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Crap load this week.

Selection of new leafy tufts from Gamers Grass

And lastly, a from a new line I am carrying from RP Models.


Elm City Hobbies

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Had our local show last weekend, managed to pick up a couple of kits, both from Tiger Models

Cute little "egg plane" like aircraft. Designed more for kids as it is a snap fit, and comes with both stickers and decals, but being a Spitfire, I couldn't pass it up.

Also got:

Really great kit. I liken it to a cross between a Tamiya (maybe for the color and feel of the styrene), but with the detail of a Trumpeter or AFV Club kit.

Upon opening the kit, I was surprised to see a metal barrel for the secondary armament, and equally surprised to see the main gun was also metal, but that Tiger Models has an interesting way of including it in the kit.

Molded right into the sprue, so that there aren't any seam lines on the canvas portion of the barrel cover. Couple of simple mold line that are easily cleaned up.

Very ingenious. Tiger Models also gives you a sheet of brightly colors stickers that are meant to attach to the sprue trees, to make it easy to see which one you need, rather than have to look for the embossed lettering.

My first Tiger Models kit....don't think it will be my last if they keep up this quality!


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Was a VERY good week for updating the stash here at Riley Dynamics.
From Star Trek, a new kit, plus another 'mulligan' for a shelf queen

Some more Bandai goodness from my source in Japan

Some very small Macross planes

And one I just thought looked cool


Picked up these over the past few weeks. Plan on building the 'Bullitt' Charger & Mustang. Will use the body from the '69 Charger kit, because it has a vinyl top like the movie car. Have some aftermarket tidbits to make them easier and more authentic.

Have a hobby retailer near me who mixes custom single stage lacquer paints that match the manufacturer's color codes. Will be giving those a try, too.


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Good day for the stash today :D

Some Trek:

A couple of cars

And a bit of Stark tech from England via Ebay


Here's some other's I just got... gonna have some fun now!

Actually thinking of lighting up R2 and 3PO like I did the MPC versions. But seeing as they are quite smaller it may be a bit trickier!

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