Video Still Internal Parts for Viewing


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Nov 28, 2021
I have been thinking. Yes not often.

Building the 1'48 Westland. There is more internal work than external.
Reading recently someone is not bothering with internal bits as you
cannot see them once the fuselage is closed in.

So on our favorite retailer on line a little viewer. Which I will sit on
a diorama.

It can take USB & a couple of other cards. Both still & video.

So will, probably, video the inside parts for each model in future.
ie USB for each model.

Both for my own memory & those who I can entice with a glass of
wine to view my models. No charge

The unit cost me 31:84. Comes with a hand control with a huge amount
of settings & adjustment. 7" (180mm) * 5" (130mm).

Plus if you go to an air show you can video the real thing in flight or taxiing.


Just add that you can add music to the video to be played by the viewer.

It's a good idea to showcase the bits we ourselves know are there but few ever get to see. My stepson asked me why I detailed the Spitfire cockpit as much as I did when you couldn't see it and I told him I know it's there and that makes a difference to me. However, it would be nice to show off that work.

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