Closet Queen Dora-1/48 Dragon Fw 190D-9


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Feb 25, 2023
This one has been around a while and I am now slowly finishing it. I built one about 12 years ago and never finished it, it got lost when I moved after retirement. A while ago I bought another one, it's not the easiest kit to build but I almost have it beat into submission. I have it mostly painted, not sure why the dark green came out so glossy. I just started glueing the landing gear and have a bit of touch up, the "spots and blotches" to apply to the fuselage sides and tail and decals. Then a dull cote to tone down that glossy green. I still have a ways to go.
Dora 35.JPG
This kit looks good but has 2 issues that bother me, the landing gear is at the wrong forward angle and Dragon used the same wheel wells in their Dora that is in the A model 190s. The A models are radial engines and have a solid wheel well you can't see into the engine. The Dora has an in line water cooled engine and the wheel wells are not can see into the rear of the engine through the wheel wells. If they had fixed these 2 issues in my mind it would be a much better kit. See the 2 images below to see the landing gear issue.
Landing Gear correct forward angle-Fw 190D-9.pngLanding Gear correct inward angle-Fw 190D-9.png
I ordered decals, the kits decals were old and yellowed. They should be in next week. Once this is decaled and dull coted I may tackle this one, 1/48 Eduard Fw 190A-8.
Microscale-1-48-Focke-Wulf-Fw-190D-9-.jpgWurger 1.JPG
Done, but I am still working on getting the wrinkles out of the spinner decal, I had problems with the rear fuselage red and white decal also. I may get more pictures when I get these issues fixed.
Dora 45.JPGDora 46.JPG
I am not getting the wrinkles out of the spinner or fuselage decal any better than I just did. I did add the landing gear position indicators to the wings top side surface. It is what it is, the build is OK but the decals suck.
Dora 2.JPGDora 4.JPGDora 5.JPGDora 6.JPG

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