Theoretically Plausible Fw-190 D13

Went with a lighter coat of RLM04 seeing how paint stocks were probably diluted as almost everything was in short supply for the REICH by April 1945.
I painted the spiral on, I've only ever been able to lay down a decal spiral once, so I just paint them on now.1000013575.jpg1000013574.jpgmost of the underside is complete, went with Alclad High shine aluminum over gloss black, but didn't buff the black to keep it from being museum quality shine. Since their were lots of sub assembly components on Dora's, I painted the ailerons "RLM84"1000013577.jpg
"Wooden flaps" recently got some artist oils that are a lot better than the old brand I was using, less grainy. L1000013702.jpg
Layed them over heavy coat of Buff, used scotch tape to even surface.

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