Essexes, cruisers and destroyers. He eventually broke off the attack, even though his force was far stronger.

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