The Post man cometh The sequel, FEDEX MAN!


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May 7, 2009
I ordered from Squadron and with their track it through Fed Ex, I "watch" as my shipment leaves Texas and slowly makes it's way up to Michigan.
Over night it has gotten from Irving Texas to Grove City Ohio!
Almost like an advent calender!
I know; GEEK! But I think it is cool. . .
Hmmmm. Stalled in Grove City. . .Buckeyes taking it to a Wolverine?
I wonder if I told them I was a Spartan fan ???
Hah. I sometimes get tracking numbers from german parcel service DHL as well. Yet, it NEVER works, when I want to see, where it is. It worked one time, but that was one day, before it actually arrived.

I'd love to have a REALTIME tracking service (that works, of course) some day. :D
Not really sure if it is real time but scheduled delivery is tomorrow and right now it shows "In transit" to me!
At 16:16 it was in Toledo Ohio!
Six hours away!!
2100 Left Toledo!
Looking good for on time delivery!!
Teasing?! This is Geekdom at it's best!!
At 0551 this morning it was in Cadillac MI!!
45 minutes away!
But okay I'll post a picture!
No happy dance though.
At the door at 0930!!!!!



WooHoo. Let's get it on!!
Cool Idea!
I bow to Scott he has a knack for that sort of stuff!
I mean if Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles can have a cry we should to!
He could put it on shirts, use it in the show, It would spread amongst us geeks like paint fumes.
In honor of Sprue Brothers BIG, I mean Ginormous, SALE!!!!! I ordered Trimaster's FW190 D from them.
They use the USPS. . .(Darth Vader music begins to play and you know something bad is going to happen. . .)
and I can track my package!!
So far I get; "USPS has no record of that item."
Oh oh.
Okay, now it is moving!
Thanks to the USPS, it is moving AWAY from me, but should be here early next week.
Man, I just got rid of a stash and it looks as if I am starting all over again!
Toto,the package isn't in Kansas anymore!
And just like Dorthy, not quite sure where it is. . . :-\
I'm sure it's safe under a box of lead weights while traveling down a gravel pot holed road. You know in the old days you would just be waiting, now you are waiting and concerned they lost your package, ahhh progress.

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