SMA What's New In Your Stash?!?

Sorry don't think I specified scale. 1/48th is what I build in AC. The F-15 C and the Beaufighter is the Mk. VI. I don't really collect kits, so no photos. I order more as I build and keep my stash at a comfortable level for my space.
Not so patiently waiting on this Border Models 1/35 BF109 on I pre-ordered from Andy’s HHQ…


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I have a huge stash. The ones that stick out are a large scale Otaki 70 mustang, large 69 Z28, large XKE Jag, 3, 1/12 scale F1 Tamiya, large scale Fujimi Testerosa,close to 30, 1/20, 1/24, 1/25 random kits. I'm sure I'm leaving something cool out. There is also a display case from a jewelry store full of my finished kits.
This will be my first .
I'll let you know :D . I'll start a WIP thread on it soon .
This is a new tool release for 2021 .
Where to start, where to start? Got back into modeling, but 1/35 zombie/apocalypse dioramas. Going for realism, not the Mad Max look. So, in the past month, got 5, 3mm aluminum rods from Ebay China. There's a YT video showing how to make 4x8 feet sheets of galvanized metal panels in 1/35 scale of soda pop or beer cans. 21 individual packs of Hornet heads to use on my military figures which I'm going to modify into civilians/survivors/ zombies. The reason is 99.99% of military figures only have half a head because you're suppose to use a helmet on them. Half dozen or so resin figures of women and kids. 2 more of Trumpeters 20 foot shipping containers, Italeri's water buffalo and M-925 5 ton truck. Other stuff that's come in. The Russian figures will become NYC cops ala Day of the Dead movie, with different weapons.

Want to get into resin printing, so earlier this year, bought a used one via Ebay. Have about 4-6K worth of free 3D files of stuff not available as kits or resin. And trying to learn CAD as my APC's have NO interiors?! 1 35  Zvezda russian anti terrorist squad.jpg1 35 2 males with flamethrower burning zombies.jpg1 35  Italeri partisians.jpg1 35 2 resin female survivors--1.jpg1 35 5 resin children playing.jpg1 35 4 resin female survivors--1.jpg1 35 DML Spetsnaz.jpg1 35 boy and dog.png1 35 Dragon US light infantry with motorcycle.jpg1 35 Italeri 5 ton shelter truck.jpg
Last year, started getting sick and 2 weeks ago, it got BAD. Talked with a VA nurse who told me to get to ER NOW, which I did. Fever & dehydrated, with me being there for about 5 hours before being discharged. Was tested for covid and when I got home, told I tested positive. Good thing is I had my 2 shots in March/April of last year. Finally getting on my feet, but also bought a new Elegoo Saturn resin printer via Ebay after seeing a YT video review on it. Massive build plate, which is why I bought it. Once I move things in the livingroom, will set both printers in front of a partially opened window because I've heard of fumes being a problem.

Thing is, there's a lack of figures unless you go to resin route. Working on modifying the 4th figure on the right and hope to make a silicone mold of the Army figure leg/boot to use on her. Looked and haven't found any threads or videos on how to really modify kit figures, so all of this will be new to me. And yes, will take a lot of photos in case anyone's interested in this sort of thing.


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Those ZLPLA figures are really great! I remember when they came out a couple of years ago. They're now made by Tori Factory. Here's the page at their website:
One thing about ordering these from eBay, is that if you're concerned about buying authentic products, you'll probably want to order direct from Tori Factory. 99% or more of the items sold by Chinese eBay sellers is likely unlicensed copies of trademarked products.
I got these three 1:20 scale Macoss figure kits by Plamax on Friday. My friend in San Diego sent these to me. The Makina Nakajima figure on the left is not a character I am familiar with. I only watched the first three episodes of Macross Delta when it was on TV several years ago. The fighter designs are cool, but the absurd singing girls made the show a mix of Macross with... PreCure or something.
My latest two up so far. The Sunderland looks challenging! It has a lot of detailing possibilities. :)


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