SMA What's New In Your Stash?!?

After seeing some of the reviews, I had to get this one for the stash/build pile
I've been thinking about that Revell SD... but not sure yet. Saw a couple of vids on YT about it. Not sure if I should get it or wait for the Russian SD that comes out in Jan, or wait for the Bandai 32" SD. Decisions, decisions! In any event I would definitely be tossing lots and lots of fiber in them!
A few weekends ago, my friend from Arizona visited Japan for a few of weeks. He just flew back yesterday. Last weekend, he came to visit and we hit up the hobby shops and such in my area. I was surprised to find an Aoshima Season 3 Knight Rider K.I.T.T. model complete with the LED front scanner unit. These LED units alone go for butthundred dollars on auction sites, but I found this complete kit for only 3800 yen! I already have this kit without the box and I stocked up on a few of the separately sold LED scanners a few years ago, but I couldn't resist.
An easier question to answer would be, "what isn't in my stash?" the most current things I'm working on are:

ModelCollect 1/72 walking tank,
ModelCollect 1/35 walking tank
Tamiya 1/12 Yamaha XV1600
1/20 Nissan Hardbody
1/35 Dragon Abrams
1/35 Trumpeter Abrams
1/35 Stryker
Revell Voyager
Klingon BoP
A couple of scratchbuilt items, all of the above are in various stages of completion.

Soon (relative term) to be followed by
1/1400 Enterprises, D and E
1/2500 Enterprise D
2 1/72 shuttle stacks
The real old Gemini capsule
Revell 1/87 Big Boy loco
yup, model building is a separate hobby to model collecting ...
The last month of kits i've acquired

Hasegawa 1/72 VF-19A SVF-569 Lightnings
Hasegawa 1/72 VF-0D
Hasegawa 1/72 Sv-262 Kassim with Lilldraken
BanDai 1/12 Darth Vader
Eduard 1/72 Spitfire Mk IXe
Airfix 1/72 BAC Canberra
Airfix 1/72 CA-13 Boomerang
Miniart 1/35 US Jeep Drivers and MP's
Masterbox 1/35 Eastern Front German Soldiers

and i've only finished 4 models in the same time period.

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